Official Jelly Bean update arriving for Galaxy S III in October & Galaxy S II in November

Samsung Denmark has just confirmed that Official Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update for the Samsung Galaxy S III GT-I9300 will arrive in October. They have also confirmed that the Samsung Galaxy S II GT-I9100 will get the official Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update in November.

We were expecting the official Jelly Bean update for the Samsung Galaxy S III this week but now we have to wait till October. We are getting Samsung Android 4.1 Jelly Bean TEST firmware leaks for the Galaxy S III almost everyday so if you really want to try out Jelly Bean then keep an eye on our SamFirmware Page.

The table below is from Samsung Denmark’s Facebook page, the table also gives some info about other Samsung devices as well.

Devices Current Upcoming                          Provisional Date
Galaxy S III 4.0 4.1 October/November
Galaxy S II 4.0 4.1 November
Galaxy S II LTE 2.3 4.0 Q4 2012
Galaxy S 2.3.3 2.3.6 October/November 2012
Galaxy S+ 2.3.6 No Information
Galaxy Tab 8.9 3.2 4.0 No Information
Galaxy Tab 8.9 LTE 3.2 4.0 No Information
Galaxy Tab 10.1 3.2 4.0 Q4
Galaxy Tab 7.7 3.2 4.0 September/October 2012
Galaxy Note 4.0 No Information
Galaxy Note 10.1 4.0 No Information
Galaxy Xcover 2.3.6 No Information
Galaxy Nexus 4.1 No Information
Galaxy Mini 2.3.5 No Information
Galaxy Gio 2.3.6 No Information
Galaxy R 4.0 No Information
Galaxy Z 2.3 4.0 No Information
Galaxy Y 2.3 No Information
Galaxy W 2.3.6 No Information
Omnia W 7.10.8107.7 No Information
Wave Bada 2.0 No Information
Wave 2 Bada 1.2 Bada 2.0 No Information
Wave 3 Bada 2.0 No Information
Wave 575 Bada 2.0 No Information
Wave 723 Bada 1.2 Bada 2.0 No Information


(Source: Samsung Denmark Facebook)

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  1. yes samsungs are fucking idiots october november but 2013 or 2014…

  2. Delay For Old Devices


  3. And for info..hahaha
    It was officially announced at IFA 2012 about jb for note…

  4. and for Galaxy Tab 7.0+? lol.. whew, yay my GS2 getting Jelliebeeeeeeeeeeeen.

  5. If this is true, then I will not be happy with Samsung. I bought the Galaxy S3 the first week it was released and this is how they repay me and the 20 million other buyers. They manage to offer Jelly Bean with the new Galaxy S3 LTE and Note 2, yet didn’t think to work on Jelly Bean at the same time for their most popular device – good way to piss off loyal customers you pricks.

  6. Still not trusted, because no note information.

  7. Infact i hate samsung mobile in update case.
    It sucks really….
    If u cant update your sets..plz give it to google they will update as nexus is getting update..
    Dear friens is there any way to get update via google for galaxy note…

  8. If that’s the truth, then we can really be disappointed.
    It seemed like Samsung would have improved the update policy,
    but if this informations are serious, then all this was nothing but a ridiculous show.

  9. I NEED JELLY BEAN!!!!!!!!!

  10. First August, then September and now October/November? Screw you Samsung!

  11. hmmm waiting waiting and again waiting. for JB on s3 .:/

  12. I’ve sold my HOX for SGS3. And now this is how samsung repay me. Good bye samsung. Looking for iPhone now. They treat their customer very well even the price simply not worthy.

  13. sorry to post this but , i own iPad and iPhone. When the update comes it is global and same time

  14. It’d be great to see other devices, e.g. Ace 2 and Advance, etc. However it’s still comforting to see that Sammy hasn’t fully forgotten about its SGSII buyers.

  15. Samsung leci w chuja strasznie :3
    Too late ;/ S3 i a high-end, they should made it few months ago…

  16. What about S II (GT-I9100G) !!!!???

  17. What does that means? Galaxy S has a current 2.3.3 version and will be 2.3.6? There was a 2.3.6 stock rom already??

  18. haha i bet it’s 2013! xD

  19. this joke

  20. soon will come october or november of 2013 :D

  21. I knew it!… Happy to be an owner of a nexus :)

  22. So it’s Oct 2013. LOL

  23. I don’t get why so many people are upsaet with Samsung over this. There was never an official statement up to now! All we ever had was so-called “Insider-Information” from oh so reliable sources. be pissed at the bloggers that spread the false hope, not Samsung! I will agree that it was cold of the Samsung Spokesperson to have said “Very Soon” at IFA, as people will interpret that pretty much however they want (2 days? 2 weeks? etc…). So, Very Soon meant 4-6 weeks to Samsung BIG DEAL. Are you so unhappy with 4.0.4 that your life depends on getting 4.1? Simply enjoy the S3 as it is still an amazing device, even with this announcement. Even in October Samsung will be the first manufacturers updating their mobile phones….

    just my 2 cents….

