Galaxy S III running on Jelly Bean spotted

A Mexican blog posted the first movie online about a leaked Android 4.1.1 a.k.a Jelly Bean rom for the Galaxy S III.
The rom is in BETA fase. everything works fine but it is not final.
Samsung want to update their Galaxy S III end of August begin September.
It is good to see Samsung is almost done!

Below the movie from

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  1. GET THAT LEAK!!!! not that i have an s3… but i’ve got an s2… anyways… get it!!! (if you can)

  2. come on sammobiles, give us a leak :D

  3. Leak for S2 please… CM10 without working HW composer sucks :D

  4. what’s the diffrence with ics? less battery drain?

  5. I want it!!! where is it???? lol

  6. all we need is someone to make a cwm backup for that.
    that way we can all test the fw and see if there are any bugs that samsung can fix before final release.

  7. Difference with ICS?? I have a galaxy nexus too, with 4.1.1, and here no are “big” difference. But is more fluid, better perfomance and notorius better functions, mostly in the notification bar and the transitions. Is better.
    Where is the link for this rom. This guy is very selfish!! Why don’t share the file link?? Come on!!
    @Radeonxt, you’re right.

  8. Link 4 download?

  9. i hate touchwiz :(

  10. link???

  11. share link download…please….

  12. he is not shellfish hehe selfish.
    maybe he isn’t allowed to share the actual rom right?
    maybe he was only allowed to show just a vid so as to keep people talking and at least let them know they are not waiting for nothing.

  13. I want Jelly Bean for the Samsung Galaxy Note!

  14. nos encantan la variedad y excelentes smartphones que desarrolla samsung, pero si nos gustaría ver un cambio en la interfaz del touchwiz ya que ha vuelto algo muy monótono en el entorno del teléfono para que lo tomen en cuenta principalmente en la apariencia…

    We love the variety and excellent smartphone developed by Samsung, but if you would like to see a change in the TouchWiz interface as it has become very monotonous in the environment of the phone to take into account mainly on the appearance…

  15. It looks like the default browser isn’t a CHROME….:-)

  16. lol i watched it and i feel like i under stand what his saying xD

  17. Looks like a leak will be out any day now….

  18. Thank you for providing me more information about Samsung Galaxy S3

  19. that its an black Galaxy S3?

  20. that its an black Galaxy S3?

  21. that its an black Galaxy S3? please leak this rom.

  22. I patiently wait why because my current Galaxy S3 on ice cream sandwich is the BEST SMARTPHONE ON THE MARKET PERIOD. All jellybean might do is bring more speed to my already industry leading Galaxy S3…

  23. I Want JB For S2 With Nature UI to Official Rom Please .
    I Want no DoubleStandard UI between S2 And S3
    Because UI ICS S2 and S3 is Different UI
    -S2 tw4.0 its same GB2.3 and Galaxy S1.
    -S3 come with Nature UI its New and Very Smooth.
    This is DoubleStandard of Samsung Mobile.
    Please Change it Fairly.

  24. Thank You For Imformation.

  25. I still runing CM10. Very stable. I hope the offcial Rom can improve the bettery.

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