Google rolling out Android 4.2.1 update to the Galaxy Nexus & the Nexus 10

Google has just started to push Android 4.2.1 (Build JOP40D) update for the Galaxy Nexus and the Nexus 10. You can upgrade your device to Android 4.2.1 via OTA (Over-The-Air) but it might not be available for you right away as it’s being rolled out in phases.

The Android 4.2.1 Build JOP40D is a really minor update and is mainly just to fix the “December Bug”, which prevented any date in the month of December from being selected as a birthday, wedding, appointment in the People app. In Short, People App was mising the month “December”, January came next after November. The update also fixes the Bluetooth issues which some of the users were having.

Google has already dropped Android 4.2.1 Build JOP40D into AOSP so if you want you can compile a fresh new AOSP Build for your Galaxy Nexus or Nexus 10 with the new fixes.

Changelog from Android 4.2 JOP40C to Android 4.2.1 JOP40D

Project: platform/build
d4382dd : bump version to 4.2.1
476750c : JOP40D

Project: platform/external/bluetooth/bluedroid
0d15318 : Add HID gamepad/joystick as supported HID devices

Project: platform/frameworks/base
b361b30 : Revert “NumberPicker should adjust min and max when displayed values are set.” (a.k.a. Santa is back)
cc2e849 : Notification vibration improvements: [DO NOT MERGE]

(Source: AndroidCentral)

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  1. The update dropped on to my Nexus 7 in the UK at 9am GMT.

  2. Had as i9100 but with support from google, so it is nothing to solve.

  3. s2 best phone of 2011 when when when thats jb update!!!!

  4. arbi1234: december, so say samsung sweden.

  5. i need jelly bean update (stable) for s2 now now now now now now now now now…

  6. when the update samsung galaxy note N7000 to jb 4.1.2?? im very disappointed keep waiting and waiting :(

  7. when the update samsung galaxy note N7000 to jb ??

  8. people please stop wining about updates for other devices as it is offtopic, pointless and getting really anoying to read in every single thread about a firmware release :(

  9. samsung sweden już zmienili date zapowiadanej aktualizacji na listopad-grudzień

    aż żal dupe sciska, zamylacze :-(

  10. a ocziwiście dla SGS 2

  11. Samsung!!! where is the Official stable firmware for Sg2 NOT TEST!!!! :(

  12. waiting waiting n waiting for my galaxy note n7000. When??????????????????? JB

  13. @arbi1234 = SHUT THE FRAKK UP!
    Every frakking link I clicked have you complaining about the S2 JB update. Get a life man.

  14. guys.. when google rolling out update for galaxy ace 2

  15. @maxximuscool which phone do u own?

  16. I’m from the nettherlands and I flashed my Galaxy Nexus to Takju (the American version of Android) and I got the update yesterday, the same day as Amercia :)

  17. i updated to 4.2.1 Build JOP40D, OTA
    Saudi Arabia

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