New firmware Galaxy S III brings search function back

It looks like Samsung fixed the search problem in a new kind of update for the Galaxy S III.
Samsung removed the search function in firmware update I9300XXBLG6. (patent apple???)
But since today BTU Open United Kingdom Galaxy S III owners are able to update their Galaxy S III device to firmware I9300XXBLG8.
This update brings back the search function to your Galaxy S III.

You can update your device by OTA (5MB) or Samsung KIES and of course ODIN for the die-hard Samsung fan.
Go to the firmware page if you want to use ODIN.

Details about the firmware: I9300XXBLG8
Release date Samsung KIES: 2012-07-26

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  1. hope another region no need to update twice like this.

  2. going coming…going…coming….make your mind up will ya.

  3. The search function was available on LG6 it just wouldn’t search locally, i.e for a contact (whilst typing).

    ^ LG6

  4. The firmware is very nice.
    What is this for a homescreen with fire?

  5. great news for those who don’t live in United states of Applemerica. #BoycottApple

  6. nice…agree to boycotapple

  7. when i tried to attach by clicking the pda, i dont see any tar.md5 file. but the file is present in the desktop. please help me out..

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