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All Galaxy SII (GT-I9100G) Ice Cream Sandwich Updates UPDATE : May 30th

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Good news, Samsung started with Ice Cream Sandwich updates for the Galaxy SII I9100G version!
Here you can follow all Ice Cream Sandwich updates for the Galaxy SII I9100G version!

Can i follow all updates on Twitter?
Yes you can just follow @samfirmware on twitter.
If you want to use KIES  just follow @samkiesupdates

May 30 2012.
I9100GXXLPN - Android 4.0.3 – 2012 May – I9100GXEFLPN - France 
I9100GDXLP6 – Android 4.0.3 – 2012 May – I9100GOLBLP6 – Vietnam
I9100GDXLP6 – Android 4.0.3 – 2012 May – I9100GOLBLP6 – Malaysia

May 29 2012.
I9100GXXLPQ – 4.0.3 – 2012 May – I9100GDDLP5 – India

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90 comments on “All Galaxy SII (GT-I9100G) Ice Cream Sandwich Updates UPDATE : May 30th

  1. MOMiN 3 years ago said:

    i looooooooooooove you saaaaaaaaamsung

  2. samyam2002000 3 years ago said:
  3. Ratheesh143 3 years ago said:

    This is going to be more fun.

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  4. rezaknight 3 years ago said:

    yea baby, finally the damn f*cking ics is out for 9100g.

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  5. Eralp_Pasa 3 years ago said:


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  6. jinnn_1989 3 years ago said:

    where is ICS update for I9100? Samsung Sucks

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  7. Abdou96 3 years ago said:


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  8. kristech2012 3 years ago said:
  9. FizalJohari 3 years ago said:

    can i use this update for i9100g for malaysia version?

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  10. koyuk 3 years ago said:

    it is good news.thank you.

  11. vishsd1411 3 years ago said:

    Finally after a long long wait…its here…thank u samsung….

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  12. jalloool 3 years ago said:


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  13. Tp` 3 years ago said:

    Finnnnalllllyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy :D

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  14. syidfrds88 3 years ago said:

    can update via odin for another country? is it english version?

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  15. techsafe 3 years ago said:

    Thanks for the update Danny.. Indian users Must be Happy now!

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  16. Ratheesh143 3 years ago said:

    i am happy. Installed ICS it is damn fast. thanks samsung.

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  17. master2012 3 years ago said:

    It works on European I9100G Flash with Odin!!! :-)

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  18. DevilFreedom 3 years ago said:

    Hope and the end for may Asia ICS version will coming >.<

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  19. koyuk 3 years ago said:

    Super!downloaded.face lock good!!!

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  20. skmusthaq 3 years ago said:

    Thank you, Thank you…after long waiting…finally… get ICE update.. Thank you Thank you.. very much

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  21. syidfrds88 3 years ago said:

    great! can install in I9100G Malaysia.

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  22. gabrjesus 3 years ago said:


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  23. syidfrds88 3 years ago said:

    how to make screenshot? ICS its not same way with 2.3.6.

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  24. thakkudu 3 years ago said:

    Why isnt it there for I9100 in India ??????? :( . bad sammy

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  25. aiman3034 3 years ago said:

    after i upgraded the i9100G to ICS I9100GDDLP5 – India

    the total RAM became only 687MB !!! ???

    anybody faced the same problem??

  26. Haxer 3 years ago said:

    ya the same here…RAM stuck at 687MB…all users have this problem

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  27. awatekiran 3 years ago said:

    my RAM 687 MB only after update…also my default browser has stopped working :(

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  28. zac ong 3 years ago said:

    can i use this version of ics to my malaysia version GT-I9100G?

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  29. cabral1320 3 years ago said:

    Waiting for the update in France!!! i9100G YEAHH

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  30. zadia 3 years ago said:
  31. Sockel754 3 years ago said:

    It works. German language no problem. ;)

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  32. techsafe 3 years ago said:

    Yes. I9100G and I9100 ICS INDIA firmware can be used for all other english users too! It does support all Indian Languages and English too. also. with MoreLocale2 Apps. you can change it to Arabic and and other languages too.. It’s nice Indian version can be supported many other languages too.. WIFI signal strength is low and its getting disconnected and instant reconnect once in while. and if you enabled Pattern screen lock. then can not user face unlock or other screen lock option anymore! hope. its gonna fixed with next update


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  33. demxuanthu 3 years ago said:

    India to Vietnam to complete Samsung vomiting.

