All Galaxy Note Ice Cream Sandwich Updates UPDATE : May 30th

Here you can follow all Ice Cream Sandwich updates for the Galaxy Note!

Can i follow all updates on Twitter?
Yes you can just follow @samfirmware on twitter.
If you want to use KIES  just follow @samkiesupdates

May 30 2012.
N7000XXLPY – Android 4.0.3 – 2012 May – N7000OJVLP6 – Turkey
N7000XXLPY – Android 4.0.3 – 2012 May – N7000OXXLP5 – Poland
N7000XXLPY – Android 4.0.3 – 2012 May – N7000XENLP1 – Netherlands
N7000XXLPY – Android 4.0.3 – 2012 May – N7000ATOLP2 – Open Austria

May 24 2012.
N7000ZSLPF – 4.0.3 – 2012 May – N7000OZSLPF – Hong Kong
N7000DXLP9 – 4.0.3-  2012 May – N7000OLBLP6 – Singapore
N7000DXLP9 – 4.0.3 – 2012 May – N7000OLBLP6 – Philippines (Sun)
N7000ZSLPF – 4.0.3 – 2012 May – N7000OZSLPF – Taiwan Download
N7000DXLP9 – 4.0.3 – 2012 May – N7000OLBLP6 – Singapore (SingTel)

May 23 2012.
N7000DDLP8 – 4.0.3 – 2012 May – N7000ODDLP5 – India
N7000DDLP8 – 4.0.3 – 2012 May – N7000ODDLP5 – Sri Lanka
N7000DDLP8 – 4.0.3 – 2012 May – N7000ODDLP5 – Bangladesh
N7000DDLP8 – 4.0.3 – 2012 May – N7000ODDLP5 – Nepal

May 22 2012.
N7000DXLP9 - 4.0.3 – 2012 May - N7000OLBLP6 - Thailand
N7000DXLP9 - 4.0.3 – 2012 May - N7000OLBLP6 - Malaysia
N7000DXLP9 - 4.0.3 – 2012 May – N7000OLBLP6 - Indonesia
N7000DXLP9 - 4.0.3 – 2012 May - N7000OLBLP6 – Vietnam

May 2012.
N7000XXLPY - 4.0.3 – 2012 May - N7000OXALPY - Open Germany

Phones 97
  1. Good news

  2. LPF is a leak?!

  3. LDF is a leak yes.

  4. N7000DDLP8 – 4.0.3 – 21-MAY 2012 – N7000ODDLP4 – INDIA


  6. what about 4.0.4 ? The 4.0.3 has a lot of bugs………

  7. What is the MODEM version? N7000DDLP8???

  8. What’s the difference between XLP9 and XLPY?

  9. All Galaxy notes update? WTF ??!! Where is Poland?

  10. Hope the next is the galaxy tab.

  11. What is the different between Thailand, Vietnam, India and Germany’s firmware?
    I am afraid I update wrong country and have problem.
    Please help me.

    Thx u.


  12. but now i saw in …………. today
    DDLC1 FOR INDIA???!!!! AND IT IS 2.3.6.

    NO ICS! !!!!!!!!!!!!?

  14. they still got that bug that brick the flash memory?

  15. when for india?????????????????

  16. Premium suite built-in????

  17. Hi.
    When ICS 4.0.3 for GNote came to UAE?

  18. wah~ Note already update le ICS == then I9100G no hope le ~ T_T still at 2.3.6 the final??

  19. SAMMY most of the latest smartphones are coming out with ICS already installed in them, EVEN NO MATTER THEY GOT SMALL CPU AND RAM,,,, WHY DO YOU NOT GIVE US ICS ICS ICS FOR I9001???

  20. INDIA can wait…

    not important anyway since you guys keep whinning!!!

    anyway “CONGRATS” for the 2.3.6 updates!!!

  21. Will there be a version 4.0.4?

  22. when the note ics will be available in the Arabic area…this so annoying… we r the last .. and that will hurt Samsung sales in the Arabic region.. come on …

  23. #@!% Samsung
    It’s really annoying to me and many others how Samsung is screwing the Arab countries, it’s been about two months since Samsung released ICS for the Galaxy S II they have released this update for even the smallest countries in the world but not for the Arabic countries, same thing is going to happen with Galaxy Note, #@!% Samsung


  25. Cambodia bordered to Thailand.Why only in Thailand but not in Cambodia ?Maybe with Khmer Unicode ?

  26. Have u the Link for download first ?

  27. India user
    Gud news I got ICS update by Kies

  28. I hear that some users got Ics in india.

    please say to me you was on DDLB2 that got Ics or new DDLC1???

