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New firmware Galaxy S III brings search function back

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It looks like Samsung fixed the search problem in a new kind of update for the Galaxy S III.
Samsung removed the search function in firmware update I9300XXBLG6. (patent apple???)
But since today BTU Open United Kingdom Galaxy S III owners are able to update their Galaxy S III device to firmware I9300XXBLG8.
This update brings back the search function to your Galaxy S III.

You can update your device by OTA (5MB) or Samsung KIES and of course ODIN for the die-hard Samsung fan.
Go to the firmware page if you want to use ODIN.

Details about the firmware: I9300XXBLG8
Release date Samsung KIES: 2012-07-26

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9 comments on “New firmware Galaxy S III brings search function back

  1. hrone13 3 years ago said:

    hope another region no need to update twice like this.

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  2. BeyongGalaxy 3 years ago said:

    going coming…going…coming….make your mind up will ya.

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  3. Tricky103 3 years ago said:

    The search function was available on LG6 it just wouldn’t search locally, i.e for a contact (whilst typing).

    ^ LG6

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  4. traibel 3 years ago said:

    The firmware is very nice.
    What is this for a homescreen with fire?

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  5. hteles 3 years ago said:

    great news for those who don’t live in United states of Applemerica. #BoycottApple

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  6. singo_mumeth 3 years ago said:

    nice…agree to boycotapple

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  7. jinerpil1 3 years ago said:

    when i tried to attach by clicking the pda, i dont see any tar.md5 file. but the file is present in the desktop. please help me out..

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