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Samsung denies Galaxy S IV Launch in March

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Not so surprising isn’t it? After the Galaxy S IV report that spread faster than a wildfire, Samsung via their Twitter account decided to clear the air. Samsung dismisses by saying the Galaxy S IV rumor is “simply not true.”

The report claimed Samsung to reveal the Galaxy S IV at Mobile World Congress in Spain and would start selling the device in March.


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3 comments on “Samsung denies Galaxy S IV Launch in March

  1. hugoboss 2 years ago said:

    if they would release s4 in march, would be the most stupid thing samsung could do. S3 on the air ;D

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  2. omer101982 2 years ago said:

    back camera 12 or 13 mp and front camera 3.15 mp 5- inch batery no 2500mA have 3000mA and procesor have 2.0 GHz

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  3. m_yousufi 2 years ago said:

    At this time no need to launch any device (like S4)
    Samsung need to make a amazing stronger OS for S3 . Than Samsung number 1, because
    Samsung hardware number 1
    OS can be improve

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