Samsung to update the Galaxy S III to Android 4.1.2 soon

Remember we tweeted about Android 4.1.2 for the Galaxy S III… Today website confirmed Android 4.1.2 for the Galaxy S III is almost ready.
Samsung will update the Galaxy S III to Android 4.1.2 according to our insiders will Samsung do this in December. Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean would have one new feature the Galaxy S III called Multi-Window.
This feature has been used for the Galaxy Note II and will be used in the Galaxy Note with Android 4.1.2 (Jelly Bean) too.

For those who wants to know how they can see what is Android 4.1.1 and what is Android 4.1.2 see below.
4.0.3 = I9300XXA
4.0.4 = I9300XXB
4.1 = I9300XXC (Not been used by Samsung)
4.1.1 = I9300XXD
4.1.2 = I9300XXE

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  1. All update news for GS3. where’s JB for your honor GS2. If you don’t update GS2 without any reasons. i’ll never buy any Samsung mobile. noly Nexus.

  2. Samsung will update the S2 in Q4 2012, since its still Q4 you should shut up and wait.

  3. OK . SORRY Samsung /Steef
    BTW, you have a GS3 right?

  4. good news I`m happily waiting for 4.1.2 :D S3 international owner, thanks for multi-window,
    I think it`s cool new feature for samsung high end class users. I hope full screen gallery pictures/photo viewing will be again activated too :) Anyhow S3 is really cool more longer I`m using it more I can feel it, comparing also with other mobiles, this phone Rocks!

  5. Great news!

    But I’m still waiting for 4.1.1 update for my S3.

  6. I m still waiting for s2 update yaar its tooooooooooooo much update coming in Q3 Q4…..

  7. I’m also waiting for 4.1.1 update for Hong Kong unbrand version

  8. im still waiting official jb 4.1.2 release for samsung galaxy note N7000… :(

  9. Hope they will update SIII to 4.2

  10. @SHKUDO

    I have a Galaxy S2, S3 and Note 10.1 so I have to wait too ;).

  11. November it is for s2, but could it be the last days of November? xD Hope its gona be a jump to 4.1.2 or even 4.2 :grins:

  12. Yo, Steef the beef, maybe you should practice some speech restraint boy. It is Q4 – wake up bro. December will be gone in about 6 weeks. Maybe Samsung is busy with one hand preoccupied with something else. Chilled out.

  13. The world would be so great if NOBODY would announce any updates! Because no one could nag or cry or pity himself for not getting the update on time!

    In the future it would be grate to disable comments on news regarding Samsung Updates!

  14. Anyone waiting for S2 updates to 4.1 don’t be surprise if the update will be moved to Q1 2013 because Samsung might not gave sold that much of S3 as media reported. Otherwise why do they emphasize the updates on S3 still, even when they have rolled out some updates for S3 already. It should be S2 by now and the rest of the compatible phones getting 4.1.1 and then rolled out 4.1.2 for the latest phones. That is fairer for consumers all round and none will not feel that they are being neglected.

  15. Damijanz, that is the way to go. Operation silence. I agree on this one from consumer point of view. But it is negative for Samsung especially when they need to stir up market to boost sales. Media is everything.

  16. @ BeyongGalaxy

    Maybe you should have read this thread earlier so you would have known that my actions were towards a swearing person (but the ***** were deleted). That said, Q4 isn’t over unless it’s januari 1st. But even if Samsung decides to upgrade the S2 to 4.1 in januari they do a very good job in comparison to other OEM’s. How many devices did HTC upgrade to Android 4.1? or Motorola, or Sony, or LG etc etc. OEM’s shouldnt upgrade their devices, just leave em the way they. That would mean people won’t get irritated of waiting or suprises like poor battery life. Would make life easier haha.

  17. I’m not really happy still I’m using ICS in my GS3 jb is far away and they talking about 4.1.2 shut the F**k up Samsung …treat your customers like apple treating their customers…will never buy Samsung again fed up now can’t wait anymore-:(( India

  18. Soon = December?

    More than a month….and it’s just a minor update, not the 5.0 or whatever.

  19. @ibladar First of all JB updates are already in India, check firmware files.

