Galaxy S II Plus now available in Finland for 378 euro

Samsung started to sell the Galaxy S II Plus in Finland. The last month announced Galaxy S II Plus will be available in 2 variants, GT-I9105 (Without NFC) and GT-I9105P (With NFC).
The Galaxy S II Plus will have a WVGA (480×800) resolution display. The Galaxy S II Plus will run on Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean and will come in the first quarter of 2013 to whole of Europe. The Galaxy S II Plus will be available in 2 colors Chic White and Dark Blue. The difference between de current Galaxy S II and new Galaxy S II Plus is at the first place the interface, a better version of Bluetooth, lower storage only 8 GB, Mirco SD up to 64 GB and the GPS has been updated with GLONASS support.

The price of the Galaxy S II plus in Finland is 378 euro, which is good for a phone like this.
Samsung has sold over 30 million Galaxy S II devices till this date! Samsung will stop delivering the old Galaxy S II, one of the reasons is the completely renewed interface which will be used in all new 2013 models and cheaper production methods.


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  1. In Germany is also available. We get the Phone today.

  2. They should better come with the 4.1.2 version for the normal Samsung Galaxy S2 !!!

  3. more phones…… will u stop this & give ace+ its most deserving evolutionary JB update?????

  4. so its 27.5k in india

  5. n7000 update you lie sammobile

  6. but you can not ignore a terminal as the Galaxy Note N7000?
    the situation is becoming hard to follow.
    promises never implemented

  7. Today, the S2-plus Blue-Gray edition in NL for Eur 359.
    The White one same price, but in 2 weeks.


  8. Also available in Romania/ Carrier Orange for 315 E off-contract or different prices with two year contract.

  9. @nawesi007:

    have you been sleeping? The 4.1.2 IS available (well at least in some countries) for the regular S2. Download it and flash it yourself with Odin if you are not willing to wait any longer

  10. The price is kind’a weird…the regular Galaxy S2 has better performance than S2 Plus and it’s actually a bit cheaper in Spain…I expected to see a 300€-320€ price, but 380€? That just seems too much.

  11. It’s amazing how Samsung teases Galaxy S2 users. Today goes on sale the S2 Plus, and today’s updates for Samfirmware (GT-I9105P) for Italy and Slovakia. And meanwhile launched the Jelly Bean for S2 only for Spain and China and that was two weeks ago (and to calm down and shut up). What happened Samsung?, The update 4.1.2 for S2 to the rest of the other countries is on stand-by, until you to launch out the “Xn” new equipment?

  12. c’mon Sammy……when are u gonna give i9100T the JB taste????

  13. no >> after samsung galaxi s2 has jelly bean — s2 plus not most for buy >> i think samsung crazy this year

  14. The thing is, samsung will update the plus version further than 4.1.2 as it comes with it out of the box. Standard s2 won’t get further.

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  17. thank you verry match

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