Samsung start making of Jelly Bean test firmwares for the Galaxy Ace 2

Samsung is going to update the Galaxy Ace 2 in the near future but when? Today SamMobile received a couple of screenshots of a pre-release firmware for the GT-I8160 Galaxy Ace 2. The Galaxy Ace 2 is a good selling mid-range Android smartphone by Samsung and is expected to get an Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean update around March / April. We think it is good to see Samsung started the Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean for the Galaxy Ace 2. The Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 is not the only mid-range Android device to get Android 4.1.2. Earlier leaked out that Samsung will update the Galaxy Beam, Galaxy Music, Galaxy Chat, Galaxy Ace Plus and the Galaxy Mini 2 as well.  All android devices by Samsung will get the new TouchWiz Nature UX interface. Of course this will be a downgraded version of the Galaxy S III.


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  1. thank you Samsung for updating Galaxy Ace 2 !
    Good news!

  2. Can’t wait Jelly Bean for my Mini 2, and don’t tell me how it’s too weak for it as even the new Samsung low-ends come with it!

  3. Patiently waiting for i8530, it is almost same HW as i8160 same ram, same soc just pico projector (we need new kernel driver/module for it)…”patience my young padawan”

  4. shame on you samsung update n7000 you lie

  5. Any official date f

  6. Any official date for galaxy Ace plus

  7. waiting curiously for ace plus…..

  8. Eagerly waiting for ACE PLUS

  9. This is good news for Ace2 owner’s. Hope to see leak version soon. Ace2 like 2012, dual core without even ICS by far, deserves this update. Hope every other user’s(n7000 and ace+) get their updates too.

  10. when updates for ace plus?

  11. Next thing we need is a leaked version and my bf will love his Ace II even more. :)

  12. cant wait for this update,excited.

  13. cant wait … :((
    GALAXY mini 2

  14. galaxymini 2, it WILL be released eventually. Mini 2 was announced the very same day as Ace 2.

  15. omg

  16. Good news for my GALAXY Ace 2 :)

  17. Good news! Waiting for the leak.

    PS: The left picture is old. I doubt it is from Ace 2… 15 Nov 2012.

  18. I hope Galaxy Mini 2 GT- S6500D soon be updated Android 4.1.x :-D

  19. Good. I’m waiting Galaxy Mini 2 soon be updated Android 4.1.x

  20. good things again happening……well what about ace plus jelly bean sammy????

  21. What about GT I9001 ? :(

  22. When can we expect Jelly Bean update for galaxy s2 skyrocket (SGH-i727) in US?

  23. 042213

  24. expect this date guys 042213,but for UKRAINE country only i dont know yet,of some other countries ;)

  25. ace plus ?

  26. wat about ace plus ????

  27. Sammy…..u r increasing the hope of ace+ users…. don’t let our hope down……we are still waiting……plz make it fast.give ace plus its most deserving JB update soon…..

  28. galaxy tab 2 p 3100 pleaseee for indonesia

  29. I’m tired of waiting for the update to the N7000. I’ve never seen such a disgrace. November, December, January,February.. It was also the month of March. I do not take me seriously receivables. I want to say: I’VE LOST FAITH !!!!!

  30. would like to update to apple GALAXY NOTE N7000 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. when will be update come for galaxy ace plus gt-s7500

  32. Thankyou samsung update jelly bean galaxy ace 2

  33. and I9000 Galaxy S ??? why not ??? Samsung please…

  34. Yea i home samsung will not deceive ace + and other users.

  35. Mini 2 ?????????????????????????????

  36. samsung come to low-end device
    mini 2

  37. çabuk olunnn

  38. Still waiting for jellybean update on my galaxy mini2!! Release date pls?

  39. c’mon Sammy…….ace plus is waiting to taste the new jelly bean…..give the next update to ace plus……..all the ace+ users are waiting for months……..plz make utterly fast.

  40. c’mon Sammy…….ace plus is waiting to taste the new jelly bean…..give the next update to ace plus……..all the ace+ users are waiting for months……..plz make it fast.

  41. Its my last month to wait for jelly bean fr Ace Plus..
    netx month m goin to sell and buy Nokia 110…

  42. Thankyou so much samsung for updating galaxy ace 2 to jelly bean.
    But i hope it will come soon not in april.please samsung release the update fasr
    Love you samsung!!!!!!

  43. thank you samsung for updating ace 2 to jelly bean but why april??? please update faster.

  44. well as they’ve started making firmware for ace 2, then I think the next one is to our ace plus….any way,all is well…..we can wait & see….I believe that Sammy won’t forget about ace 2′s younger brother ace+…..make it fast Sammy…….its already too late.

  45. its a bit confusing….samsung mobile russia told jelly bean for GT-S7500 is not expected!!!

  46. I’m Excited for the updated of Galaxy Mini 2. Thank you so much.

    I love Samsung. :)

  47. vaibhavdcool, I searched what u just said.but I didn’t see anything…….well where did u find this bad news???can’t we still hope for the good???

  48. Ace 2 is a perfect smartphone , best with android 4.1
    thank you Samsung

  49. @jerichothomz well..sammobile has said above that ace plus would be getting the update…so i think its true…and if u want to see what samsung mobile russia said i can give u the link..!