  24. fuck to samsung

  25. I thought this coming week? What happen to you samsung? If you want to be the number one please in mobile and tablet industry on this planet please give your customer what they want and just promise… we want as soon as possible otherwise some previous fruit phone user will go back to rotten fruit..

  26. I really don´t understand (despite my bad english).
    Samsung this, Samsung that…
    I prefer a stable system, nor a patched one with erros and/or buggy.
    My phone works perfectly and I can survive a month without JB.

  27. Finally some guarantee for JB on s II! And all you ungrateful pricks with your 700€ should just stfu! If you want immediate updates get a nexus. Tbh samsung is doing surprisingly well with the updates and if you can’t live a few months w/o JB than you have some serious issues.

  28. new OTA for Jelly Bean for the Galaxy SIII is from Trinidad and Tobago, has not the red triangle, is the officer? … as always will be available shortly firmware

  29. if jb is so important to u all then sort your sad boring lives out. im using LI5 on my s3 since it was leaked. im happy with it as a daily driver. sad pathetic losers. just be patient for fuck sake. at least your getting an update soon.

  30. you guys are such idiots!! stop blaming Samsung for this! If they roll out the update in October it will still be the 1st Phone (beside Nexus) to have JB!! And maybe it’s Googles fault too, because they are going to present the new Nexus Phones and they don’t want to have a competitive with Jelly Bean running?
    Btw: you simpleminded guys (those who are complaining) wouldn’t even notice the difference within the system.

  31. Let count down! that not easy men.

  32. “you guys are such idiots!! stop blaming Samsung for this! If they roll out the update in October it will still be the 1st Phone (beside Nexus) to have JB!! And maybe it’s Googles fault too, because they are going to present the new Nexus Phones and they don’t want to have a competitive with Jelly Bean running?
    Btw: you simpleminded guys (those who are complaining) wouldn’t even notice the difference within the system. ”

    I completely agree – especially about not noticing the difference (but they want it because they’ve heard that it’s the latest and the greatest :) )

  33. trinidad and tobago “UBDLI1″ official Jelly bean galaxy SIII for latin america!

    soure : !

  34. I just dont Get You guys blaming Samsung. Think of The Damage it would make if Samsung just startet to roll out untestet firmwares because you guys were to silly to wait. GoUpdate to the test firmware like i did. IF Young cant wait. Its really stable and im really glad the guys of sammobile are willing to offer test firmwares. Good job sammobile.

  35. Keep in mind that this is Nordic (NEE firmware) release dates, that doesn’t mean the rest of the world!!!!

    The good news is there is conformation on the JB for S2!

  36. I install DLI5 but bluetooth 4 (low energy) still not working and Android File Transfer still not recognize my galaxy S3. I just wanna a bug correction, ICS or Jelly Bean wherever.

  37. I wish there was an idiot filter on this page. Not one useful comment, just people who don’t understand Android complaining that they have to wait 3 weeks longer than they thought.

    Grow up. Or go play on the swings in the park.

  38. tricky tweats sound like a bunch of fukwits….. whats the real info on that trinidad and tobago ota???? anyone

  39. Samsung need less device models to decrease the delay of Android updates.

  40. Fuck… have to wait another 4 weeks then. They have the big screen but big smart. If they really wanna copy Apple, try to copy something like how to improve customer’s experiences. Fuck.

  41. you guys are like little children wtf. there are leaks for our phone so yes we will be getting it. so what in OCT stop being a bunch of bitches.

    like little crying fags when you dont get your way. go over to any other phone and see if you ever get JB besides the nexus.

  42. love you samsung

  43. trinidad and tobago release is a test firmware. LI1 is TEST version

  44. there ALL test versions until officially released. you guys act like you cant use your phone without JB the phone is not broken without it. it will come stop being babies

  45. Makes no difference.. DLI5 is stable enough for me.. :)

  46. Love it!!! Finally.. My SGSII will taste jellybean on November..


  47. I prefer knowing my SGSII is gonna be updated even late than knowing it’s gonna be leaved. BTW I’m not gonna buy next SGS devices, I prefer to go for Ativ S.