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  34. gianpis 3 years ago said:

    hi all I updated my phone with version gti9100g ics india, has all the languages​​, but my stay in 687 ram any idea to upload it to a gig thanks

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  35. skmusthaq 3 years ago said:

    Yesterday me too update ICE for my “G” S-2 device, I am facing these below problems…
    1. Ram Shows me to 687
    2.When i use Google Voice for search or vingo gives me MIC loud sound, zzzzzz…
    3. WIFI Signals Low and Disconnects frequently.
    4. When i am trying to assign wallpaper using left key of’s blank no pictures shows from gallery. If you go directly gallery tab it worked.

    Guys!!!i preferred don’t be update until next release. There are some bugs…

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  36. mackoy_004 3 years ago said:

    How about for Galaxy Note here in Saudi Arabia? :(

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  37. kizinew 3 years ago said:

    My device RAM have RAM 687 MB too. but not problem. i’ve to wait it so long time. long time.

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  38. ibnmurad 3 years ago said:

    Just updated G version Malaysia via KIES. Yes, the RAM is 687MB only

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  39. emi4g93 3 years ago said:

    why ram 687mb?????

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  40. ciger 3 years ago said:

    I have french XEF version. when it will come via kies ?

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  41. R3Y 3 years ago said:

    Its I9100XWLP7 – I9100ODDLP9 for India, not what you have mentioned in the post.

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  42. handa.rajat 3 years ago said:

    I updated my S2 to ICS yday, mine is also showing 687 Ram. also apps are slow.
    Few apps does not support ICS 4.0

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  43. shaheed hameed 3 years ago said:

    wen s2 dubai(uae) update?????……………….pls reply

  44. ronny45 3 years ago said:

    ICS for I9100 ?? :(

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  45. ptaddict 3 years ago said:

    french rom xef and my ram is 687 :(

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  46. arlinjesus 3 years ago said:

    Samsung thank you very much for the update! but when installing wireless so my GT-I9100G (XEF) the total ram my galaxy s2 is 687 mb
    I know the reason for this failure of software and if someone already knows some solution

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  47. manoochehr 3 years ago said:


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  48. ravepark 3 years ago said:

    it’s not working… i’ve been trying to update my GT-I9100G since last night…
    there is always a connection error…

    kies tell me to unplug, remove and re-insert the battery and repeat the process…

    this is driving me crazy

    it’s not that i don’t know how to update a device via kies..
    i own two galaxy s2 (GT-I9100 & GT-9100G) and a galaxy note (GT-N7000)
    there was no problem updating GT-I9100 and GT-N7000… they both updated without a problem and are running really well…

    i don’t understand why is GT-9100G having a problem updating…

    i’ve tried uninstalling and re-installing the device drivers and i’ve even re-installed the kies software, still no good…

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  49. nicksezhi 3 years ago said:

    i’m here in India… and the update that i got through kies was of the France firmware (XXLPN).!!!
    why’d that happen/….!

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  50. mano6656 3 years ago said:

    i updated Malaysia firmware….. ram from 900mb down to 680mb….

    bit hang while playing game even temple run will be hang a bit….


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  51. ameckawi 3 years ago said:

    i updated I9100GXXLPN in Egypt and it works fine … but i have a quick question .. as soon as i opened the Mobile data i noticed am not opening anything even my emails .. and the Data usage is getting higher and higher .. i closed all the Background process and still same issue .. anyone have any idea ??

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  52. yoursrajendra 3 years ago said:

    I also have the following problems after updating to ICS

    RAM SHOWS 687mb




    I tried re installing 4 times… Every time problem persist.. So stop doing it until android releases further update.

