again Samsung booked more income in the last quarter of 2012

Samsung sold again more devices in the latest quarter of 2012, Samsung world biggest electronics maker booked a record in the last 3 months of 8,8 billion won which is 90% more than last year!
The official numbers of Samsung will be announced upcoming January 24th. Annalists thinks Samsung will sell more devices in 2013 the Galaxy line is extremely hot and Samsung uses more innovation in their own products at the moment.

Samsung’s biggest rival Apple is in heavy weather because of the missing innovation. The world richest company Apple is loosing a lot of brand value on the business market. Below a picture between both companies over the last 6 months.

source (translated)

Phones 11
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  1. you can SEE how Apple goes to hell… like it should 3 years ago when Galaxy S/HTC Desire came out

  2. Producinmg too many phones leads to bad software support. Up to now they are still OK but in longer term open door for alternatives

  3. Samsung is ahead of the others with software support on the android platform, the Nexsus not being considered ofcourse. Agreed, they need to do more, but no other manufacturer has done more than samsung in software support.

  4. if they push updates same time for all regions will be nice then no complaint at all

  5. If they push updates all at once, they will have no competition in the world

  6. On my Nexus 7 I am runing JB 4.2.1; and still waiting for JB 4.1.2 on S2; so, my next device will be:
    1. Nexus or
    2. Sony – showed excellent phone at CES. And even if they are not up to day with updates (Samsung is neither) they are smart enough to be open to 3rd developers while Samsung is not

    In general – we have total 4 Samsung phones at home and definitely family will switch to other brand. And I believe I an mot alone…

  7. We knowed this :)
    But on thing is that samsung releases too much devices in such a short time!
    But Samsung is the best;)

  8. I find it interesting that so many people claim they will not get samsung devices if samsung don’t address ‘their’ needs, seems crazy to get the second best when you can have the best for less. Samsung is the best so all the ‘fu samsung’ comments are just a waste of space.

    My next phone/phablet will be another samsung as there is no comparable alternative in the current market.

  9. Hi, we are still waiting the update for (GT-N8000) galaxy note 10.1 here in united Arab Emirates…. waiting …waiting ……

  10. All the people in United Arab Emirates are waiting the Jell bean update for (GT-N8000) galaxy note 10.1….
    we are starving for it…..

  11. My experience with Samsung software support is awful! I bought a tablet GT-P6800 7.7 inch (great device) but still on Honeycomb!? Tried some ICS version for other markets but all of them have a bug with WiFi!

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