Samsung USA announced the Galaxy Discover

Most of the Galaxy devices by Samsung are based on Samsung’s own TouchWiz UI but this device isn’t. Samsung will let go off TouchWiz when they release the Galaxy Discover for Net10 and Straight Talk. Although it will run Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, Samsung won’t plaster its customised user interface and will allow users to enjoy vanilla Android experience. So what do you think… Samsung’s TouchWiz Nature UX looks better to me.

Galaxy Discover  specifications:
- 800 MHz Qualcomm processor
- 3.5-inch HVGA display
- 3 MP camera
- Wi-Fi
- Bluetooth
- 2.7 GB internal memory
- microSD up to 32GB
- 1300mAh battery

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  1. I would encourage Samsung to release more phones with vanilla android (and thus increase speed of releasing updates to the general public) and for those who want it provide an additional download to install TouchWiz.

  2. TW is much more functional and user friendly

  3. Touchwiz causes inconsistency of the user interface language, causing bad user experience.

  4. i think samsung is trying

  5. Super OK

  6. Super interface, I would like to have the samsung s3

  7. looks like an improved version of galaxy 5…

  8. The whole point of the Nature TouchWiz UI is to get everybody pretty much ready for when Samsung release their Tizen OS…going complete android will do Samsung no favors and pretty much get everybody on board with google. I personally will be switching to a google phone when samsung move over to tizen

  9. can T989 get updated?

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