Samsung released the source code of the GT-I9100_HK Galaxy SII Jelly Bean update.

Samsung released the source code of the GT-I9100_HK  Galaxy SII Jelly Bean update. 
The Galaxy SII is based on Android 4.1 with the new TouchWiz interface.
Thanks to this release developers could make easier new DEV roms for the GT-I9100_HK Galaxy S II.

The Source code is based on the Firmware I9100ZSLS6

You can download the source codes here at Gt-I9100_HK  (Galaxy SII)

 Thanks for sending this in JulianXhokaxhiu through twitter.
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  1. 4.1.1 or 4.1.2?

  2. What is HK?

  3. ¿? And? when the final Update? -.-

  4. HK = Hong Kong
    And it seems to be 4.1.2, but I have not yet checked it … still downloading …

  5. hong kong?!

  6. so can i use this to flash my s2? its just 193mb

  7. Ok. But and the release official where ?????

  8. Hey … it’s only the source code, not the released firmware.
    Samsung will probably release the JB ROMs (one by one for the different regions/countries) in the beginning of 2013 … who knows but Samsung.

  9. Is this source code useful for CM team ?

  10. Slow down…
    I’m expecting live wallpaper to the lock screen, and a s3 designed notification pull-down menu.
    I don’t care if it’s 4.1.1. Or 4.1.2.

  11. I have Gs2 (G series )
    When coming official frimware for my phone ???

  12. Are you retarded? How can it be 4.1.1 if the leak is 4.1.2?! Or wait, could it be Android 1.0.0?…

  13. The source code contains only version 4.1(0) – so it seems to be neither 4.1.1 nor 4.1.2.
    But I’m not an experienced Android developer … something to be confirmed by an “expert”.

  14. so the update must be near :D waiting for it…..

  15. When for n7000 ha samsung you killed me shit!

  16. i haven’t made any modification to my galaxy s3 and when i check for updates my cellphone gives me : “your device has been modified. software updates are not available. does that mean that i would no more receive updates i have jb 4.1.1 ?

  17. and what will i do with source code? release the ****ing rom!!!

  18. How can I install it ?:)

  19. we have bought 3 galaxy s2 in 2011
    I will dump all 3 if samsung do not release JB before 15
    i will never buy samsung mobile again

  20. all of the commenters are kidding me?!
    show me one manufacturer who will update her 2011 flagship to JB!
    only samsung and motorola( and please, who buy motorola?!)!
    so dont be like that! say thank you that samsung will do it!!!

  21. How retarded can all making comments be..
    You bought a Samsung not a Nexus! If you wanted updates you should bought a Nexus.
    YOU made the desicion to buy it, now shut up and wait till the update is finised. As we all do.

  22. And If you cannot tell the difference between source code and firmware then you should stop even commenting!!

  23. Well…. I agree with ariel.gil6796 . Atleast Samsung is thinking about updating SII with JB. Am an SII user. I know how other SII users are thinking/feeling. Be patient. You don’t want a firmware with lots of bugs like they did with ICS or do you. We’ll get it when its ready.

  24. Chill Guyz…
    I just want to say that samsung should atleast tell us the exact date for the update so that we dont comment any more

  25. please.. tell me..
    How to Install??

  26. Nexus design iz ugly I mean the phone’s shape iz terrible, than it has a slicky glass on the backside, so you can easily drop your phone when your hands are wet.
    And the buggest-biggest problem iz that you can not remove the back so if your Nexus freezes you can’t do anything to get it work, can’t remove the battery.
    And there’s no way to extend with a sd card.
    You buy 8 gb or 16 gb, that’s it.
    But it’s software is soo good, transitions are smooth but the outer design is awful.

  27. For a clearance: You CAN’T install a source code -___-” It’s just something for devs.

  28. for Danaxys2:
    the vanilla ui is not that beutifull… In my opinion the touchwiz nature ux is prettier… there are a lot of apps that are missing such as notes and etc…

  29. Is there jelly bean for the i9100G, too? :(

  30. Hi everyone. To be clear for all of you this is just the source code of the future update.
    I hope that the update will come at least to the end of December, because the latest one had some issues on (my) galaxy SII both in music player and in internal storage memory.
    Maybe an exact release date of the update will calm a little bit users, but you don’t want a firmware with lots of bugs like they did with ICS or do you?

  31. So, this means that 4.1.1/4.1.2 is not even close to be ready by end of January, according to codrinst, if it is bucket full of bugs and flies. But on thing always bug me is that, how could they have release a perfect firmware for SIII and Note II (with the phone at sale) and fail miserably to come up with a good firmware for previous verion of smartphones when the previous version should have been more easier to code firmware(s) for them, because of lower specs. And especially when Samsung release some 4.1.1 for lower end phones or newer than SII with almost the same specs or lower even.

  32. I am trying to add here…. :)

  33. BeyondGalaxy I said to the end of December not January and also I said HOPEFULLY, so please be more carefull when you read comments. And yes the android 4.0.3 ICS had some issues that are not fixed yet at least on my phone and I really don’t know how to fix it.

  34. y que se supone que hay que hacer con esto, porque no le veo la gracia. Avisen cuando tengan la version oficial.
    Igual gracias por tener en cuenta el SGS2

  35. when will be offfical rom will release for sgs2 gt-i9100

  36. bản rom này chừng nào có thể phát hành vậy?

  37. hi sammobile

    when does it come for i9100g or i9100t or p android 4.1.2

    please answer it

  38. when have it with gt-i9100G

  39. lol so there isnt an answer to when the GS2 is gettin JB

  40. ya tendría que estar

  41. Does anybody know if they implemented smart stay in the JB update for the S2? I read some news that they only implemented some of the features the S3 have. E.g. multi window is not avaible on the s2.
    All who will have the official update first, please check for smart stay!

  42. Hello,

    I’m using this based ROM modified by Alliance Team and for a alpha ROM it works like a charm !!!
    @ Maltman : yes, this ROM includes smart stay and even multi windows !

  43. I’m using Disaster rom v4. This rom have multi window and lockscreen ink effect from note 2. Smart stay works of course :P Just perfect rom :D

  44. @ godzibast: Thanks for the info!! Sounds promising!

  45. i updated my phone to 4.1.2 looks good but the navigation doesnt work

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