Samsung: Where is the Galaxy S II update information?

Yes, we know it.
Samsung tweeted something really strange yesterday evening…
Samsung Mobile at twitter: #GALAXYSIII, #GALAXYNote and #GALAXYNote 10.1 will get Android 4.1 Jellybean soon!
Ok we know the Galaxy S III will get Jelly Bean as many roms were leaked already, but where are the words about the Galaxy S II?
Did Samsung forgot the words about Galaxy S II? Is the update still under discussion? Is the update delayed because patent problems with Apple?

Who knows?
One thing is sure for us, when you update the Galaxy Note you are able to update the Galaxy S II too.
The tests build are fine so the problem could only be the patent problems with Apple which give delay to the updates…

Let’s hope Samsung will respond about the Jelly Bean update for the Galaxy S II.
Many people are mad, and we think they can’t live with some ”value pack” update.

For those who are mad on us because we ”lied” about the Jelly Bean updates started end this month we feel sorry.
We can’t help that Samsung isn’t ready right on time. Like you see, the updates are almost at their final stages!

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  1. I understand… waiting JB 4 SGS3 !

  2. It is possible that users pay the piper for the claim that I beat samsung apple. Jelly Bean want the Galaxy S2, it is still a high-end phone like the note 1

  3. galaxy s was also capable to run ICS and even JB (Nexus S has ICS and will have JB)

    yet samsung says it is not posible

    galaxy s == nexus s

    so stop your bullshit about test builds becaause i gues there are none and

    samsung policy is to update latest devices only as usual

  4. S2 is a high end product which is only one year earlier, it still compete to be one of the most famous most handy most capable device of it’s class..they cant miss this device it is still good enough…it is enough that this device was ranked number 1 till last may !

  5. if there are test builds, why have they not been uploaded for us to try? get them out so at least CM10 can become better than it already is and they can crack those essential bugs that need nailing.

  6. Why “#GalaxySIII , #GalaxyNote and #GalaxyNote”?
    Why galaxy note 2 times?
    Maybe some mistake and it could be GSIII,GalaxyNote And GSII?

  7. LOL
    Read again…..
    Big fail my comment……….

  8. I just wanna Fuck the insiders who confirmed earlier and made us fools now

  9. Samsung, seriously… what the fuck are you doing?

  10. If it is because of the patents then that should only affect US variants and not the international version.

  11. come on !!

  12. i dont care..

  13. The SII will get Jelly bean, so stop fretting. I really don’t care about patents and Apple and all their bullshit. No-one cares about US Patents and their crappy intellectual property. As a matter of fact, they’ve done more stealing and thieving of technologies then anyone else since post WW2, so they can basically fuck off.

    Cheer!! :)

  14. For fucks sake, what’s with the broken english on most of the news posts? Get someone to proofread that shit!

  15. 30 Augustus HAHAHA

  16. Update will come in next month


  18. 三星到底还更新S2吗?

  19. where is insider…………..

  20. All I want is JB for my GSIII, I am almost ready to install the leaked firmware, cant remember when last I wanted something so bad… just give us a new ETA.

  21. Samsung Was Fail
    If not UPDATE Old HIGH-END Devices.

  22. what shit!! tnx to u guys i bought an s2 thinking tat i will get jelly bean update …!! n what is this truly this suxxx!!

  23. its bad for s2

  24. Sorry for My poor english :d

    But i just see that in a french blog

    they told that S3 and S2 of a french telecom SFR will receive the upgrade JB at Novembre

  25. Galaxy Note 2 has already Jellybean 4.1. On show in Berlin they have presented new data and according to me it is not needed after all.

  26. Oh excuse me I read wrong, I understood that it’s control on galaxy Note 2. :)

  27. we are still waiting for Android 4.0.4. so think when we will get Jelly bean if it’s coming…. :D

  28. Samsung think if s3 get jellybean, Samsung can sale more s3 in Q4. That is the problem of s2 jellybean updade delay. Now samsung proved to support their new handset just 1 year only example s2. Next year samsung will forget update for s3 to 4.2 its true . Patent problems with Apple are crappy words of samsung. That is the samsungs business tricks…………

  29. where the fuck is the p7500 ICS? It is fucking September already.

  30. Bueno me parece una gran cagada confirmar algo tan importante y decir que nosotros los poseedores de Samsung galaxy s 2 no podemos vivir sin la actualización jelly bean! Ustedes han metido!!
    Nosotros tenemos ese deseo de actualizar el terminal inducida por sus anuncios sobre esta actualización…será mi último terminal de Samsung…
    Puta obsolescencia programada!!!

  31. wtf immao DannyD

  32. Don’t play with me samsung, I have over 15 products of your company (tv 2500e, series 9 laptop and much more) I won’t buy S3 because it is very poor quality (mask is like box for yoghurt) and I like SII very much don’t disappoint me.

  33. you sould make jelly bean update for galaxy sII like sIII

  34. JB for S2? why? ist working just fine without the JB :))))))
    give meeee JB!!!!

  35. No SII JB ?, come on!!!

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