Samsung and BMW to join hands for marketing campaign Note II

Samsung is “on a roll”  lately if it comes to partnerships first Stonehenge and now BMW.















The big tech giant from Korea joint hands with the big European Car giant BMW for a massive Galaxy Note II campaign in Korea.
Samsung displays the BMW Series 1 all wrapped up in the graffiti like car art of Galaxy Note II. And you can see them from Nov 21 till Dec 12 at Coex Central Plaza in Seoul.
The image design of dynamic hand movements represents the creative features of Galaxy Note II. And it is designed by the famous designer and artist Shin Dong-jin.


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  1. Oh nooo, great phone and bad car.

  2. Woow :)
    What a surprise (similiar situation to Ducati&AMG).
    By the way, I’m lucky to hate Black One and Note Two :)

  3. Of all the marketing brain….Yeah, it could work – BMW & Note II. But you have to remind me again on where is the marketing inter link between these Giant?

  4. Great!

  5. stable jelly bean for s2 please!!!!!

  6. @arbi1234 – Dude STFU!

  7. maxximuscool impolite!

  8. Jelly bean sgs2 please, wheeeenn? Its almost december and no official rom. :(

  9. Does this place look like a request section? Damn these people

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