  50. @vaibhavdcool,u can provide me the link.I’ll check it……any way like we’ve all though Sammy us not gonna betray ace plus users…& we can wait to hear that great news from Sammy.maybe that time ain’t longer.but sooner.

  51. Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 GT-I8160 Jellybean (Android 4.1.2) update has been leaked.
    Check xda forums. Can’t post link as my previous post with the link is still awaiting moderation

  52. in a test version jelly bean for ace Seen bugs! when using the phone, it works on 400 Mhz, not 800 Mhz. and in sleep mode works by 800 Mhz.

  53. ace 2*

  54. @jerichothomz…chill buddy…i ve a good news for ace plus users…samsung mobile Thailand confirmed that ace plus would be updated to jelly bean…but they dont have any specific dates at the moment!

  55. waooo……..that’s a great news for ace+ users……waiting with all ace plus users for that evolutionary update………well release date unknown…….datz OK….we can wait and see……

  56. why there is no ICS update for samsung galaxy ace GT-S5830i? it can run ICS

  57. remember guy, samsung tell march/april, but will only be rolled out on 2014 (y)

  58. Finally!!!!!!!!!!

  59. Please samsung give us the jelly bean firmware early for ace 2 early not in april

  60. ace plus……….

  61. Why can’t they bring the Jelly Bean to Samsung Galaxy S family phones (SGS Plus in example)? What’s so wrong with that? :(

  62. I hope to update galaxy mini 2 after galaxy Ace 2 :-(

  63. maybe next one is for ace plus….well only Sammy knows….sammy’ll update all those devices that they’ve told…..but they are taking too much time.

  64. Still waiting :
    At&t S2 skyrocket sgh- i727
    At&t S2 i777
    Note n700

  65. We have to wait the tests becouse i’m sure you don’t want to breake your phones if they are not good enough .i have a galaxy mini II but if isn’t strong enough i’ll prefer not to take the update

  66. wow
    its so good

  67. i love it my ace 2 is now running 4.1.2 jelly bean tenks for the leaked test firmware.guys keep on searching,and you will get the link….

  68. galaxy beam I8530 to get Android 4.1.2.!!!

  69. Badly. Samsung don’t want to update Galaxy R to 4.1, but the processor one Galaxy R more powerful, than on Ace 2.
    Please, update Galaxy R to Android 4.1.

  70. süper süper !!!

  71. too slow sammy……..ace plus is waitng to welcome jelly bean……we know u r baking it…….ace+ is very hungry to taste it…….make it fast……

  72. too slow sammy……..ace plus is waiting to welcome jelly bean……we know u r baking it…….ace+ is very hungry to taste it…….make it fast……

  73. ohh finally that’s great to see ace plus in the list… !
    cant wait for jellybean update on my ace plus :)

  74. flash_bboy, Jelly Bean (simplified version of it) will work just fine on Mini 2. Samsung releases new low-end phones with Jelly Bean, so there’s no reason for it not to work on Mini 2.

  75. when samsung is goin to release Jelly Bean for S Duos

  76. Please upgrade to the official version, 1GHz processor speed.

  77. This is good news if true, the trouble is the Google machine is about to replace 4.1.2. with 4.2. so now we will be back where we started, just a tad better off for our money , ’cause the Ace II is classed as a budget phone if we get this update that will be it !! as we are already seeing the previous model ace is stuck with gingerbread ….

  78. 3 ITA (Italian mobile network company) confirmed on Facebook that the update will be relased in early March and will be available through Samsung Kies.
    Could this be true? We’ll wait and see…

  79. What about our ace +?

  80. SGA – S5830?

    No ICS nor JB for Galaxy Ace S5830? Is this model stopped by Samsung?

  81. wat abt galaxy ace plus

  82. tired of waiting 4 ace plus

  83. date for galaxy ace plus ?

  84. i hate samsung
    too late

  85. Cyanogenmod released for ace plus. It is very good firmware in spite of some bugs. I mean Samsung should release 4.2 it is compatible with ace +

  86. now a hope from samsung of Jelly Bean for ACE PLUS had been given up…now samsung can release JB any time they want … cyanogenmod 10 has been ported by 2 persons … a very hats off to them that they just tried for us… So rather than wasting time on Sammobile Plz support this 2 guys as they are trying Hard to make Jelly Bean Port for our device….and A very Very Big Shame For Samsung’s JB Developers..

  87. When galaxy ace plus jelly bean update? I’ve been waiting for along time. Get this when I bought this phone the salesman said when I get home I can straight away update it to jelly bean but this wasn’t the case, very angry hurry up samsung

  88. any update about mini 2 ?????????????

  89. when we get jelly bean for galaxy mini 2 s6500
    please advise

  90. This is they ‘re ideea to make people visit the site.
    We see that samy is busy whit makeing gigantic phones that people will never buy becouse they are no such pockets large enough for the s4.make sure all your phones are the best not just the latest and f… the others.

  91. for galaxy mini 2 there is only cyanogenmod 10 and 10.1, but camera doesn’t work. Still waiting for official update.

  92. I wish this April, or this month will be the last month that I will wait for the update to my Ace Plus!

  93. Is it true that another firmware for the ace2 is to be relased by sammobile XXMD4??

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  95. Anyone know if the Jelly Bean update for the Ace Plus will be really released? All I read are rumors about it but nothing official as far as I know.

  96. Ace plus 4.1 jelly bean for when.?

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