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  53. nilayshah 3 years ago said:

    Just updated G version in india via kies. After that my ram has been stuck at jst 687mb cant understand the problem. Plz suggest me how to bring back to original ram of 1gb.

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  54. whoomp 3 years ago said:

    i like thisss

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  55. shaheed hameed 3 years ago said:

    How should I update my is purchased from uae.

    kies is showing tht the current version is the latest firmware(ginger bread)

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  56. lovelove01 3 years ago said:

    how to update ICS ?tech me please~

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  57. shotokan 3 years ago said:


    - you have to download the ics 4.0.3 firmware of your I9100G… like me i updated using India ICS version…

    - you have to extract the zip file and you will find .tar file

    - wipe cache and do factory reset your I9100G

    - open ODIN, and select the tar file to your PDA

    - click START and wait until your phone upgraded and will reboot automatically

    - remove the cable and there you go.. enjoy your ICS.

    - good luck.

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  58. cabral1320 3 years ago said:

    687 RAM ?? I want my 1gb of ram in ICS!!

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  59. sumansharma 3 years ago said:

    I9100g ics 4.0 firmware graphice vry bad n ram 687mb vry vry bad samsung…fucking ics 4.0 firmware

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  60. sumansharma 3 years ago said:

    samsung galaxy s2 i9100g firmware latest version vry vry vry bad ram 687mb

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  61. oversenses 3 years ago said:

    Experience in 12 hours use of (ICS india ) on i9100g

    it works FASTER for EVERYTHING…compared to gingerbread disregarding the RAM thing
    daily use apps & widgets are working perfect for me

    menus content are better specially settings menu ( more options added :D)

    Graphics i not bad compared to gingerbread but it does the same job for me & i think its even better for some applications like youtube or Gmail

    with gingerbread i had touch screen sensitivity problem for 3 months (sometimes it goes crazy) …now its GONE i for some reason with ICS

    battery percentage can be enabled on notification bar

    music control added to lock screen :D

    Disadvantages :
    adjusting brightness through hold & swipe on the notification bar is GONE !!!

    ICS Graphics are not applied on every thing , i still dont feel the ICS ( is it me only ? )

    battery percentage shows separately from the battery icon …WIRED!!!

    face recognition lock screen is ****

    my advice
    … install it as a software update disregarding the name of ICS
    bugs can be handled or fixed later not big deal for me

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  62. oversenses 3 years ago said:

    i forgot to mention XD
    the phone starts in almost half the time it used to do before…

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  63. oversenses 3 years ago said:

    New ring tones added :D

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  64. skmusthaq 3 years ago said:

    ICE update work fine, only issue with RAM 687MB and Wifi Disconnect more. Performance wise better than previous version 2.3.6.

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  65. skmusthaq 3 years ago said:

    After upgrade if you face any problems, try to restore factory settings then all work fine. I do same it work great.

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  66. domstad 3 years ago said:

    when will holland be available ????????????????

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  67. uaeboost 3 years ago said:

    I cant connect to any network, is anyone else going through the same problem?
    Ive tried all of the above and still no network, Ive tried flashing back to 2.3.6 and back to the above. Still nothing.

    My i9100G is the middle east version.

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  68. oversenses 3 years ago said:

    LOL ::DDD

    i really enjoyed experiencing ICS 4.0.3 for 1 week even with all the bugs and *@#

    ***CYAGENMOD*** AKA ICS 4.0.4
    Its really an AMAZING yumy ICE CREAM SANDWITCH with new unlimited options
    قم بتحمبل اي نسخة من ايس كربم ساندويتش المذكورة ..كالهندية مثلا
    ثم قم بتحميل
    حيث تضع تلك الإضافة تجربة رائعة بمعنى الكلمة
    فهو معرب بالكامل
    وإمكانيات غير محدودة جديدة للتحكم بكل شيء في الهاتف
    منها التحكم بشدة حساسية اللمس
    وتغيير طريقة عرض البطارية في الشريط العلوي
    المشكلة الوحيدة االمزعجة حتى الآن هي افتقار لوحة المفاتيح العربية لحرف الثاء

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  69. oversenses 3 years ago said:

    i forgot to mention , you can follow & download CYAGENMOD updates here :
    لمتابعة تحديثات إضافة
    download updates :

    Follow changes and fixes : (left panel)

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  70. farkas16 3 years ago said:

    Hi All,

    So, have you any solution for the memory ? 687M ?


