Samsung Galaxy S IV DUOS showed up on Youtube

Yesterday leaked Galaxy S IV DUOS showed up on Youtube. The video shows the full device.  If this is the Galaxy S IV Samsung Failed this time to protect the Galaxy S IV. According to our insider is the original Galaxy S IV similiar to the Galaxy S IV DUOS.

The video reveal that the device features a 5″ Full HD AMOLED display, an Exynos Octa 5410 CPU, PowerVR SGX 544MP GPU and 2GB of RAM. The device is also running Android 4.2.1 Jelly Bean. It looks like the sides of the device are made out of aluminium, as we reported earlier, and the back is made from a plastic material.

Samsung will annouce the Galaxy S IV this week on March 14th in New York City!

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  1. Looks thicker than the S3

    • I’d rather have a better fatter (to some extent) phone than a 20mm slow ass phone

      • Meant 2mm..

        (where is the edit button? ‘-’)

  2. damn it…..what i have to do now…..shall i wait or???? just 2 more days….
    here waiting is the best thing…lol

  3. the words are in chinese…?hmm? made in china?

    • Dous is made for the Chinese market. Makes sense

  4. How did he get it? Spoiled much?

  5. i think this Chinese guy faking us all.

  6. Seems like a mix between SGS III and Note II, except for the home button. That’s not a bad thing, but my SGS III is still fast enough and already a bit large, so I won’t get an SGS IV.

    I really hope Samsung will make a SGS IV mini with a 4.3-4.5″ screen, resolution at least 720p and the same CPU, amount of memory and GPU as the big brother. The SGS III mini is only a mini version of the SGS III in looks, the specs are way worse.

    • Well they do need the size to fit in all the components, so i dubt the mini version will have the same specs as the normal one

  7. It’s a Galaxy Grand shell…just a test chassis for the screen and hardware. Samsung is just trying to confuse people. sure the design will be totally different.

  8. Too thick, does not look real, and the UI on my Galaxy Note looks far better.

    If this is the real thing for the world market, would be a flop show.
    Only Chinese can bear with such a blurry UI and dated design.

    Samsung needs to go for a radical change, a new design strategy.

    • This is probably just a prototype of the SGSIV for the Chinese market, and it’s definitely not running the final software. I really don’t mind the thickness, as long as the battery makes up for it.

    • This is what i was thinking. He turned it to the side, and all i could see was this gigantic thick phone. I’m taking everything these past few days to be a prototype. If it is that thick for the actual device, then i’ll be disappointed, but i will still most likely get it.

  9. If you look at the teaser video from Samsung, you’ll see that the curtains are black and white. There’s actually a lot of black and white stuff going on in the background, so imho it’s not a far stretch that this phone will actually end up being two-coloured.

    • Yup, just checked the teaser, and the Jeremy’s tie is black and white, the curtains are black and white, and the floor is black and white. Ergo the SGSIV is going to be both black and white.

      • Also judging by some of the posters in time square i think we will still have two options as well. Black front/White Back or White Front/Black Back

  10. looks like a S3.

    on some website you can already find cases for preorder.
    and the cases have a more square shape than we can see on the video

    2 days left to wait

  11. FAKE !!!

  12. The dot type texture on the back and front surfaces is same as the official poster background of samsung , which says “be ready 4 the next galaxy”.

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