Accessories announced by Samsung for the Galaxy S 4

Samsung introduced together with the Samsung Galaxy S 4, 11 accessories for the Samsung Galaxy S 4. The accessories are: S Band, S View Cover, Game Pad, Wireless Charging Pad / Cover, Flip Cover, Pounch, Protective Cover+, Headset, Extra Battery Kit, HRM and Body Scale.

Most of the accessories can be used by Samsung’s S-Health 2.0 application.

Below all 11 accessories








img_acc_08 (1)





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  1. I would like to ask sammobile very much to inquire about the hdtv adapter. There is none of it in that list, or the lists that other sites are giving, or the list that was given on yesterdays presentation.

    Does that mean that the hdtv adapter from s3 will be fully compatible with s4?

    • Sorry we have no information about that yet.

      • I see, thank you.

        One more question. I’d like to have a white version with a black back plate. Do you reckon it will be no problem to purchase original black back plate, as well as there will be no problem in matching it on the white version? (should be only color difference, but you never know)

        • You can buy a black cover after yes. Same size. No problem :)

    • Hi. Just got smart dock for note2 and it work on my s3 and note 2 I think it should work on s4

  2. These accessories will make S4 alive.

  3. Could see myself buying a few of these. Do you know if they have any plans on releasing a blood-pressure meter?

    • If they release such an accessory (which I doubt), the s4 should be considered more of a doctor’s accessory than a gadget :P

      Next : Galaxy s5 with XRAY capabilities :P

  4. I think S View Cover is amazing…also other accessories are really useful:D

    & what about new headset?…

  5. i like the flip cover and the new headset^^ im gonna get the new headset for my Galaxy S2

  6. Samsung makes world easy…

  7. What about the prices of those accesories? I´m most interested in the wireless charging kit.

  8. Any news on an official car dock yet? have the one for my s2 and its great.especially putting the phone into car mode when charging.

  9. Still waiting for the S-Band… its been 3 months now since it was launched. will they ever release it?

  10. Still waiting for the S-Band… its been 4 months…… will they ever release it? or what?

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