Samsung Ukraine to update the Galaxy S II and Note in March Galaxy Ace 2 in April

Samsung Ukraine to update the Galaxy S II to Android 4.1.2 in March. This information comes from Samsung’s own website. According to Samsung Ukraine the Galaxy S II will receive Android 4.1.2 in March. Not only the Galaxy S II will get Android 4.1.2 also the Galaxy Note will receive Android 4.1.2 in March. Of course some countries will receive the Android 4.1.2 update faster than others but it is good to know when Samsung starts the update. The Galaxy Ace 2 will receive Android 4.1.2 in April. More good update news is for the Galaxy Tab 7.7. Samsung says they will update this tablet to Android 4.2.1 called Jelly Bean. We are quite happy that Samsung decided to update their most wonderful tablet till date. The Galaxy Tab 7.7 uses Samsung’s own sAMOLED display.

Thanks Amaj7

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  1. what about ace plus?

  2. any news for galaxy s advance?


  4. I hope my galaxy s advance and galaxy tab 7 plus will get the update at the same day with Ukraine (or faster, but never hope too much -_-)

  5. I cant believe,Samsung will update Galaxy tab 7.7 to 4.2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I love u samsung

  6. Muito ruim está notícia….. Samsung, demora demais, minha vontade é migrar para outra marca… Meu galaxy note n7000 já cansou das promessas da Samsung.

  7. well, i think there is no words about galaxy tab 7.7 on the link above………..

  8. The page doesn’t say anything about gt 7.7.
    is this internal source? or from where you get such new?

  9. JB Galaxy Note N7000 dates:
    January 15 false news which provided the output in Poland
    we are now in February cn a big question mark
    -.- pathetic situation

  10. Too late update samsung

  11. S Advance almost Ace 2!!!! I Can’t understand!!!

  12. thankyou samsung for updating ace 2 to jelly bean
    but its too late

  13. galaxy s2 update rolled out
    what dose it mean?in march?are you OK?!

  14. 2 franko024
    “GT-I9070 Galaxy S Advance до Jelly Bean 18.02.2013″

  15. and ace plus???oh c’mon Sammy…..for god sake will you make it fast????

  16. where the hell is ace plus?

  17. ace plus is a good phone & it really deserves the JB update…make sure you didn’t forget that.

  18. why sammy…..why…?
    why sammy didn’t give any specific info about jellybean update for my ace plus…. ?
    isn’t ace plus good phone like u have just shown s2, ace2.
    then y not ace plus…

    u know like me i think all ace plus users waiting for jellybean update since last november.
    that time we thinking we r so lucky to be a samsung user…!

    but now….everything is changed.
    even samsung even tell any word about ace plus…..!
    really getting pissed of this issue… -_-

  19. Siete ridicoli rilasciare JB in marzo aprile per il note N7000

  20. You are ridiculous JB release in March April notes for N7000

  21. wtf :(

  22. Hello apple iphone plz help us to dump this note…plz plz sue over samsung so that it cant again fix the date…hey you fool people including me buy iphone not samsung……march….fu.k in ur arch

  23. Pésimo… siguen postergando las actualizaciones… el Galaxy Note viene recibiendo las mismas palabras desde varios meses atrás… Pésimo Samsung PËSIMO!!

  24. tooo late samsung, why galaxy ace 2 in april dafuq???
    it should be with s advance

  25. November
    …… March?
    Samsung need to realise that when people pay top dollar for their merchandise they tend to remember how they have been treated and vote with their dollars at the next purchase… Apple being an example.

  26. what about ace plus?it deserves jb too why didn’t they mention it.this’s bullshit.

  27. hahahahaha….
    good strategy @samsung :D :D
    more delay in update :P

  28. better samsung can sell indian share to micromax or karbonn .they providing jelly bean update for around 11k smartphone,fucking i bought s2g for 29k still shit 4.0.3.

  29. how about Galaxy Beam i8530 no update plan for it
    F*ck Samsung

  30. Now Finally We Have Exact Release Date for Samsung Galaxy Note N7000.

    Jelly Bean 01.03.2012.

  31. where did you read this date?

