Galaxy Nexus receives Android 4.2 (Build JOP40C) Update, OTA Update File Available

Google has just started to push Android 4.2 update for the GSM Samsung Galaxy Nexus. You can upgrade your device to Android 4.2 via OTA but it might not be available for you right away as it’s being rolled out in phases. The device is being updated to build JOP40C of Android 4.2, it’s the same build which was rolled out earlier today to Nexus 4 and Nexus 10 which brought Multi-User Account and Lockscreen Widget Support.

It’s worth to note that this OTA update is only being rolled out to Galaxy Nexus’ Takju Variant (Play Store Variant). As of yet there is no news of Galaxy Nexus’ Yakju variant getting the Android 4.2 Update.

Android 4.2 – Build JOP40C OTA Update file is available for manually installing the update by yourself. If you want to manually install the update you need to make sure that your device is based on Android 4.1.2- Build JZO54K before installing the update.

We of SamMobile would recommend you to wait for Google to push the OTA Update on your Galaxy Nexus. 

SamMobile isn’t responsible for any harm to your device – proceed at your own risk.

Instructions for Manually Installing the OTA Update on your Takju Samsung  Galaxy Nexus:

  • Download: Android 4.2 – Build JOP40C OTA Update for Takju Galaxy Nexus (MD5: 06d0d82520c8ab43124c63f3bb147f3d)
  • Power off your Takju Galaxy Nexus.
  • Hold Volume Down + Volume Up + Power Button at the same time for 5-7 seconds and leave the buttons as soon as you see the fast boot menu.
  • Scroll down the menu through the volume up & down keys and navigate to “recovery” and select it.
  • Once you see an Android with a red exclamation point icon, press Volume Up and the Power button together, which will bring you to a new menu.
  • Navigate to “apply update from adb” and select it with the power button.
  • Connect your Galaxy Nexus to your computer via USB Cable.
  • Make sure you have ADB installed in your computer (If not then grab it from HERE).
  • Copy the OTA file you previously downloaded to your ADB Directory.
  • Open CMD  (Or Terminal in Linux or Mac OS X) in your ADB Directory.
  • Type the Following: adb sideload e587de13bf8a.signed-takju-JOP40C-from-JZO54K.e587de13.z
  • Once the sideloading process your device will automatically start to install the OTA update.
  • After the Installation is finished simply reboot your device.
Android 4.2 running on a Galaxy Nexus
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  1. In other news: the Galaxy S2 is still on Ice Cream Sandwich.
    Way to go for long-term loyalty, Samsung.

    My next phone will not be from your brand.

  2. Gdzie sie podział android 4.1.1 dla sgs 2 miał byc w listopadzie ale narazie kicha!!!!
    Dalej czekam niecierpliwie!!!!

  3. So Faryaab… when can we expect to see a new SuperNexus for the S2 ;)

  4. I sense S2 update within this week. Hopefully. I CANT WAIT ANY LOOONGER, NOOOOOO!

  5. jelly bean for s2

  6. +100 amehaye
    if my sgs note not receive JB in this years, this be last samsung phone what i buy.

  7. I hope to receive 4.2 for Galaxy S3 before March 2013.

  8. Samsung,
    don’t forget its the Galaxy S2 which gave you the strength to reclaim the market from Apples domination….Respect it.
    Waiting for JB.

  9. LOL i just noticed. People comment about S2 update to Jellybean in every news feed in this site, even if its not about S2. Which is awesome! That only tells s2 still hot! WE WANT UPDATE! xD

  10. Samsung,
    don’t forget its the Galaxy S2 which gave you the strength to reclaim the market from Apples domination….Respect it.
    Waiting for JB.

  11. Samsung,
    don’t forget its the Galaxy S2 which gave you the strength to reclaim the market from Apples domination….Respect it.
    Waiting for JB.

  12. This is stupid.Different between ICS and JB is little.Different between JB and android 4.2 is little.What is it?Google want to beats other companies by updates.

  13. My sII throw to trash,because 4.1.1 jelly bean no update for sII yet. My next phone will not be from your brand.

  14. October, November, December, January,,,April s2 jb leak

  15. Meh, I hate my Yakju build. Takju is always updated first :(

  16. we need Jelly Bean this month for SGS2, can not wait !!!! hopefully next week, we can not expect more !!!!!

    make its users happy Samsung !!!, does not take much

  17. Never again buying samsung, i used now 4 years a samsung device. But no more, sgs2 still didnt get a 4.1 update, nor sgs3? XD lol, bye bye samsung from me.

  18. i think samsung is afraid of updating sgs2 to jelly bean, bcoz we all know that hardware is not the question now, its only about software with these high-end devices, 2 cores and 1gb ram is more than enough for anything, 2 cores 1,4ghz can go as fast as 4 cores 1,4ghz in user spectrum and can provide same smoothness and speed in android OS, just try to compare sgs3 CM10 with sgs2 CM10, it will be the same

  19. Samsung .. its not good to test a consumers patience!! its the consumer who has made u the TOP brand across whole world…and by far S2 has revolutionized your status not only in mobile industry but in complete electronics industry…! IT HAS BOUGHT HUGE AMOUNT OF TRUST FACTOR AND BRAND VALUE TO YOUR PRODUCTS.!!! So better be loyal to your consumers.. shell out an update for SGS2 across the globe at one shot.. not region wise!

  20. nexus will be my next cellphone, for its up-to-date system

  21. Android 4.2 dropped onto my Nexus 7 Overnight in the UK. So I would think that Galaxy Nexus would be the same and have OTA?
    iechyd da

  22. Samsung shit!!

  23. you know what thinmg i hate about android that , suppose iphone launch update it will come on all phone and if android launch update it will com on nexus then on this phone on that phone and after this thing also first in this country then this country……bro this is not fair………………………..

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