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HOT: Casing problems Galaxy S III under guarantee

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Samsung Benelux told that they wil investigate all problems of the Galaxy S III according the casing problems.
Samsung will repair all phones under guarantee.
Because the reason is still a question will Samsung investigate every phone.

We asked an hour ago how many people have the same problem.
In only one hour we got 20 retweets.
Let us know if you have the same problem and what Samsung told you after you dropped the phone of at the repair center.

The Galaxy S III is Samsung latest HIGH-END smartphone at the moment with a huge 4.8 SUPER AMOLED HD screen and a Quad-Core processor.


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17 comments on “HOT: Casing problems Galaxy S III under guarantee

  1. saubhagya013 3 years ago said:

    I had a similar problem in my galaxy s2 ….. And still having this problem in my galaxy note …hope samsung does something to note also and s2 as well these were also flagship models.

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  2. Vickylife007 3 years ago said:

    Perhaps finally Samsung may goodbye to plastic.

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  3. mullarameez 3 years ago said:

    My s2 which i bought last august also had this problem IMO its due to heating of display and glassd due to excess use and this produce small hair thin cracks in outer display frame, bt my new s2 which i bought 2months back has good frame arround display and doesn’t have single crack.

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  4. ZeroBlaster 3 years ago said:

    I’have similar problem on my gs3 and the service center told me if aren’t sure that repair without paying! :S

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  5. Gaspernemec 3 years ago said:

    I have those cracks on every corner of the phone, however i read somewhere those are normal because of the manufacturing proces used…allthough, they dont disturb me, im using a case

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  6. limnz0110 3 years ago said:

    One month ago I found the same problem with my wife’s Galaxy S3 and got replacement.

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  7. chilipalm 3 years ago said:

    These look like physical damages to the phone. Samsung’s warranty states they don’t cover physical damage. I wonder how people convinced them they didn’t do it themselves.

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  8. Divesh Jain 3 years ago said:

    Does Samsung will repair all phones under guarantee in india also… coz i do have the same problem on my phone..

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  9. spideyhead256 3 years ago said:

    not got this prob..not yet atleast.hope i dont -_- don’t wanna give my phone to the damn repair center.been using a case since day one now i’m surely not gonna remove it.

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  10. jastonas 3 years ago said:

    Like Gaspernemec, I have these cracks in every corner of the phone.

    But the problem mentioned in the article is for these cracks or for other ones?

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  11. saajnaseef 3 years ago said:

    I got my SGS3 blue from Carphone Warehouse 3 weeks ago and straight away I bought a protective case and screen protector. This afternoon I discovered a crack in the frame near the micro USB port so I went to the branch where I bought my phone to have it fixed or replaced. After contacting the Carephone Warehouse customer service, the manager told me that he can do nothing and I have to accept that simply because the customer service told him that this is the first time they have heard about this issue !!!. I was unhappy so I called the Samsung customer service and they told me that I have to send my phone to have it fixed but they might charge me for that repair ….

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  12. wfecng 3 years ago said:

    My s2 also have hair thin crack at top frame. my friend’s note has same problem. hope samsung will do their job.

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  13. fensito 3 years ago said:

    This is bullshit !!! How can you make a phone for 800$ with defects like this ?

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  14. andypet59 3 years ago said:

    Hi i have cracks on all corners of my galaxy s3 samsung uk say this can not fixed under the guarantee

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  15. Bran14506 3 years ago said:

    I have the same issue, the cracks on mine are on either side. They are quite thin and unnoticeable at first glance but they are definitely there. I am just glad I am not the only one with this issue. I though it was a result of me accidentally damaging my phone or something.

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