    Second thing I wanna mention, coming here just to tell us that you will change from Samsung to Apple would make me tell you that no body cares.

    Last thing I wanna say, Changing from a company to another just because updates were kinda late is kinda dumb, sorry for that but why waiting for an update to improve my mobile while it’s already working good?! so either you wait like everyone is waiting or just change without telling us, Again, no body cares.

  20. And still no 4.1.1 update for S2

  21. One month to upgrade the galaxy s3, and the galaxy s2 , when ? we are in the middle of november

  22. I m waiting official jb 4.1.2 release for samsung galaxy note N7000 (Italy)

  23. And the dump S2 buyer has no JB 4.1.1? Samsung sucks so hard, I never buy any Samsung Mobile anymore only Nexus and when i´t´s from Samsnug, i skip this! Hire more worker or Samsung will see how fast they can fall as Nokia! Just a Warning for the future …

  24. hello dear friends if you really want update lets sue samsung for lying consumer..not giving update in time..i have sold my note..and now i am back to nokia….better than the best..
    so if you really wnat update sue against samsung …

  25. First of all, for all of you winning about updates.
    If when you bought a samsung (not nexus) you thought that you where getting all the updates with little or no time of waiting, let me tell you just one thing. Bad choice in buying an android BASED phone.
    If you wanted quick updates for android, buy an ANDROID PHONE (all the nexus), otherwise you may, or may not, get updates 6 month to 1 year after an android branch is released to ANDROID PHONES(nexus). Or even better, NEVER!!!! (That’s for you SII owners).

    However, if you’re on ICS and really, really, REALLY want JB, just flash a JB release on your phone. Works perfectly. I’m from Portugal and i’m using the latest firmware for I9300 (India at the time)..

    That said. cheers mates!!

  26. Nice comment.
    And I’ll certainly flash 4.1.2 when it reaches here.
    Flashed 4.1.1 no problem so smooth.
    Why should I wait if it’s here.

  27. 悲催的中国在还在等4.1.1

  28. You guys are talking about 4.1.2 update in SIII. Well I hvnt received update for JB in India. Noob samsung.

  29. lol because you’re from noob India. Hahaha, I can’t stop laughing.

  30. where is 4.1.1 update for sII !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. cant wait

  32. some tabs are still waiting for 4.0.4.

  33. I just hope they fix the “Removed Car Mode” problem






  35. I have an Samsung galaxy S3 and still waiting for Jelly Bean 4.1.1.

    Why did rolling The Update for S3 Stopped !???

  36. Samsung when you fix the problem in 4.1.1 , there are a lots of problems. Bug in contants when open, when call, stay watch and more. Your updates is so late,hurry up. I was s 1 and s2 , now s3 and hire another problems , too slow update coming.If you not correct problem with updates and softwares i never buy next samsung phones , any more.

  37. please update samsung galaxy 2 too!

  38. @ModyDante…. Ok Mr. If the updates are already available then why don’t I see them either on keis nor is it available OTA?

    Just because you are commenting on a forum doesn’t make you a geek or anything better.. So you better think twice before you call ppl dumb. Going by your words I could have stuck to my old Samsung galaxy s2 or any other mobile without having to upgrade to something better cause it already worked fine.. (IT JUST PROVES HOW STUPUD YOU ARE.. YOU NOOB) So do you mean to say buying new things or wanting to upgrade is dumb? And it doesn’t bother me if you care or not cause your just another idiot working in a shift round the clock answering ppl over the forums.. And that’s your job not myn.. So deal with it BITCH..!

  39. @Damijanz…well said-:))

  40. Damn Samsung yet not received the jelly bean update 4.1.1 in India and they are talking about 4.1.2. First try to update all to 4.1.1 then should dream about any other thing.
    we were said the update will be available from September its mid November now still waiting for the update.

    I am completely frustrated with Samsung.

  41. Jellybean 4.1.2 really great update..multitasking window work fine. Awesome galery…update to it alast night. (S3 international..malaysia.)

  42. Waiting for 4.1.1 update in Nigeria.

  43. Samsung not organize when it comes to updating. Finish with 4.1.1 for those who are yet to get it before releasing 4.1.2.

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