Welcome to SamMobile 2.0!

Welcome to SamMobile 2.0 a completely redesigned website.
SamMobile offers more features to our users, such a compare page where you can compare specifications or download the latest firmware on the totally new designed Firmware page. SamMobile offers a new function where you can read the latest news. You can also reply on the comments of others, and we also have updated our forum with a complete new lay-out, through this we hope to improve the usability of our website.
Since SamMobile 2.0 is still in beta mode, there will be many bugs, we hope to improve that as soon as possible. Probably this all will take about a few weeks. We hope that our users will report the bugs on our forums in this topic http://www.sammobile.com/forum/showthread.php?t=10319.
If you want to use the new website too its full potential please empty your cache.

Thank you!

So what is new?
- The entire interface. (Completely renewed).
- Compare page. (Now you can compare devices).
- And of course the usability.
- You can comment on a comment now.

So what needs to be done?
- Implement Thumbs up Thumbs down system.
- Implement Message rating system.
- Implement al sharing options.
- Implement Roboto Bold.
- Adds need to be work.
- Need to fix Samsung Kies page.

We hope that our daily 100,000 + unique visitors really like our totally redesigned website!
Again SamMobile 2.0 is in Beta-fase that means many errors may still occur please report them in the following thread http://www.sammobile.com/forum/showthread.php?t=10319.
SamMobile aims to correct any errors in the last week of February or the beginning of March.

To remind you how the old SamMobile looked some pictures below of the old situation.

Phones 45
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  1. The site looks awesome! Great job guys!

  2. Well Done guys ;)

  3. Great job! looks very nice! bravo!!!

  4. The site is beautiful I have opened the site on 21.02

  5. Looking more pro.. Welcome back

  6. The best! 10/10

  7. Where can I find now the program Odin?

  8. Looks amazing!

  9. Best design , i love it
    thank you sammobile team for great job, well done!
    we need hot news about Galaxy S IV now ;)

  10. Website Interface looking better than before!! Congrats for new version!!

  11. great work sammobile…awesome interface…:)

  12. As it should be … Best of the best !

  13. great work guys…
    4.2 for S3 when is comming out?

  14. great new look

  15. dayum dayum dayum… sammobile is the best site with the most reliable news on the planet! yeah i learnt my first flashing here on samfirmware.com…! and today i am an app designer for Android! sammobile all the way!!!

  16. very nice :)

  17. great work…

  18. Congratulations SamMobile from you new pages website, nice and best of the best. Great work!

  19. Looks, good, but only on firmware page it shows me as logged out, so no firmware downloading… baaaaaad.

    • Same for me. I can’t log in on the firmwarepage.

  20. Amazing new look, congrats to all involved, congrats to Sammobile.

  21. The new Look is Awesome… Good Job…

  22. yeh site look gorgeous now. but the photos on the first page look stretch out just fix those and whola

  23. Amazing Sam………..all the best :-)

  24. Wooooow, it looks beautiful, congratulations and good luck!!

  25. Congratulation.What a great design ;)
    Now waiting for another another surprise from you and it is Android 4.2.2
    for my Note II :)


  27. Site looks great, a welcome change.

  28. Congratulation: so awesome is just perfect!!!

  29. Congratulation for new site ;-)

  30. This looks really gr8 , Wonderfull job, keep it up :)

  31. Really great look :)

  32. looking great keep up the good work

  33. I really like the new site , bravo Sammobile .

  34. Great job guys!!!!

  35. cool work guys….hats off…..keep up the good work.

  36. Usability on mobile devices is bad. No responsive design. You better start over to Version 3.0

    • You do not think we are working on that my friend….

  37. looking good, fresh image, congrats, of course there are some stuff to fix but all the firmware you provide is a good service.

  38. Can’t be done better!just maybe but not really!Congratulation!

  39. Really Appreciate your work sammobile. I wish a great success in future alos.

  40. looks and works great. now i’m just ready for it to start working on my phone again. (my work doesn’t like me browsing on the web during my overnight shift)

  41. I really like the new site , bravo Sammobile .

    thank you

  42. site is no longer functional, repeatedly requires login, it took 15 logins just to get here, firmware for model cannot be selected passed the OS entry in search, may be ie10 issue?

  43. felicitaciones a todos por su trabajo, gracias

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