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Samsungs starts Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean update for the Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 (GT-P3110)


Samsung has just started to push Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean update to the Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 WiFi (GT-P3110). You might not be able to update your device to Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean right away as the update is rolling out in phases. So, it might not yet be available for your country but don’t worry the update will arrive soon.

You can update your Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 WiFi (GT-P3110) through Samsung KIES or via OTA. Make sure you fully charge your device’s battery before upgrading as the update is quite big.

Official Firmware Details:
Android Version: 4.1.2 – Build JZO54K

All the new Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean Firmwares for the Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 WiFi (GT-P3110) are present in our Firmware Section as well. You can use our Firmware Section to manually update your device if for some reason you can’t officially update your device via Samsung Kies or via OTA as you are using a Custom ROM or if your country has yet not received the Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean Update.

If you have a Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 with the 4.1.2 update installed, please send us some screenshots.

Screenshot_2013-03-01-15-34-07 Screenshot_2013-03-01-15-34-43 Screenshot_2013-03-01-15-35-53

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40 comments on “Samsungs starts Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean update for the Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 (GT-P3110)

  1. mohdaamer 1 year ago said:

    Samsung is really dissapointing their premium tab 7.7 customer no jelly bean yet even no leaks shame samsung

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    • vbx 1 year ago said:

      Blame Apple for that. The 7.7 has been banned in several countries because it has a round corner. lol

      The 7.7 is the BEST tab out there even today. Thin, perfect size and we can make phone calls on it.

      It’s too bad Samsung is phasing our it’s thinnist and by far, the best tablet to date.

      Guess I’ll keep my 7.7 for a while. Not impressed with anything else coming out.

      Would be perfect if jellybean was available for the 7.7. Then of course, we’ll start complaining about the next updates.

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  2. neimovirne 1 year ago said:

    F*ck*n sh*t Samsung! Why them updated shit Galaxy Tab 2, and no update my Tab 7.7 !!!??

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  3. mohdaamer 1 year ago said:

    Only focusing on cheap products

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  4. MGLGT-P3100 1 year ago said:

    tengo Galaxy Tab 2 GT-P3100

    cuando sale la actualizacion oficial, que nuevas caracteristicas trae, viene con multi ventana o no veremos esto jamas en esta tablet.

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  5. MGLGT-P3100 1 year ago said:

    cuando oficial para GT-P3100 y caracteristicas multi ventana

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  6. mohdaamer 1 year ago said:

    Why dont they gave premium suite for its 40 million sold and awarded smartphone very annoying

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  7. mohdaamer 1 year ago said:

    Why dont they gave premium suite for its 40 million sold and awarded smartphone galaxy s2 dissapointing annyoing confusing cheap samsung only updating its cheap smartphones

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  8. mohdaamer 1 year ago said:

    No jelly bean yet galaxy tab 7.7
    No premium suite galaxy s2

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    • kpucci 1 year ago said:

      u got jb for gs2…so consider yourself lucky.

      that cannot be said for us poor gtab 10.1 owners.

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      • BrainySmurf 1 year ago said:

        Really poor P7510 owners? My Galaxy Tab 10.1 wifi is rocking CM10.1 right now with my own custom kernel. (Kernel also runs on the GT8.9) As has been my I9300 within 20 minutes of unboxing (CM9 at that time).

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  9. My1 1 year ago said:

    Well, it is a shame that they consider Updating to 4.1.2 when 4.1.1 for the P3110 (GTab 2 7.0 Wifi) isnt even out!

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  10. Vidoc 1 year ago said:

    Hi can someone tell me when 4.1.2 for P-5100 t-mobile version????

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  11. KaiDomingoKai 1 year ago said:

    I come from Germany and have just read that 4.1.2 will be available for my tab 7 3110th but unfortunately this is not the case. why?

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  12. vnstx 1 year ago said:


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  13. hitechashu 1 year ago said:

    Waiting for the Update for Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus,don’t even have a leak build.:’(

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  14. Vidoc 1 year ago said:

    Hi Guys i find in SGS2 with Jelly Bean 4.1.2 hiden options:
    - S-Pen
    - NFC
    - S Beam

    with one program which do a shortcut to this options. So Maybe Samsung give one last update 4.2.2 :)

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  15. mohdaamer 1 year ago said:

    Maybe the tab 7.7 will get directly android 4.2.1 after the launch of galaxy s4 and probably its last update dont expect kie lime pie

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  16. yogeshp1992 1 year ago said:

    When is jelly bean 4.1.2 update for tab 2 p3100 is coming in india

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  17. Said1995 1 year ago said:

    Guys is Page Buddy is in p3110 with 4.1.2

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  18. mohdoid 1 year ago said:

    Hi guys good news for the owners of galaxy s2 samsung starts making of new taste of jelly bean 4.2.1 for its 2011 flagship phone which includes galaxy note 1 premium suite
    this news came from samsung insider

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  19. Vidoc 1 year ago said:


    Hi from where u know that?? Good if they do that i will no buy GSG3 no need to.

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  20. mohdaamer 1 year ago said:

    good news for the owners of samsung galaxy tab 7.7 samsung starts making of jelly bean 4.1.2 leak firmware of galaxy tab 7.7 which will be ready in the end of march and will be leak at the beginning of april and wil be available official in may

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  21. krishnaganjoo 1 year ago said:

    When is the jelly bean for s2 coming to India. T.T

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  22. toykiss 1 year ago said:

    Please update JB firmware for Tab 7.7 ..>”<

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  23. erick.cikarang 1 year ago said:

    hey f*uck*in
    when samsung galaxy tab 2 p 3100 in indonesia get jelly bean???????

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  24. erick.cikarang 1 year ago said:

    and now when the jelly bean update for GT-I9070 for indonesia????Don’t be a liar pleaseeeee

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  25. Sabsik 1 year ago said:

    In our region I must be “happy” with 4.0.3 for GT-P5100. I really can’t understand Samsung’s update logic – devices for update seems to be selected randomly.

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  26. tokomawar 1 year ago said:

    Sh++t for samsung, just promise update jelly bean for galaxy tab 7 plus in Indonesia from a year, but never come. No 1 liar company…..don’t buy samsung anymore.They never listen to the customer…………….

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  27. MichW 1 year ago said:

    Wait and Wait for Update in Germany.

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  28. dragonwhite 1 year ago said:

    Quando sai a versão 4.1.2 ZTO (Brasil)?

    When is the version 4.1.2 ZTO (Brazil)?

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  29. jimmyrm77 1 year ago said:

    Wait and Wait for Spanish Update. Any forecast?

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