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Confirmed GT-I9260 ”Galaxy Nexus II” will have a 8 megapixel camera

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According to our friends over at AllAboutSamsung (German Samsung blog)  the new GT-I9260 will use a 8 megapixel camera.
They discovered this thanks to some leaked picture on Picasa with the full details of the camera and firmware.
Samsung posted this with test firmware I9260XXALJ1 a picture with resolution 2448×3264.

We of SamMobile reported a couple of months ago the specification of the next ”Galaxy Nexus”
The rumoured specifications from our side were a 8 megapixel camera, SD card, 16GB, 1.5 dual-core and 4.65” Super AMOLED HD screen.
Samsung has plans to ship this device  begin December to the retailers.


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10 comments on “Confirmed GT-I9260 ”Galaxy Nexus II” will have a 8 megapixel camera

  1. admin 2 years ago said:

    I’d like that :D

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  2. Kc_Nirvana 2 years ago said:

    Is it really “Nexus II”???
    Google now want MicroSD cards in their phones??

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  3. byakuya 2 years ago said:

    hmm a dual core 1.5 Ghz ?????? while the Nexus manufactured by LG is a quad core snapdragon S4 pro…….

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  4. descargaasaco 2 years ago said:

    With a DUAL core A9 processor I guess the retail price won’t be higher than 350€

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  5. Ironmit 2 years ago said:

    wait…the only thing that is confirmed is the camera?
    The processor is still a rumour? Heres hoping to a better processor and GPU… i’m not getting this if its using A9.
    did samsung not make a ’1.7GHz Cortex-A15 dual-core, WQXGA resolution, Mali-T604 GPU’ what device is that for?? S4? Nexus please!!

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  6. tpo1990 2 years ago said:

    I can easily settle for a dual core, even though I now have gotten used to the quad core of the galaxy s3. Lets hope that the dual core is faster than the old dual core phones.

    As long the software is optimized to run smooth with the hardware, you can not even tell the difference.

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  7. tpo1990 2 years ago said:

    I agree with Ironmit

    Could be cool with a 1.7 ghz dual core Cortex-A15 though the odds are greatest at a Cortex-A9

    In the end it does not matter with all the processing power, if the software is not optimized. Thumbs up to Samsung for improving in that field. ;-)

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  8. bl30 2 years ago said:

    Nexus ? with MicroSD ? fake u_u

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  9. doom1 2 years ago said:

    I don’t believe that Google understand stupidity of one of the Apple’s “invention”: removed card slot. So it is obvious that this is NOT Nexus!

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