Samsung announces S-PEN SDK 2.2.5

Samsung released S-PEN SDK 2.2.5







We are pleased to confirm that the latest version of the S Pen SDK for the Samsung GALAXY Note is now available to download, bringing the Multi-Window feature for the GALAXY Note II. Multiple apps can be loaded in multiple windows, providing more flexibility for the end user and true PC-like multi-tasking wherever it’s needed.

● Multi Window is available on the GALAXY Note II using an S Pen.
- Multi Window and its related APIs were added to improve the usability of apps that utilize the S Pen on the GALAXY Note II.
- The screen can be split vertically or horizontally within apps that use the S Pen without switching to another screen, allowing the user to display related apps on one screen simultaneously.
- Multi Window supports data transaction using the clipboard, as well as drag & drop to allow easy sharing of data between apps that use Multi Window
*Note: GALAXY Note II devices for some regions or carriers may require upgrading to the latest firmware to use Multi Window.
● Unnecessary and duplicate APIs have been deprecated, and the names of some APIs have been changed.
- Deprecated methods can be used in the previous 2.2 version and the current version, but they will be removed in future versions
● Some errors in S Pen SDK 2.2 have been corrected in this release.

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  1. its better to announce exynos source code before announcing s pen things

  2. This is great! That means more apps for GALAXY Note II, right?

  3. Is this available to galaxy note n7000? it doesn’t say if its only for the note 2 or for the original note with 4.1.1

  4. hi

    i am using galaxy note 2.i downloaded s pen sdk 2.2.5.pls help to install the update

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