First Ice Cream Sandwich updates Galaxy Tab 8.9

After long waiting Samsung finally started with the first Ice Cream Sandwich updates for the Galaxy Tab 8.9 GT-P73oo. The Galaxy Tab 8.9 is the first generation of Galaxy tablets by Samsung.
Were the new Galaxy Tab 2 (GT-P3100) just got its first Jelly Bean Update  Samsung now starts with the first ICS update for the Galaxy Tab 8.9  (GT-P7300).

If you have the Galaxy Tab 8.9 GT-P7300 and you come from Austria you are able to update your Galaxy Tab trough Samsung KIES or OTA.
Thanks to the Ice Cream Sandwich update your tablet will feel a lot faster and even the battery will be better.
Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich is the latest update for the first generation tablets by Samsung.

FW details:
Android Version: Android 4.0.4
Product code: GT-P7300FKAATO

The firmware is also downloadable trough our firmware page.
SamMobile’s advice is to wait till Samsung KIES or OTA self!

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  1. I know this is a version of the TAB 1, but couldn’t Samsung just put all their resources in JB altogether? Devices that are able to run ICS should be able to run JB just fine

  2. Al fin¡¡¡aleluyaaaa :p

  3. Samsung, today is the last day of november. I hope You know what I (we, users of s2) mean :)

  4. Wow one year after ICS released. Samsung you are unbelievable fast. Cyanogenmod is still on 4.1.2….. And Project Butter is great.

  5. Samsung, today is the last day of november. JB for SGS2 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11 :)

  6. Today I Have Just received Android 4.0.4 for my Galaxy s2 (Argentina – Claro)

  7. And what about Samsung Galaxy S I9000?

  8. what about tab 2 GT-P5100 we are waiting

  9. I never comment, but…. Samsung, today is the last day of november. I will use the twitter hashtag #SamsungLastDayOfNovemberS2

  10. End of november and there is no Sg2 Official and Stable Firmware 4.1.2 :( JUST a Test? :(

  11. BIG Fail Samsung!

  12. call have ??

  13. Do you really think Samsung cares about such “old” devices like the P7500 or i9100? Noo, for each new Android version, a new phone will be released, that’s how lame they really are.

    I’ve already evolved to a nexus device and I can’t wait to get rid of my P7500 for a brand new nexus 10. Samsung just ain’t worth it.

  14. @Hornedfiend: Bollox, the Note 1 for instance went from 2.3.x to 4.0.x and will at least get 4.1.x. If you were right then we would be at Note 3 already :’)

  15. Any screenshot? Can you make calls now?

  16. unbelievable, November 2012 and only austria, samsung sucks, really. never ever a device from samsung. shame on you samsung.

  17. downloaded, flashed, works. finally

  18. Is IC for the GT-p7300 available through Kies in the UK?

  19. when realese GT-P7300 android ics 4.0.4 baltic version?

  20. awesome
    downloaded, flashed & works

  21. SG2 official update pleaseeeee…..

  22. Thanks! I have downloaded this and successfully installed on my P7300 UK 32Gb 3G 8.9 Tablet; and also managed to root it too. Why on earth Samsung don’t make this easier for us I don’t know… probably the last time I’ll buy Samsung, but for the moment I’m happy.

    Great update that transforms the tablet – much faster :)

  23. Flash player did not work after p7300 last updated to ICS.

  24. Do you have permission to make gsm voice calls?

  25. Seems that this rollout has either been stopped/stalled or cancelled. Began in November 2012 and still roughly half (a bit less than a half actually) of regions have received ICS. Just a handful of regions received ICS this year comparing to November/December rollouts. Maybe when 2nd gen Tabs and Note will have their JB rollouts completed, Samsung will continue with 8.9 i dunno :(

  26. goooood news

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