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Samsung Canada start Android 4.1.1 updates Galaxy S III


Since today you are able to update your Galaxy S III trough KIES or OTA to Android 4.1.1 in Canada
The new firmware will improve your Galaxy S III. Samsung will update the PDA version to I747MVLDLK4.

The Galaxy S III is Samsung’s best world-wide selling smartphone ever. Samsung sold over 20 million Galaxy S III devices in only 50 days! The Galaxy S III features a stunning 4.8” Super AMOLED HD display, an 8 megapixel camera and an Exynos 4412 quad-core processor clocked at 1.4 GHz with 2GB of RAM.

The Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean update will have a few enchantments like:
- Better performance, thanks to Project Butter it’s even smoother and faster
- Reorganized settings menu
- 2 Home screen modes
- New Notifications bar
- Google Now
- Sizable Pop-up play screen

The update is avialbe for:
SGH-I747M – Canada (Bell)
SGH-I747M – Canada (Telus)
SGH-I747M – Canada (SaskTel)
SGH-I747M – Canada (Rogers)

Of course are all firmwares downloadable trough

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20 comments on “Samsung Canada start Android 4.1.1 updates Galaxy S III

  1. gaganahuja11 2 years ago said:

    I dont have SIII

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  2. alab673 2 years ago said:

    When the Galaxy NOTE 1 and also Samsung Galaxy SII receives the Jelly Bean.
    Samsung Galaxy SII & Samsung Galaxy NOTE 1 Jelly Bean Update will be on fourth quarter of 2012.

    Hello SAMSUNG

    It is already the 3rd day of December

    I Want it to Officially Updated before Christmas


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  3. BeyongGalaxy 2 years ago said:

    I love the complaints. I thought I was the only one going insane! Well, seeing is believing and I don’t even see a single shadow of JB firmware anywhere. I told you guys already that Samsung will certainly release JB 4.1.1 (forget 4.1.2 that is next millenium) next year (2013) around beginning of fourth quarter. Why? That is about the time the IOS rumor mills start spinning. Other reason would be that they would like to sell more of the top end or the new releases smart phones that is on the market right now. This is it. This is handsdown their marketing track for us. By the time they get to Galaxy S4 most people would have forgotten Note II already, let alont the long time released S2. Yeah, it is funny how life turns out. They (S) released a test firmware for S2 version 4.1.2 just to tease us. Well it worked, because the darn thing works, works well. I like the Test version of 4.1.2 on S2 so much that I am willing to wait for the official because this test firmware is good battery, but I can not send SMS in Asian Languages even if I have downloaded the Keyboard for it. Bummer

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  4. BeyongGalaxy 2 years ago said:

    Correction fourth quarter = second quarter……got you there

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  5. BeyongGalaxy 2 years ago said:

    Moreoever, this don’t even supply SIII with the split desktop yet. That comes with 4.1.2 I think. The test firmware didn’t even have new camera functions like burst shot or best face, no pop up play, mute (with palm over the phone)..etc.

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  6. BeyongGalaxy 2 years ago said:

    By the time they are done with SIII Global releases……in late Dec 2012……yeah,….errrrr…..and Note II Global releases in Jan 2013…..yeah….erhhhh….

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  7. Feffapreview 2 years ago said:

    When official jb for Note 1 ??


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  8. 313photography 2 years ago said:

    Wow the phone is really boost, it’s really really fast

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  9. Koike_S 2 years ago said:

    Just wait people. It’ll be there when it’s ready. Seeing that it’s out for S III today means they are clearly working on it. There’s no question it’ll be out for S II soon enough as well.

    So if I read this correctly, this update is not only available for unlocked phones but also for people with contracts! That’s great news! Hope it will be the same where I live.

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  10. alab673 2 years ago said:


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  11. gionta 2 years ago said:

    In december, should be 4.1.2 for S3… WHEN ???

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  12. Claude_C 2 years ago said:

    For everyone in Canada, except Videotron ?!?!

    Any news on this, please?


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  13. trifonwifon 2 years ago said:

    Message for all S2 users. JB 4.1.2 for S2 is done. First must been finisht JB 4.1.2 for S3, this is logical, no?

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  14. vwlover69 2 years ago said:

    When is it going to be coming out for AT&T???????

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  15. fcukchin 2 years ago said:

    I have an international version S3 on a canadian carrier but it still won’t let me update to JB 4.1. my model number is gt-i9300. baseband version: i9300XXLFB. my phone is unrooted, unbranded and unlocked. any help please?

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  16. gardner 2 years ago said:

    What time update galaxy. N7000 too jelly. Bean?

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  19. johnnyma 2 years ago said:
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