VIDEO: Galaxy S IV (GT-I9502) Prototype. Floating Touch and Smart Pause

The person who uploaded many images of the Galaxy S IV DUOS prototype created a couple of videos. The videos show of a couple of new features inside the Galaxy S IV like Interface self, Smart Pause and Floating touch.

View the videos below and let us know what you think about it!


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  1. must have S4 xD

    • samsung will update it on s3 =.=

      • With floating touch, Smart stay and Smart scroll will come to S3, I know that but floating touch is awesome

        • The reason I will get it is the OCTA-core CPU (for the battery life), full hd screen and the last and the most important, RAM memory

  2. nice features…..just 12 hours to go for official unveiling…..

  3. Smart Pause looks quite nice. He didn’t show that precisely, but looks like it’s a Smart Resume also.

    Hovering touch – nice, but surely with S-Pen it would be better (available as accessory?). But I think the quality will improve, and that kind of possibility in user interface is a good step forward.

    Internet browsing speed – allright, but the gestures.. don’t work that well ;)

  4. Looks way too laggy to be the official version(I hope).

    • You got to be kidding. Where is laggy ? Gallery ? IF it’s gallery, that depends on the reading speed of memory or sdcard. If you mean browsing, redraws are normal, not even your pc/laptop can be faster than S3/S4 on browsing :)

      • I disagree. I see no redraws on my SGS3, iPhone 5 or Nexus 4, so yeah it’s got to be preproduction thing. The scrolling is also laggy, as it does not follow the finger exactly(which it does on the SGS3 and iPhone 5).

      • It is laggy… but remember this is just a prototype. I doubt that the actual CPU and GPU are in that.

        • Well, can’t track your fingers, true, but it’s not such a big deal. Also, I see now people commenting about the wake up lag (as a new video has been added).

          People need to give a good reason to blame Samsung for a 1 second wake up lag (even the laptop takes longer to wake up from Sleep mode) which is an Android issue, I’ve seen it on more devices. Those monsters CPU’s cores need to wake up first.

          Also, as 87Revo said, it’s just a prototype, if this is really the S4.

  5. I hope Samsung will update Galaxy S3 with Floating Touch, Smart Pause and Smart Scroll…acctually, I expect that! :-) I like this video a lot, and would like to have this phone, but, I am really enjoying my S3, still, and don’t have a reason to change it :-)

  6. Floating touch is made by additional hardware (second capacitive sensor made to respond on weaker electrical field ) so no floating touch for the S3.
    On the other side Sony introduced the floating touch almost an year ago and it was interesting but useless feature so they abondoned it…

  7. Nice features :)) I am waiting this to arrive on note 2

  8. Anyone notice that the flare on the unlock screen is basically identical to the flare in the teaser video when the Jeremy kid opens the box in the 2nd video?


    I THINK NOT!!!

  9. I don’t think ANY of these features are particularly exciting. What Android needs to do once and for all, is to deal with the juddery scroll/ lag issues that are still present on EVERY android device know to man. This is a major pity. Project butter was MEH… a slight improvement.

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