Samsung tells you to get ready for CES 2013

Samsung tells you to get ready with a new teaser video…
Innovation, Design, Technology, Dreams, Wonder, The Future! What will Samsung show at CES 2013 in Las Vegas?

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  1. flexable phone!

  2. And I tell Samsung to start releasing some updates :D

  3. Hmm new design, innovation, future, blabla….

    My bets:
    1. Tizen Bada phone.
    2. Flexible AMOLED Screen
    3. UPDATES!!!!
    4. UPDATES!!!!

  4. fuck off with your update for your stupid old phone…..get a life bitches….

  5. Update for SIII and Note II.

  6. LOL umadbro? At least I didnt sound like I was whining like others do. And yea, I own an OLD Galaxy S3 phone and I have a life. Maybe its just you who dont care about updates. See ya madbro.

  7. That is Flexible/tizen phone, it is NOT yet flagship, or maybe android 4.2 updates, who knows :)

  8. December is finishing in about 3 weeks and no updates insight for S3 and Note 2. I mean who gives the concern about flexi screen? Do your homework Sammy boy. You are now as bad as iOS, good thing Android is still open source.

  9. tells how they lied to customer… of liar

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