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Casing problems Galaxy S III

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Some site members of Dutch tech blog reported problems with the Galaxy SIII casing.
The damage is on the “metallic” edge around the casing of the Samsung Galaxy S III is, as shown by photographs of various users,  They occur in various places, both at the side as on the bottom of the device.

The users say no deliberate harm have been done to the Galaxy S III, like dropping the phone or put in the back pocket.
Samsung did not give any comment on this problem yet.

The Galaxy S III is Samsung’s latest HIGH-END smartphone with an quad-core chip and a big SUPER AMOLED HD screen of 4.8”.


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20 comments on “Casing problems Galaxy S III

  1. ka-yf 3 years ago said:

    …зато made by nature..((

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  2. FaryaabS 3 years ago said:

    I too have them. This really sucks! :(

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  3. lucabelluccini 3 years ago said:

    also in sgs note

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  4. anees.ani 3 years ago said:

    I have the same problem on my Galaxy S II. Seems like a Samsung legacy.

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  5. chandan7 3 years ago said:

    If I were able to upload a pic of mine Samsung Galaxy Note GT-N7000 :-( . The scratch/crack/dent is visible on device but hurts in the heart of the owner.

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  6. ph00ny 3 years ago said:

    I’ve dropped my Note several times and i actually don’t have that issue

    Also for those who says they have the same issue, having dropped mine pretty severely, i would like to see the actual damage because outside of the chrome finish, it’s actually pretty solid chunk plastic

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  7. curtgolf53 3 years ago said:

    Folks…if you buy an expense phone, spend the extra money for a case/cover for it

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  8. vavrorvav 3 years ago said:

    mine dropped pretty hard several times and dont have it, my brother on the other hand has this on sgs2, i guess its just about luck and physics :P

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  9. Impheatus 3 years ago said:

    I have an SGS2 and although I have only dropped it once I DON’T have that problem.
    As vavrorvav says I think it’s just a matter of luck.

    Maybe only some production batches came out defectuous.

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  10. raymondlahaije 3 years ago said:

    like the burned phone! maybe again not right, and it is allumiunium! so how can it brick? it must be fallen! i have also the s2 and still no problem, and i have also s3 and till now also no problem! i hope it stay so! but i have also a tpu case!

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  11. maxximuscool 3 years ago said:

    Another Apple abomination scandal at Samsung just like the burst battery stun.

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  12. Schelki 3 years ago said:

    …hoooorrray, I did not realize them until I read this post here, but f*** Samy, I got them, too

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  13. Schelki 3 years ago said:

    1. this has nothing to do with Apple, I’m really into Samy for a long time and love their products

    2. oh, yeah a case, why not carry it around with a suitcase?!?! ever thought what the word ‘mobile’ stands for?

    3. no harm, no microwave, no hammer, no caterpillar, no whatever, just used the phone in daily business…

    4. and oh yes, any ideas about the structure of alluminium, yes it can crush…

    5. f***ers

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  14. mustafa.millwala 3 years ago said:

    i bought a new handset and when i opened the box. There was this crack.
    But I got it changed, there and then.

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  15. raymondlahaije 3 years ago said:

    i think the people who have this, that is was allready there like mustafa says! so when you open the box take a good look first!

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  16. 666deimos 3 years ago said:

    @curtgolf53 why buy an case/cover to hide a beautiful phone?? They should make high quality phones, so if u drop it a few times, it wont be messed up. These days, u cant imagine a day without your phone. We paid alot for the look and power the phone got, if we didnt care about that.. we would have bought some cheap ass disposable phones.
    Samsung already had problems with the SGS3 from the beginning. Its their responsibility to fix this problem.
    Even with a cover/case u can get damage on a phone. Some of the materials are just not designed for daily use. You always have friction and heat, even in a case/cover

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  17. SalmanMulla 3 years ago said:

    also happening in galaxy s…concentrate not only in features but also in look and built quality……

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  18. Aweso 3 years ago said:

    Have an SGS and SGS2. None have that issue.

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  19. chilipalm 3 years ago said:

    @666deimos It would cost too much and look too ugly to make an indestructible phone. Go look up the rugged cell phones if you want those. Ugly.

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