Still no solution full HD AMOLED panels

Remember our news message about Samsung is ready to developer full hd AMOLED panels…
Today according to a report from Korea Samsung is still having problems to produce full HD AMOLED panels. Samsung wants to bring with their own full hd panels the resolution up to 1080 x 1920 and pixel per inch around the 441.

Samsung Display is trying to obtain the advanced LITI technology from 3M that allows OLED material to be more smoothly printed on glass. The successfully solution is still not found. Samsung’s Display problems at the moment are the blue colored materials.┬áPossible is Samsung could delay the Galaxy S IV or choose for the Full HD LCD panels. According to our research it is better for Samsung to use AMOLED. Many die-hard Samsung Galaxy owners wont step back from AMOLED display.

Let’s hope Samsung Display will find the working solution soon.

As you may notice the rumors are flying around right before CES and MWC, we just have to wait and see what is true and what is not.

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3 years 5 days ago

As htc has done it samsung too wanna stay in the game. Thats y its so important.

3 years 7 days ago

HD super amoled + (one with full set of subpixels), with screen size 4,6-4,8 inch (which gives approx 300-330 pixel density) > than full HD LCD….at least in my opinion, i think that full HD for less than 4.9 inch is just gimmikick

3 years 7 days ago

@alizenelden same with you, don’t you see a thread about JB 4.1.2 on the site?

anyways, it sucks to have low resolution AMOLED, I love the colour intensity on an AMOLED screen, much better than those on IPS LCD like the one of HTC.

3 years 7 days ago

@doubleone: are you joking or smoking crack?
I have been running JB for some time now on my Note. Last week I even updated to 4.1.2 thx to this site.
Anyway, this is not the thread for this.

3 years 7 days ago

@alizenelden @doubleone usually you are supposed to comment on the article! there is no need to comment if it is not related to the article. btw, asking for jb on every article, is not going to make it appear faster.

3 years 7 days ago

jb samsung galaxy note N7000,when????

3 years 7 days ago

When is the jelly bean 4.1.2 for sgs2g