Samsung start Android 4.1.2 updates for Galaxy Note II LTE

According to sampro Samsung started to update the Galaxy Note II LTE to Android 4.1.2.
The update is at the moment only available for South Africa.

Firmware details:
Android 4.1.2

Samsung introduced the Galaxy Note II at IFA 2012 in Berlin. The Galaxy Note II uses a 5.5” Super AMOLED HD display a 8 megapixel camera, and a 1.6 quad-core processor.
The first Galaxy Note device by Samsung sold over 10 million times, Samsung wants to sell over 20 million Galaxy Note II devices.

SamMobile tested the Galaxy Note II and we have to say the Galaxy Note II is the ultimate smartphone!
Read our full review here



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  1. no more comment for wheeennn jellybean for sgs2 ???

    i want jb for sgs2 …

    lol ….spammer sgs2 everywhere

  2. u have a f*ck*in JB for your SGS2 leaked on sammobile that is woking awesome…. Thats more that i´ve spected for this phone so enjoy it and stop spamming everywhere :-P

    another solution, sell your black brick and buy a nexus 4 and u will be always up to date ;-)

  3. Uuu this is nice, lets hope the same for the galaxy family and enjoy christmas

  4. Furthermore, Go Holland! Mooie site jongens en heel knap hoe jullie aan dat nieuws steeds komen! :)

  5. y bueno a instalar la leak

  6. when S3 will get update dec they had told

  7. I guess Note II LTE is not selling so well. If samsung release 4.1.2 for any latest mobile phones now, consummers will flock over to get that latest firmware installed phones, hence raise the revenue for the new smarphones that they wanted you to buy and not the previous version. Do the math. It is only logical. Why would they not release SII, SIII or other 4.1.2 capable phones yet?

    But of course, you would have to sell your SII or any other one that you have first!!!

  8. Samsung brings a truck load of bananas to a zoo cage with monkeys. Monkeys see the truck full of bananas, of course, but they are not getting the truck load at one time but one piece at a time. Mean while, while they are eating and wodering when they will get the rest of the truck loads of bananas!!! 4.1.1 now, and maybe if “the monkeys are nice”, they might get 4.1.2!!!

  9. Of course, we can not have all 20 million consumers stop buying Samsung in protest! That is not the real world operation. Sadly, Samsung could not careless if you buy their phones or not.

  10. J put leaked version 4.1.2 for Galaksy S3 from here (10 pages before from 15 november) via ODIN and it is very remarkably.

  11. Where is the Galaxy Note official update?


  13. Hi all
    I am a galaxy s3 user
    It is still so early in the December
    Seeing 4.1.2 update for galaxy note 2 really makes me happy because that means 4.1.2 will be rolling out to s3 very soon….after s3, s2 and note will get it
    why should s3, or s2 or original note get the 4.1.2 update before note 2
    update should be released one after another ( latest one will get the update first…that’s reasonable )
    I know that most of you are impressed with updates of nexus seires
    but you all forgot that even Google gives the update first to Galaxy Nexus and then nexus one and so on…..
    so be patient
    if not patient, flash a leaked rom or custom one
    I also flashed the leaked 4.1.2 rom

  14. great! ;D


  16. ya…..i agree with you @Gepstra……..they keep spamming about the update for their freaking old device……bitch….get a life…..if you want instant update go get nexus series device……!!!!!!!!

  17. Gapstra (Gapstro, Gastro etc) & radzwillow tree (whatever), maybe you two should also get a life as well instead of spending to much time in from of the monitor. No wonder your people skill in relating to other is at a very poor level – I mean you guys should be talking to a four legged animals better, yes?

  18. I assumed, of course, that you guys must be at about 6 (years of age)? Ahh..juvenlie

  19. They no longer support multi screen with the all share dongle, and video is now so laggy.

  20. @BeyongGalaxy | 04 December 2012 at 17:00

    Ah, no, I’m 19, and I’m not spending too much time in front of the monitor.
    In fact, when I read an article and go to the comment section it’s fucking flooded with whining bitches about updates. I don’t want to read those comments, I want to read useful comments which, sometimes, contain useful links etc.

    However, this comment system sucks because in all probability you will not read this.
    Please implement a notification system Sammobile, comments are (almost) useless this way.

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