Galaxy S III Mini Specs and Images (Update with live picture)

If Mobile Geeks source is correct, we’re looking at the Galaxy S III mini. The phone resembles the original Galaxy S III but has a smaller form factor. On the hardware side, Galaxy S mini has 4-inch Super AMOLED WVGA display, 1GHz U8420 dual-core CPU, 1GB RAM, Android 4.1 OS, 5MP camera, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, 16GB internal memory, GPS, NFC, 1500mAh battery, microSD slot.

The Galaxy S III mini will be announced tomorrow in Germany.

GsmHelpdesk posted some live picture of the Galaxy S III Mini…

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  1. Too bad, not the same specs as the normal S III in a smaller housing. I would like a powerhouse in a bit smaller packaging than the S III. My S II is already quite big for my taste, but I got used to it. I don’t want to go even bigger, but I do want to upgrade on other specs like processing power, memory and screen resolution.

  2. the size of the s3.. is the perfect size for me..!
    this s3 mini..! hamm….

  3. Tell me again why I would buy this S3 Mini over an S2?

  4. People need to realize that this isn’t a high end device and it isn’t even on the level of s2. If they had made it as good as the original s3 it would probably just have hurted their sales. I’d see it as the next galaxy s though it doesn’t seem to be much better than the advance in terms of hardware.

  5. ste U8420? What’s this?

  6. as it’s wvga? 800×480? is it at least amoled plus then?
    The S2 is better then this.
    First samsung use their galaxy name in low end products now they are using the full ‘galaxy s’ in mid range products.
    Did they not learn from Htc ruining their ‘desire’ branding.

    It’s still a good mid range phone if priced correctly but we ‘S3 is a tad too big’ customers are disappointed.
    Pinning my hopes on the galaxy nexus 2.

  7. Sam just don’t listen well to consumers or their marketting skill is reslly bad.

  8. Their firmware developing skills are just as bad. How long are we waiting for jb 4.1 for the s3 now ? The s4 will be out before jb.4.1.1 for s3. Absolute joke.

  9. I don’t get it why samsung is doing so many devices and get people frustrated with updates. What is the point that we have s2 and s3 mini and probably soon the rumored s2+? Nokia was criticized about too many devices and now samsung does the same mistake. Probably very nice to update all those devices to newest android version in future…

  10. I feel shame owning that real SIII didnt got updated to jelly bean and other cheap models are launching with JB.

    It seems more concentration on Note II and other models because:

    “SIII is now old and so much sold”

  11. dear we r waiting for 4.1 and Google launched advanced update 4.1.2.

  12. Good idea!!!! I sold my S3 because of the big size

  13. Hello Jelly Bean for Samsung galaxy note when?

  14. too bad… Galaxy S should be only high range, I still own a SII, because the SIII is way to big, so i was waiting for the SIII mini, but now I’m starting looking other brands…

  15. Why is Samsung taking so long with JB for the S3 (supposed flagship phone) when they had the same time to work on it as their newly released phones that do have JB? Very disappointed with them right now. No doubt when the next version of android is released, all of these phones will be in waiting (as the GS3 is right now even as popular as it was and still is) as Samsung will only be looking towards their unreleased products again if history repeats.

  16. when a leak for the Galaxy S2 JB ?????????????

  17. @pgehlot…. Android 4.1.2 is purely minor bugfixes and a landscape mode for Nexus 7… no big deal for other devices.
    Samsung promised JB for oktober on S3… and Oktober is FAR from over, so just be patient.
    The Galaxy Brand has always been the Samsung brand name for Android devices, never was it in any form for HIGH END phones alone.
    - Galaxy-series = Android OS

  18. cont.
    - WAVE-series = BADA OS
    - OMNIA-Series = Windows Phone 7
    - ATIV series = Windows RT and Windows Phone 8

    With the exeption of the Nexus range… wich is basicly a Google phone that Samsung build for Google.

  19. Cont.
    The Samsung Galaxy SIII mini is still a powerhouse for it’s size.. it is better than the Galaxy Ace 2 … you could see it as the entry level High end phone or at least the top of the line mid-range.

  20. For the most part I use my Note. But I have some jeans where a smaller phone like the Mini will be better. I like to have this as my second phone.

  21. No update sw To Future os SURE


  23. I think the samsung is making fool, compare this so called new SIII MINI with S ADVANCE, the features and specs, except the JB, everything remains almost same.
    Then what is the meaning of launching same device with new name?
    Is it a samsung`s strategy too to give OLD WINE IN NEW BOTTOLE?

  24. I have 4.1.1 on S3 but nothing big compared to 4.0.4, so do not wait for small changes.
    I think too S3 mini has to be better than 5MP camera, as this is step back compared to S2

  25. oh, looks like chinese copy of SGS3… XD

  26. R u f*ckin kiddin me? Sammyve had official JB for SGS3 for like 20 days now.
    If u r waiaing for the specific update in ur own country – well then u’d have to wait.
    That doesn’t mean that if u get a note2 things will be faster – u’d still have to wait for the same time till the next update, so what’s the difference anyway?
    Oh and btw, please stop thinking of note2 as a replacement. It is NOT a phone and/or replacement of the SGS3, its a total different class of device. For those who insist that it’s a phone – please get it out of ur pocket and dial my number, using just 1 hand. Then putting it next to your ear to talk just makes u look ridiculous.
    Hint: Odin is your friend :-)

  27. All I can say its ridiculous to have too many device and the others being left behind… what happened to the S3 update??? This is so pathetic Samsung. You make devices to age fast!! your devices are great but your update sucks!! Very slow and frustrating…. why dont you release just one model at a time and update the ones you already have?? Instead of making devices in cheap materials, mini version and others with the most recent firmware… This is getting frustrating in the part of us consumers who bought the one we think that will serve as a flagship phone… but now what?? its being overtaken by other pathetic models you have!

  28. I’b prefer to buy an S II instead of this, it’s cheaper and probably better :-) By the way I love my SGS III ;-)

  29. xTz, you think too much. And if it is not a phone then why built phone function into it? Huuumm.. You must be one of those teenage geek because you can not spell for one. And moreever your English is fullly broken.

    ” u f*ckin kiddin me? Sammyve had official JB for SGS3 for like 20 days now.” I recommend that the word “like” should be replaced by “about”

    this must be teenage American English.

  30. This is the perfect phone size IMO but why the low-res screen and average CPU? I was really exited about the S3 mini before the announcement but now I wont be getting one after all.

  31. How do we call these gadgets today? Does it still goes by “Smartphone”? Or are there other names for it? Is SIII a tablet? What about Note II? What classification do these gadgets fall into?

  32. More Than S3Mini Is S3S Same Apple 4S.

  33. S Normal
    S Mini
    S nano
    S pico
    S on The all SCALE.

  34. If it has the same HDPI resolution that S3 has…then there will be more things on the Screen than on S2 screen.

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