  32. é bom saber que essa empresa de merda chamada samsung nunca mais terá um puto do meu dinheiro, ficam sempre protelando e achando que somos um bando de idiotas, vende equipamentos considerado como TOP, e seis meses depois esquece e lança outro e nunca atualiza os seus mais recentes. tinha um s2 vendi, graças, o meu note n7000 to me livrando dele e recomendando NÃO COMPREM MAIS SAMSUNG.

  33. wtf !!! wat abt ace plus’s update ..
    if samung dont want to update ace+ .
    then why samsung launched this fone , n told that they r updating this fone to jb …
    very very much disappointing samsung.. ?

  34. kof200440

    those r tentative dates nd can change without any notice :P :P
    please check website for more details :D

  35. i want to weep here. galaxy chat gt-b5330 not included in list (even after saying that samsung will update chat to jb)

  36. thankyou samsung for updating ace 2 to jelly bean

  37. P A T H E T I C…. I guess we’ll see S IV and nothing of Jelly Bean..
    Please Samsung, remembe to me to don’t buy anymore of your stupid products!!

  38. Samsung Galaxy Mini 2? :(

  39. fuck u samsung….delay again and again samsung promise jb 4.1.2 n7000 release around february.damn!

  40. LOL on the comments.
    My Galaxy Note came with “Android 2.3.5 upgradable to 2.3.6″, and eventually SAM updated it to ICS 4.0.4 without any earlier commitment. Now though I am also waiting to get a JB update for my Note, I am not pissed-off to such an extent that I will recommend others to instead buy a crappy phone probably manufactured in China by child-laborers.
    Your Galaxy Notes with ICS is still a shiny master-piece of a gadget ! And it’s worth waiting for an update.

  41. iphone 3GS still getting update!from 2007-2013!WOW!! my gt-n7000 still waiting 2011-2012 only 1year WOW!

  42. What about 9100g update date?then y u made fucking g model To sale?


  44. very good news that Ace 2 will get android 4.1!
    thank you Samsung!

  45. fuck samsung…..hell with ths in india local phns wrth fw bucks cm preloaded wth thy tk years to upgrade phns lyk s2 nd note to jb.aftr releasng th updat fr jst two countres thy stpd it.lndeed buggy in india updates take 6 odd mnths to cm.fuck these chingo mingos..nly thy r prmtng new phns nd tabs.lyk ths in th cmng years thyr fste vl be no different frm nokia whch ws ince at top nd nw exsts no vr

  46. Leiam com atenção no link do site da Samsung informado no texto, a atualização que se refere ao N7000 esta com a data de lançamento para “01.03.2012″, com erros estúpidos de digitação, creio eu, como podemos confiar nessa empresa?!
    Read carefully the link on Samsung’s website reported in the text, the update referred to this N7000 with the release date of “01/03/2012″, with stupid mistakes typing, I believe, how can we trust this company?!
    Pitiful …

  47. cuando llegara jelly beam para latino america, en venezuela mi galaxy s2 es liberado y lo tengo con linea movistar

  48. ne ukraynası ya türkiye nerde asıl onu söleyin …

  49. crap! fail big time for samsung with their lack of it!! they said that jb 4.1.2 for note N7000 would be out by nov 2012 then dec..its now feb FFS!!!!, i doubt the tossers at samsung will release it, next month they will cry wolf and say june….blah blah

  50. GT-I8160 Galaxy Ace 2 – Jelly Bean 22.04.2013

    April? This is a joke?

  51. What about 9100g update date?

  52. what about our ace plus??.please don’t disappoint us Sammy…give us the update too…..we have been waiting for months. please….

  53. GT-N7000 Galaxy Note до Jelly Bean 01.03.2012;


    2012 it says :P :P

  54. que mal de verdad estan demorando mucho para actualizar el S2.. primero que en diciembre despues que en enero despues que en febrero y ahora que en marzo?? mal mal muy mal

  55. ace plus……….plz..

  56. Where is Ace plus in this list? bullshit samsung… waiting frm Nov.2012…….
    Even don’t get any info abt that update??????
    Users of samsung… next time don’t buy samsung products.. and spread this msg to your relations & colleagues.. don’t buy… they don’t care abt mid-range devices… Damn samsung….

  57. wow… superb… which month will recieve jelly bean update for most beatiful tablet galaxy 7.7 … we eagerly awaiting for it…. thanks sammobile….. tell us the exact information from samsung abt the update….

