First batch of Blue Samsung Galaxy S3 devices reaches Holland

We have been informed that some providers/resellers in The Netherlands received their first batch (a small one) of the Blue Galaxy S3 devices.
The Phone House, a Dutch retailer,  states on it’s website that the Blue version is available In Stock at the moment.
Coolblue, a Dutch webshop, confirms on Twitter that they have received a small Blue batch and will send the first ones out to the first on the waiting list, most likely for the people to receive this Thursday or Friday. Castle Telecom mailed their customers the same news.

Also, according to an employee from The Phone House the Blue Galaxy S3 color is indeed a little bit different from the color presented in London.
He states the change is more positive than negative and the color would most likely be a bit more deep/darker blue, but we should wait for clear pictures of real consumers to see this for ourselves.

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  1. very good
    only s3

  2. i am still waiting very good sam

  3. 32GB version in Blue? o.O

  4. I can confirm that I have received this morning a Blue S3 from Coolblue.
    Much nicer than the white that I have seen in their shop.


  5. @ danielf could you make a picture of the back please thanks.

  6. We, in Spain (YOIGO carrier) we got SIII Marble Blue 4 June!!

  7. Dannyd: How do you attach a file?

  8. Great! :)
    When will it arrive to the Middle East?

  9. danielf congratulation
    just go to any upload site and upload then put the link here to every one.

  10. Here we go.

    Picture taken with my “old S2″


  11. Maybe a better photo :


  12. I got my blue S3 today, too.
    Awesome phone

  13. looks better than white

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