Screenshots from Galaxy S IV’s American variant have just showed up

Screenshots from the Galaxy S IV’s American variant have just made an appearance on the internet. This time posted a couple of screenshots. Screenshots confirm quite a few things, first of all a brand new TouchWiz Nature UX 2.0, a fully revamped settings menu with a tabbed interface and white background. The images also confirm that the device will indeed have the much hyped Smart Scroll, Smart Pause, Smart Stay and Smart Rotation features. The screenshots are confirming a 5″ Full HD Display, 13 Megapixel camera and a Quad-Core 1.8GHz CPU with LTE on-board. Keep in mind as this is an American variant there is still hope that the International Galaxy S IV will feature an Exynos Octa CPU.

We will soon know all about the device as Samsung is going to officially announce the Galaxy S IV on 14th of March in New York, USA.

Samsung_I337 Galaxy S IV_Mar_6_2013_10_30_37Samsung_I337 Galaxy S IV_Mar_6_2013_10_30_52 Samsung_I337 Galaxy S IV_Mar_6_2013_10_36_31_0Samsung_I337 Galaxy S IV_Mar_6_2013_10_36_31_0 (1)  Samsung_I337 Galaxy S IV_Mar_6_2013_10_36_00_0

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  1. I really can not find any hint to a 1.8 Ghz CPU on the screenshots.

    • just click on the source to see all the screenshots :) there is mentioned that the prozessor is a quadcore arm 7 , which is also included in the exynos octa 5410 :)

      • it states that it is ARM v7 which is the architecture used by ARM. It doesn’t state that it uses cortex A7, it may be also cortex A15 because they are all based on ARM v7 architecture

  2. Amazing ,Samsung is best of the best

  3. I call BS.
    * Status bar: Text and icons are distributed unevenly and inconsitently.
    * Status bar: Its height is greater in the first picture and what’s with that ugly background?
    * Launcher: This is not the official Google Play icon.
    * Launcher: Shadows under icons are cut off.

    • I thought the same as you ! The status bar is disproportional, I believe that be a fake !

      • Maybe these screenshots were took in the development action. The bug may be fixed later.

  4. no photosphere-like in camera features though

  5. If the U.S. version doesn’t have the Exynos 5410 “Octa” CPU – I will not buy it.

    The international version will most likely have the Octa – so why would the U.S. market be left out?

    • Supposedly Exynos doesn’t support LTE, which is very big here in America, but over in Europe it’s not as important.

    • The same reason the US market was left out with the Galaxy S3.

  6. Seems strange how in the Smart screen settings, all the options allow you to turn them on or off but the top 3 have a tick box and the last one has an on/off slider, why would you do that?

    • Because the last one has some additional option for settings.

  7. How can there be an American version of the S IV? A quote from a post by FaryaabS says “The most interesting thing is that the device supports GSM/WCDMA/LTE networks with an Exynos processor on-board. So that means there will be only a one single variant of the device, the GT-I9500. Previously, Samsung used to release two variants of their high-end devices, for example the GT-I9300 and GT-I9305. One variant used to have GSM connectivity and the other one had LTE connectivity but this is not the case with the Galaxy S IV. The Galaxy S IV will be a world phone.”

    • This site post something different every day and always acts like whatever the post is FACT, even though it contradicts what the said the day before.

  8. How can it be 1920×1080 and 480 DPI ?!?!
    Probably 4.6″ ?

  9. :o Likes good!

  10. Samsung needs to decide if they want to stay in the lead position of the Smartphone race.

    If they announce the Exynos 5410 Octa as the standard SOC for the Galaxy S4 for all versions of the phone – it will exceed most people’s expectations and floor the competition.

    As for the unveiling on March 14th – does Samsung want to make a big splash in the sea of Smartphones – or just a few small ripples?

  11. Ok yall its a dumb thought and maybe I’m grasping lol… But the phone is being released/launched on 3/14… 3+1=4 Remainder 4 4+4=Exynos Octa!! Just a lil hope lol!

  12. I believe that in this whole speculation mess people tend to forget something. Just like they did with the Galaxy S3, Samsung has more prototypes available for testing which they do it intentionally to produce confusion so we won’t know about the real specs for sure. There are variants that come with the Exynos Octa, others that come with Qualcomm and finally there are the ones with Exynos Octa with LTE worldwide. So this explains why different sites report different specs and why the same site may report different specs each day. We won’t know the truth until Samsung unveils the phone on 14th March.

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