  48. jebus. This again?

    If you’re not happy then move on. It’s as simple as that
    If you’re satisfied with the same old OS with different version then move on. It’s as simple as that

    What other phone besides the Nexus comes with JB? None. Even the Nexus for VZW still doesn’t have JB rom released through the carrier.

    I swear sometimes, people cry about the dumbest things ever. Things like why isn’t my phone getting updated 2.3.6 from 2.3.5

  49. Really …. I can’t understand some people. They are crying like little children… i thing they are Apple’s fans… so, if you wanna have a great smartphone with a great OS wait for this update otherwise go to the apple buy iphone 4, 5 and stop crying, huff and complaining about it etc…

  50. stop moaning if its that bad go and cue up for a crapple i phone 5

  51. please remember GT I9100G

  52. Once again we got bend over and ………

    Same story as ICS for my 10.1 – NOT OK!!! =(

  53. obviously these ppl moaning about JB can’t get their s3′s to switch on without it… funny that because my s3 works just fantastic with ics at the moment… i’m pleased i spent £600 pound buying one. so what if the update is in a month, if you use the leaked versions then you’ll see it isn’t all that different to ics so whats the problem??? If you wanna go spend 800 on an iphone 5 go ahead, it has a 4 inch screen (sg2 had bigger last year) it has an 8mp camera (s2 again last year) fast processor ( again sg2, albiet it had 2 of em) so if you really want to go spend your hard earned cash on last years technology then i suppose yes you are better off with an iphone 5… or you could just wait 3-4 weeks and have the latest best OS on the latest and best smartphone around…Oh and apple can release updates on time and all together because???… well, they do only have the 4g and 5 along with an ipad to update, all running the same old OS with the same old technology… Samsung however have a bloody lot more handsets to code JB for.. so hats off to samsung for 1) making sure the JB is released bug free and 2) supporting older handsets

  54. Apple this iphone 5 that , as far im aware they only update once a year and its still aload of same old tack ! In my view iphone 5 is a big failure ! I love my s3 and if i have to wait abit longer for jb then so what its still a fantastic phone with ics on it

  55. Early october? Late october(31th)? October 2012? 2013?

  56. P-7300? In January 2020?

  57. @cuidia Copy apple for customer experience? Are you insane? Apple releases newer versions with SO little improvements, have you even tried testing their new iOS 6 now? just little tweaks on the map and the loser siri and that’s it. now can you call that costumer experience?

    If you can’t wait for only a FEW weeks for JB then go preorder the new apple

  58. Some people just crack me up.
    Putting the blame on Samsung for the fact that they still don’t have JB ready for SGS 2/3 and so on.. Are you guys really that ignorant?

    Blame your fellow samsung fans who spread so called ‘insider’ information. Samsung only said “Very soon” and the way you interpret the term “very soon” is NOT their fault.

    Besides, oct is just around the corner..

    So everyone who’s being all angry at Samsung, take that stick out of your ass and be patient.. It’ll come when it comes.

    Besides, it’s not like your phone isn’t working without JB.. I mean ICS is awesome too.
    And if you’re really THAT impatient, go fondle around with the ROMS released.

    Ugh.. sorry.. had to get that out.. so many immature people out there… -_-

    OT: Yay for Samsung for coming with a statement of their own ^^.

  59. love to have jb on sgs 2….

  60. for GT-I9100G?
    RAM size 687? (too bad!)

  61. can’t just people be grateful that updates are coming? sigh…

  62. oh my god, Samsung is turning into Sony :(

  63. Well, I’m glad to know I’ll soon have the new version on my S3!

    Nevertheless, nothing for the Galaxy S2 G (9100G), and this is really unfair.

    Many people bought the 9100G without even knowing it was a “G”, and now it seems that Samsung has completely forgotten these ones.

    This will not have a good impact on Samsung marketing image, because you know, bad news goes around much quicker and have a much worse effect than good news!

    Those customers/users could even think they have been cheated by Samsung!

    Samsung should think about that!