  58. jelly bean for ace plus when??

  59. GT-N7000 Nov, Dec, Jan, Feb, March…
    over promise, under deliver = customer dissatisfaction

  60. Lol according to Samsung Ukraine. Galaxy note owners already got the update 1.3.2012 hahaha :)

  61. I’m waiting for Jelly Bean on Galaxy S Duos S7562 -.-

  62. Ace2 in march???
    Pfff… maybe when march is come, update will be delayed for june or september?
    Hate Samsung.

  63. Sammy please give us a word about ace plus JB update…..all ace+ users around the world are waiting for it since you announced the update list…..make sure you don’t disappoint us will u????

  64. @franco024 Galaxy S Advance already has been updated to 4.1.2 Russian officialy

  65. I propose to make a collection of money to be given as charity to us so that samsung releases The promised update to JB we all know that the delay in the update notes to JB for the N7000 is only due to the number of smatphone II Notes to be sold and not to other…………..

  66. yup…we want a word about jelly bean for ace plus…soon!!!!!!

  67. I propose to make a collection of money to be given as charity to us so that samsung releases The promised update to JB we all know that the delay in the update notes to JB for the N7000 is only due to the number of smatphone II Notes to be sold and not to other .
    I would also point to the uninitiated that a device such as galaxy note N7000 paid 600 euro samsung just released the all inclusive costs about 150 €.

  68. I dont get why people are getting so worked up about an update. Its not like samsung produces an update that kills the wifi or produces dropped calls experienced by apple users. Apple only releases regular updates to repair bugs and stop jailbreakers finding exploits. To be honest having used android 4.1,2 on the s2 since November there really isnt much difference due to touch wiz screen over it. The only useful thing is a better email app with a smoother UI. If you want timely updates just get a nexus phone.

  69. hey sammy…
    please now we r really getting pissed of searching even single news for jellybean update on ace plus..
    please provide us proper info if ace plus will get jelybean update or nt?
    & if yes then when ???

  70. any news for Galaxy S2 SGH-I727 Skyrocket?

  71. Already using JB (the release for Spain). No crashes and battery runs very good. In March I will get the Sony Z through my contract extension with my provider

  72. when galaxy mini 2 & galaxy S duos?

  73. Wat the hell where i s the galaxy tab 7 plus 6200 I think Samsung always delaying the
    Update have to wait a 4 months hey wat the f—-k and by the way galaxy tab 2 Is already
    Running jb but its a wrost tab from Samsung u fu——ers just go and lear n from apple Little bit how to manage by giving a updates just lick the apple company ,
    To know at least don’t disaapoint the fans finally if u don’t give jb update
    To tab plus P6200 I will through all samsung goods on fire and Samsung also
    Forgotted the 10.1 tab just making business but customers r not satisfying
    With ur work Samsung hope apple might f——k u hard##### bloody

  74. plz Sammy there are many ace plus users waiting for the evolutionary JB update……plz put an end to our waiting and release the update for our gt-s7500…

  75. wtf !!! wat abt ace plus’s update ..
    if samung dont want to update ace+ .
    then why samsung launched this fone , n told that they r updating this fone to jb …
    very very much disappointing samsung.. ?

  76. ace plus that desrves jb update… samsung disappointing very much…

  77. Galaxy Tab 7.7.with Android 4.2.1! wonderfull! This tablet deserves the best update

  78. what about samsung galaxy s2 skyrocket? no wonder Apple tops US phone market for Q4 2012.

  79. I am N-7000 owner and its my last samsung phone.I’m tired of waiting JB.My next phone is Xperia Z.Sorry for bad eng.

  80. they are kidding with us.bye bye samsung..go kiss yourself.

  81. what about 10.1?

  82. What about the samsung galaxy s2 t989?

  83. what about ace plus JB????promises are promises……back in last September u promised JB update for our gt-s7500 & we ace+ users are eagerly waiting for it from that day onwards….c’mon plz release it soon &put an end to our waiting.

  84. atleast other devices have ICS but ace+ is still running on gingerbread 2.3.6…..
    if we have cyangenmod for ace+ then we will never ask for your official one….
    but promises will be promises..
    hopefully jb will come soon…

  85. its an year after the release……such a Gud mid range handset…….packed a lot in it…..has the power to run JB smoothly……& why the hell is Sammy not caring about ace plus????c’mon where’s the JB that u ‘ve promised????this is the question asking by all ace+ users……give us an official answer……damn still waiting…………..