  29. its DDLC1

  30. When will my tab 10.1 get official update sam?

  31. there is no ics update in india. stop fooling around. there was just a stupid 2.3.6 update that hasnt changed anything on my note everything is still the same.

  32. still nothing here in the UK, tried on 2 identical handsets

    Sim free Uk ver on 02 contract

    anyone in the UK got theirs yet?

  33. Any news for Galaxy Tab 10.1? It’s getting annoying with waiting and waiting =.=

  34. i hope theyre not going to make us wait until they release the O2 olympic ver…which apparantly will ship with ICS

    it wouldnt suprise me if they wanted people who buy that to get it first

  35. Todda: i tried open germany version on my GNote UK unlocked and it’s running smoothly

  36. thanks amstradeu however ive heard some issues regarding bricking so id rather wait. its not that important

  37. It’s been said that the bricking happens randomly. No specific country. It just happens. So it is pretty much a ‘do at your own risk’ kind of thing. And only for that Open German ROM though. I’ve never read of a bricking with other ROMS. The safe way I guess it to wait for 4.0.4.

  38. I didn’t read all the replies because there’s a lot of weird messages but here you go:

    I just did the update to ICS via OTA (New Zealand here) and it seems like it’s all good.

    I haven’t done any stress test nor any benchmarking but it seems like it’s running ICS 4.0.3 with no problems at all…

    That’s my update!

  39. I want to update my note to Ics.
    which one is better LPZ or LP9?

  40. What u mean by All Galaxy Note Ice Cream Sandwich Updates ? where are the update for india ?

  41. On May 25 , HONGKONG version will coming with Premium suit.

  42. any idea when does India galaxy note users gonna have the taste of ICS

  43. This guy from india says he got ics update…chk the link

  44. i too got an update notification via kies and after updating found it to be ddlc1.. gingerbread
    but the same is not available ota..
    did any one of u from india get the ota notification

  45. i too got a update…m updating via kies….

  46. Even i got the update notification through kies and completes download and diplays message to restart my device. but nothing happened . same old 2.3.6. Later I checked for the update and not getting any notification now. (India).

    Have you ever faced this kinda of issue?

  47. Hey what about Singapore how come our next door Malaysia got the new ICS rom ours no news at all! !!

  48. i got update via ota in india. it was 36mg.
    but now i updated my phone to ZSLPF/XXLPR.
    That is realy good and has no bug.all things work good.
    i updated from

  49. Hey guys .. I got ICE via OTA in India just now.

  50. Sorry its ICS not ICE .

  51. I got it too. BUT IT IS DDLC1 GB ROM that size is 36mg and no new thing on i am on ZSLPF and no problem.

  52. Its Ice Cream Time !

  53. YES IT IS.

  54. just now chcked it again..
    this time it shows there is an update available and its ICS….
    downloading via OTA

  55. please, when you know the update arrive in France?

  56. any new versions in europe, anyone…?

  57. No, nothing yet in Uk and Ireland :(!

  58. Hi,
    I’m from India. I got the notification to upgrade to ICS via Kies and upgrading as I write this. Thank you very much Sammobile to notifiy about this!! :)

  59. What about GT I9100G

  60. I got my ICS vie software update in my mobile. thank you very much sammobile to notify us.
    injoy india ice creammmmmmmmmmmmm on note.

  61. nothing yet for the open uk note :( rubbish release strategy! come on samsung!! push it out, stop drip feeding it, also no one from here (sammobile) ever says anything??

  62. I am now on zslpz and it is very ddlp8 better?

  63. uk users plz be patient.. ur the biggest market for samsung phones.. they will get back to u with a better and bugfree rom ;)

  64. Hi again,
    I am trying to download ICS via KIES but it fails most of the time. It says Timed out. Tried to upgrade via phone and got a 36MB update which it installed and rebooted. But it is still on Gingerbread. After rebooting phone sent an SMS to Samsung automatically and got a reply back says Thank you for your interest in being a part of Samsung Family. That’s it. When I tried to update again via phone it says no update available. :S

    Trying again from KIES…. I hope it works this time…

  65. Cmooon for EUROPE !! I am waiting for Poland update !

  66. Nice to see Galaxy Note India ICS update early. users must be Happy today.. SII users still waiting for ICS India. hope they all gonna get it soon! Thanks Sammobiles.. Ty Danny..Johann and All Team!

  67. I think guys Europe is waiting more for this update!

    Next country Saud Arabia,Iran and that area.Just check out a world map.