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  71. salhoub86 3 years ago said:

    hello Dears,

    I have Samsung galaxy S2 I9100G baseband I9100GXXKL4 and i cant upgrade it to ICS,is ICS is available for this baseband?if no,when it should be available.


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  72. Boyce NG 3 years ago said:

    I got Samsung Galaxy S2 made for Chinese retail market.Now, I’m in Nigeria. I tried upgrading tp Ice Cream sandwich, and my phone got bricked.What do i do?

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  73. sohanwu 3 years ago said:

    How can I update my phone?

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  74. Akimei 3 years ago said:

    Hello guys, just want you to know that I flashed my gt-i9100g with the India’s ICS ROM via ODIN a few weeks ago and it works like a charm :). I truly recommended all other gt-i9100g users to updated theirs. let me highlight some of the major ups and downs:

    1. Smoother touchwiz UI (although i use GO Launcher instead)
    2. Camera works perfectly (no more hangs, no kidding :) )
    3. Improved battery life (u need to root to tweak some things)
    4. Wifi connects easier, bluetooth, GPS, thethering works great

    1. Consumes around 200mb of your system RAM (ouch), 3D games affected by this abit
    2. Some apps may not be compatible,at least for now. updating your apps to the latest one may solve this.
    3. Some features still not available; eg. face unlock
    4. Same-ol-lame gallery (switched to quickpic)

    Worth the 200mb ram since it solved the camera issue and animation transitions appears to be smoother.

    WARNING!! Flash at your own risk, seriously

    HOW TO UPDATE? (via odin)


    ps: i recommended you to backup your contacts, messages, calendar, installed apps first before performing this. (use CWM recovery or even Titanium backup apps)

    Enjoy your ICS guys :)

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  75. domstad 3 years ago said:

    no more updates ??????????????????

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  76. smehrjoo 3 years ago said:

    Hi there!
    I have just upgrade my Galaxy Sii from 2.3.6 to ICS 4.0.3 with kies and now I have many problems with battery, some application, notification, my Contact and…
    I’d like to know if any update is coming soon for IRAN (middle east) I’m looking forward to see your update.

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  77. 1989 3 years ago said:
  78. dglumesh 3 years ago said:

    after the update my default browser stopped working.if any solution for that? can anyone help me?

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  79. edveddr 3 years ago said:

    why nobody from samsung tech didnt answer bout the decreasing RAM after upgrading to ICS? do you guys dont have any answer or just simply dont know ?

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  80. mcwong644 3 years ago said:

    after upgrade to stock ics DXLP6, the phone is no longer able to connect to Kies! It says “Failed to retrieve device information”. Have not connected since June 2012 but before on GB the phone really sucks. It freezes many times daily, when charging, during SD scan, during calls or texting, camera use, even when idle in the pouch. drains battery flat and only battery pull can fix it. after ics, no more freeze or hang but can’t connect to Kies.

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  81. batyus 3 years ago said:

    for samsung galaxy s2, android 4.0.4 update will be released when the turkey?

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  82. fahmi_1988 3 years ago said:


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  83. kizinew 3 years ago said:

    HOw long we can up to jellybean for I9100G?

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  84. irfhan 3 years ago said:

    wen i upgrade ma version to ICS in ma fone RAM decreases to 687MB.. .. and evn some hd games r getting lack.. could anyone can clear up ma issue???

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  85. matin_pro 3 years ago said:

    this update is sheeeeeeeeeeeet. worst update ever.

    ICS suckssss.

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  86. Mhussien 3 years ago said:

    how can i get this update ??

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  87. draco8984 3 years ago said:


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  88. chandrujeyam143 3 years ago said:

    how to download malaysia version

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