  86. yeah we want an answer…why ace plus isnt included in this list??why no word from samsung on jelly bean for ace plus…?

  87. even that galaxy chat & galaxy music which is lower is specs has ics & Sammy is gonna take it to the next level…..what’s the matter with ace plus????ace plus didn’t receive any ics update & still stuck on after this much months Sammy is still keeping quite about ace plus’ most deserving JB update…..have u forgotten about us Sammy?????give us a positive reply……all gt-s7500 users are waiting without patience…..plz give us an answer….don’t make us disappointed………….

  88. Sorry if it is a repetition but what’s about Russia? Is there some information when the update will be available in Russia as well? Thanks!

  89. samsung ya es hora que actulizes jelly beam para todos los paises hemos esperado demsaiado y eso causa malestar alos usuarios debes ser mas rapido en la hora de actualizar. no podemos estar todos los dias pegados al computador revisando haber si llego ya la actualizacion eso es una falta hacia los usuarios por lo menos da la fecha exacta para cada pais.

  90. What about galaxy note n7000 i am from algeria there is no update jaust 4.0.3 why samsung desnt make the new update for algeriaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa biggggggggg quetion ??????????????

  91. For those who wanna try 4.1.2 for the galaxy note, there is a german version out and working. Just check the firmware-page

  92. and what do you say about ace plus jelly bean Sammy???? are you there????give an answer for our question which we are asking for days…. plz make it fast…….fed up with this damn waiting……just keep ur promise that u gave to gt-s7500 users.

  93. i dont think ace plus will be getting any update…

  94. April is late for galaxy ace 2 but anyway thank you for update to 4.1.2

  95. letz hope for the best……that Sammy ‘ll (probably) make us smile……soooooon.
    c’mon Samsung……we are waiting for a positive reply from u……don’t make us sad……stop playing….dont keep quiet like a stupid statue will u??…….plz talk about ace+ JB update …..its getting too late….ace+ users around the globe are waiting,…..c’mon.

  96. when galaxy mini 2 ?? ,. please samsung

  97. don’t tell that u were lying Sammy….open ur mouth & shoot an answer for all ace+ user’s question …..can’t wait much longer…..its already too late.we know dat u r seeing dis…..plz answer us…don’t play joke on us…plz speak up….

  98. @Jerichothomz u wont get any answer here buddy…i have been asking them the same ques since november but no answer yet.

  99. I guess we’re just wasting our time… were betraying us Sammy????that was all a play…….& now u are making ur fans sad…..remember, ur strength lies in the hands of ur fans…..who cares haaa??….who am I speaking to…….a stupid deaf cheater…….to hell Samsung……..atleast give us a word about ace plus…….c’mon…….

  100. Finally great news for Galaxy 7.7 .. I’ll be waiting this upgrade as hell!!
    Thanks a lot Samsung.

  101. by indonesia

    kenapa samsung kamu ga ngasih upgrade jelly bean ke galaxy wonder ko galaxy ace 2 dapet. padahal galaxy ace 2 sama galaxy wonder masih mahal galaxy wonder

    samsung saya ga akan beli produk samsung lagi kalo galaxy wonder masih ga dapet upgrade ke jelly bean

    mening ke sony axpria yang dapet ics sama jelly bean

    saya kecewa sama produkmu samsung



    samsung why you did not give us a jelly bean to upgrade galaxy ace galaxy wonder ko 2 dapet. whereas the same galaxy ace galaxy 2 galaxy wonder wonder still expensive

    samsung ga I would buy the product again if samsung galaxy wonder still ga dapet upgrade to jelly bean

    mening to sony ics dapet axpria the same jelly bean

    I am disappointed at your product samsung

    Report this comment

  102. Another delay as usual from Samsung.
    The Ukrainian web now says :

    GT-I8160 Galaxy Ace 2 – Jelly Bean 22.04.2013;
    GT-I9070 Galaxy S Advance – Jelly Bean 26.04.2013;
    GT-N7000 Galaxy Note – Jelly Bean 01.04.2013;
    GT-P6200 Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus – Jelly Bean 22.03.2013;

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