  64. Hope that samsung will update the launcher of galaxy s2.

  65. it’s been a long wait on that JB promises started last week of august-september-october?what’s next….maybe next year.perhaps make a turn to moto nexus next time,google phones always the first ones to taste new android breeds

  66. Samsung more time delay for old devices.

  67. So roughly estimating ; if it’s Nov for I9100 then it’s probably Dec for I9100G…??? Give or take. Thank God for CyanogenMod 10/teamhacksung!

  68. It’s just inbelieveble! Why the f*** doesn’t Samsung yet release ICS or JB for Galaxy Tab 8.9 3G???

  69. The next time, I’ll see the side of Nokia and WM8.
    Samsung always late to get his ROM

  70. IPhone 5 was killed galaxy s3.

  71. You mean iPhone5 was killed by Galaxy S3, don’t you?

  72. LOL at iPhone5, I dont see anything special about it. Just a new processor, same shape, just longer, wtf? remote control style. It failed to bring down SGS3…

  73. What about GT-I9100G why you made it if you dont want update it ?????????????????

  74. @sahir84 9100G will have it. It have the TI-OMAP processor which is used on nexus even it isn’t the same model. dun worry! and it said sII it means all variant =) . Be patient! and i think there were 9100G in denmark. Maybe someone from denmark could give us an answer. =)

  75. @sahir84 9100G will have it. It have the TI-OMAP processor which is used on nexus even it isn’t the same model. dun worry! and it said sII it means all variant =) . Be patient! and i don’t think there were 9100G in denmark. Maybe someone from denmark could give us an answer. =)

  76. @greenmoose

    well said!

    I have a SGS3 and have installed the latest jelly bean test firmware, and although its not perfect it nearly is, it is very usable and I cant understand how people can complain about it.

    I am looking forward to the jelly bean release too, but its not the end of the world if it takes a few more weeks to perfect. Much better to get a smooth running OS than a rushed bug infested one.

    Patience is a virtue, good things come to those who wait.

  77. no respect for tablets from samsung…galaxy 7.0 plus is still receiving ics update n god knows when jb is gonna come for it..

  78. so, is this for international gs3 or for usa and canadian gs3, otherwise it’s going be long wait for us canadians…

  79. I love Samsung and im happy s2 will get jb… waiting

  80. What about P-7300 ?

  81. Well, now that iPhone failed to come through, I guess I am going to have to buy S3 or new Nexus. Now I am buying this not because Samsung has got A+ updates or non-buggy firmware releases. It is because they (Google) still provide options more than others (iOS). Yeah, no doubt iOS UI is still number 1, but like Samsung they are playing the same game of not releasing new software tech and hardware tech. S3 is fast, very fast and the HD screen is in my face. Samsung has got me for another year or two because I don’t think Apple is going to make their phone wider and thinner for another 3 years at least.
    And for the comments that criticised other comments for being juvenile, well they have rights yes? They bought the machine at full price so Samsung would have to provide full customer service accordingly and stop bullshitting. And this is all for the seem to be grown-up pretenders, you are not because your comments puts you at 12 years old as well, and you guys might even be teens seeing that most teens are geeks with lots of spare time and still borrowing their parents money to waste on their gadgets (like Obama said to Rommey).

  82. any message about JB for tab 7.7

  83. Galaxy S3 isn’t WORK

  84. hello friend…samsung suckss,,,,,and again,,,,,

  85. It must be a joke, isn’t it?
    SII will be update and Note no information???
    What’s going on Sam?

  86. then why promised us it will release in SEP , if u shut ur mouth its better than a promised .

  87. How about GT-I9100G?
    Is Jelly bean going to be released for this S II ?
    Please tell us about the update for this phone.

  88. iIam amazed by reading comments from iShit owners .. they are barking as if Apple gives them update daily.. go and enjoy your iShit iOs 6.. go to jungle instead of city.. have fun.. It’s all fine..let them take time and do make aastable firmware.. we don’t want our phones turned into iShit os because of instability.. iIagree Samsung is really bad when it comes to providing updates.. Samsung galaxy s and galaxy sl really deserved an ics update which wasn’t given :@ i have ics installed on my phone thanks to dheeru and others.. You can get JB even Sammy is not providing.. go xda forums live your android!

  89. waiting for SII :(

  90. We waiting for Galaxy S II.I think is better to first complete the 4.1.2 version perfect and then release it.Even if needs some delay than November.The point is to we take a perfect update from all sides ;)

  91. Io ya lo tengo instalado en mi Galaxy s 2 y me funcciona de maravilla, descargalos de esta pagina de SamMobile y los van a enviar al enlance de descarga, suerte a todos.

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