Samsung is preparing a Full HD smartphone for the Unites States provider AT&T

Samsung is preparing a Full HD smartphone for Unites States provider AT&T. According to Samsung’s own USPROF files Samsung is busy to prepare a Full HD smartphone for the provider AT&T in the USA. The Samsung SGH-I337 could be the next generation Galaxy S device by Samsung. Samsung want to announce the next Galaxy S in March. The Galaxy S IV is rumoured to have a 4.99” Super AMOLED FULL HD display, a octa-core processor and a 13 megapixel camera. The phone will run on Android 4.2 called Jelly Bean. According to Galaxy s IV information in hands from SamMobile Samsung will bring the device to the market in April.

Samsung SGH-I337
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  1. That has to be the best phone designation yet. Do you think they ill call it the |Samsung LEET ?

  2. I love hearing these things go Sammy. .

  3. Im pretty sure koreans are very aware of the term leet, they shoukd name it like that :)

  4. I hope it releases in that time span, we haven’t heard word of an official build as of yet and though the processor is one of a kind I’d be hard pressed to agree they have a working product ready for April but in the case it does release and I’m on T-Mobile I’ll buy it out right and add it to my network.

    How can anyone pass up a “minisupercomputer” with those specs I sure can’t.

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