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Samsung UK confirmed Jelly Bean updates for the Galaxy S III

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Samsung UK just confirmed on their on Facebook page about Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean Update for the Galaxy S III.
Samsung UK confirmed the update will come out in this month.
Sadly they could not give any kind of  information if the firmware updates are for the operators or for the public version.
Lets hope we will see the updates soon,  So we don’t have to wait longer again!

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Thanks Lewis.  

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26 comments on “Samsung UK confirmed Jelly Bean updates for the Galaxy S III

  1. rescc 2 years ago said:

    nothing new is it ? They said it will be out in October in Early September so just repeating what was said.
    An update would be useful if it said it was coming out on a specific date

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  2. leerock360 2 years ago said:

    Theres still 16 days left in this month hopefully they dont make us wait until the 31st

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  3. leerock360 2 years ago said:

    I could bet my mortage that it does notcome out again this month and they ll say next it will be out in november. Very poor.

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  4. John Doe 666 2 years ago said:

    lets make a news out of a my fart shall we ?!

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  5. skmusthaq 2 years ago said:

    What about S-2 Jelly Bean…It’s too late…

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  6. oscar8411 2 years ago said:

    Come on!!! I´ve waiting for jelly bean update since September… too slow!!!

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  7. vmau 2 years ago said:

    It should be 4.1.2 because it has been a long time since August, come on Samsung!

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  8. ashishshah612 2 years ago said:

    wht about galaxy note n7000

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  9. lduberti 2 years ago said:

    rumors rumors and more rumors, is not serious

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  10. sferg410 2 years ago said:

    I just got update 4.1.2 OTA for my Galaxy Nexus…. The joys of not being tied to Sumsung..

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  11. spejs 2 years ago said:

    It’s really boring those promises and rumours from Samsung .. My Nexus 7 got 4.1.2. update on Saturday and my SGS3 can’t get JB after few monts? Just bullshit about it. I’m starting to be really angry.

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  12. paolo1686 2 years ago said:

    This is VERY frustrating. if nexus will release a new phone I’ll sell this s3 crap and buy that without thinking twice. High End phones, and specially flagship ones, should get updates promptly. Customers are buying these products thinking that it will have all the good stuff in it.

    Apple did release a crappy Os lately but at least customers didn’t wait that long for the updates.

    I recon this will be the reason for Samsung downfall if things won’t change.

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  13. Monoclonal26 2 years ago said:

    All these comments annoy me…

    Why should they upgrade the old devices at the same time as the newly released devices? They run a business – their business is to sell phones… Not everyone is a tech head like most of us. They want a nice phone with nice features. Most probably never know about – or know how to update their phone. And what better way to get these people is to entice them with new ‘features’ in a new phone.

    Do you expect your LED TV company to provide you with software to make it 3D .. No why would they. If you want 3D you buy a new TV.

    The same goes with phones. You buy them for that they have today – and not what they MIGHT get in the future. And it is only natural that an older device is down the pecking line and will get an upgrade at a later date than the newer devices…

    Common Sense people and a bit of realistic thinking rather than ME ME ME.

    If you want the latest – buy the latest otherwise just wait your turn.
    Apple does one version a year. Jelly Bean was launched mid year and we have K-Whatever coming soon a few months later. Be grateful for what you have – and the features you will have when you do get it.

    S3 will be first .. then S2 – it amazes me that the S2 guys demand a new version at the same time – or before the S3 … sheesh.

    Be thankful you don’t get the ‘latest version’ with all the goodies ripped out giving you a new version number by none of the features like iOS.

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  14. xarfrost 2 years ago said:

    You could always flash a Jellybean ROM if your legs cant wait, its fully functional. I considered and did one myself, but rather I want an official one. Really your choice. Hope s2 Jelly bean will be out soon :)

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  15. sam10102539 2 years ago said:

    S2 JB Update Coming October or November or you LIE!!!

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  16. BeyongGalaxy 2 years ago said:

    I think Samasung have just given up on us all. By the way, as I am typing this comment the in this box, it is still buggy. The touch screen does not response well even on Note2.

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  17. stoolzo 2 years ago said:

    I really don’t get all this bitching an moaning either, its coming you inpatient morons. If you are that desperate get yourself onto XDA and install a cooked ROM, i’ve been running JB for two months in various guises.

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  18. mr71mb0 2 years ago said:

    I wouldn’t buy a non Google device again. PITA waiting for the updates.

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  19. blaisecardoz 2 years ago said:

    jelly bean for sg2 please….

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  20. willgare 2 years ago said:

    Will everyone quit whinging, whats wrong with ICS there is no huge difference. Go get a Nexus if your so concerned. Jeez man get a life!

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  21. kedarsubedi 2 years ago said:

    I am really tired checking update since september.

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  22. Tufftoad 2 years ago said:

    Those people who have had Samsung devices should know better as Samsung aren’t doing anything different then before.

    As Samsung sell more and more devices, there will be more and more complaints/whinging. Eventually those that care about updates more than the device will move on.

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  23. amstradeu 2 years ago said:

    For the meantime you can use JB poland it works in uk anyway. I would wait for the final uk JB update and hopefully it comes with multi view and photo gallery tweak like the GN2.

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  24. weebugger 2 years ago said:

    Out for 3 UK today (18th) , O2 releasing 19th…its here finally, at least for some of us

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  25. ronj999 2 years ago said:

    great i have the gt-i9300 sim free and my service supplier is 3 so no update for me ravi

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  26. Mattyjc 2 years ago said:

    Hi all, how do i know if my S3 is unlocked or branded?. I brought it from the Carphone warehouse like normal with a contract and an Orange sim. Cheers, Matt.

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