Did Samsung change the Galaxy SIII pebble blue [UPDATE]

Did Samsung change the color of the Galaxy SIII pebble blue?
After all the production problems of the Galaxy SIII with the pebble blue color, it seems that Samsung choose a different color with a different effect.
The “new” pebble blue now looks more gray than blue.
We are not sure if this is the final appearance, but the video below says that it is.

Not only the video is talking about another name.
Even webshops and our information insider are using the name “Metallic Blue”
It seems that Samsung might have changed the pebble to metallic.


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  1. Definitely still blue, it’s just the lighting. You can see the blue when he turns the phone to the left near the start of the vid.

  2. WTF!! is this true?

  3. Still pebble blue like the original, he’s just using very bad lighting.

  4. I hope he wasn’t using a white S3 to film it :)

  5. Metallic blue has been listed all over the web for the T-mobile release in the US, people have used it instead of pebble blue. I wouldn’t say there is a difference between the two.

    Hoping it is bad lighting and it doesn’t look grey in the hands, the shots I have seen of the models in Vietnam (XDA thread) look beautiful, and the above one does not look like what Sammy have on their website (and billboards)

  6. Think the camera saturation of the video is affecting the colour shown.

    I would say it is more violet than blue actually. Definitely not grey.

  7. just white balance problem

  8. I would risk that the back is in a bit different color than the front.. could be mistaken, tho..

  9. I don’t care about the greyish or purple-is. Just give me the damn phone with a different colour to white already. :)

    I kind of like this new colour

  10. Who makes a video about colour if they can’t even manage them on a camera?

  11. does anyone know when will this blue Galaxy S3 in 32GB be coming from its maker factory?
    I’ve been expecting this for a few weeks now but yet no news related on when it will be deploy world wide for their rightful owners.

    Samsung please just push this 32GB out of your vagina already. lolx. Don’t be like the S2 32GB that never going to come out even you said will be soon.

  12. Today I received a call from a local operator (Claro) in Peru and offered me a black version. I said WTF??? and asked her if she was sure about that because there were only 2 colour in the presentation, and said me “I know that, but I have that information, we will have by 15th June the black version here”. With a plan of $46.5 by 12 months, the S3 costs USD$720, and there’s no an unlock version in preorder.

    About the colors, you can check it here (in spanish):
    clic twice in “Siguiente página” (next page) and you can see the 2 colors (Colores) black and white.

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