  68. still nothing in the UK

  69. ALL ?!? Are you sure ?!? Where is POLAND ?!?

  70. I using ice 4.0.4 cyanogenmod9 and working fine support all language very good

  71. I think!because as you see India,Sri Lanka,Bangladesh,Nepal Thailand ….. “neighbors” and ICS update is come up on the map :).

  72. Hi, I updated my phone to ICS. So far everything is good. The transitions of windows are smooth. Keyboard is same but when you type something the interface on gtalk and other apps will look different. The biggest thing for me is that whenever we turn the phone sideways it turns very fast rather than in gingerbread.
    Upon launching the default browser it logs into google accounts/website automatically using the phone’s google account. And I think most of the apps works fast, even Facebook app. :D

  73. Big problem with the Camera. It hangs after taking picture and stays there for a long time. It happened for the last two time. But the third time it worked fine.

  74. Any idea when we’ll see Ice Cream for the Note in South Africa?

  75. Indonesia ihave download but only 5% and then download has closed. when i check again “no update for your device” can u explain this?

  76. thursday 24may still nothing for uk! (xeu) why the hell did germany get it and no other european country?? then asia, a shambles again! first it was the sgs2 saga, and now the note!!
    this will be def my last samsung product, i have an s2 on ics but want it now! for my note, my patience in waiting is running thin, i will give it till 1st wk in june then if nothing.. on ebay it goes.

  77. After update to ICS N7000DXlP5 facebook, instagram, smart tools, office suit become Error, and also no snote premium

  78. just had tge notification for update in the UK but when I went to update it was gone. checking kies now

  79. nope nothing on kies either, definately had the notification…….

  80. @todda, nope no update for us in blighty as of yet i’m afraid :-( mine is sim free but use it on o2 and they reckon it will get pushed before the 29th when they release the orrible s3, also kies has been updated today, which usually means sth is rumbling, idk,
    but we only have 1 more month of q2 to go, so lets try and be patient lol

  81. Hi DannyD, You should me tell which of this ROM came with spanish language? I traied with the Hong Kong, but only cam in english and japan…

  82. @cosako63
    the Spanish rom will likely come in Spanish….
    Sorry to sound patronising but spanish is not a dominant language in Asia, or anywhere other than Spain or South America so you’ll have to wait for either the Spanish one or possibly one meant for one of these countries;
    El Salvador
    Costa Rica
    Equatorial Guinea

  83. Why i never receive the update also if im here in Singapore with Singtel????

  84. any news for maddel east arabic log

  85. why did the update stopped? or it’s just taking a break, we’re still waiting for more releases for europe…

  86. Why they stopped updating europe? why suddenly those dumb asians first? Let them hurry up with the upgrade for the netherlands, cus Galaxy S3 is out already and jellybean is on his way.
    And where is the upgrade for the galaxy tab 10.1???
    I got the galaxy note, galaxy tab 10.1 and the galaxy S2. I dont wanna run costum rom on my note or tab!
    I like samsung galaxy alot, but how hard is it to make 1 upgrade for all samsung galaxy devices. They hardware in all devices are almost the same. only difference is the screen sizes and the processor. Who cares about the apps, make it simple and easy to use. Most of the samsung apps u wont use! Get rid of the touchwiz, or make it available to choose what interface u wanna use. Cus there is nothing wrong with the original interface of ICS.
    So release upgrade please!!!

  87. Why still saudi arabi not come we witting for new android, sony,already there
    Please upgrade one in meddal east any arabic coming

  88. Any news

  89. nothing in the UK but yesturdays Euro updates are promising

  90. 1/6/2k12 ics finally out for the note in the uk :) (xeu) with a build date of 25/5/2012! they held it back till the s3 was released, plus they kept to their promise of Q2 ,
    just need to download it now and see what it’s like especially with all them reported bugs, esp the batt usage, but all you need to do is: *#9900# and disable fast dormancy, it should be ok,

  91. @666deimos
    plainly a racist with your comments!!, no need for any of that, just keep it to yourself ok!

  92. What about arabic any news

  93. yep along with Plantpot I can confirm I am running the UK ICS without issue. Its rooted via odinmobile too. v happy

  94. i am eagarly w8ing but still no update.. m using XXLC.. i live in UAE but this version is for some other region.. can any body update when can we expect an update for XXLC :’(

  95. PDA N7000XXKK3
    PHNE N7000DDKJ3
    CSC N7000DDKK1
    This is my Galaxy Note N-7000 details, plz send me mail for suitable/supporting ISC deatails…

    Thanking you..


  96. After update to ics, problems with live viedeostreams (TV), akku less working time. There are more background processes, may be the Problem. I gave it to the Service oft my Seller (Saturn Germany). They promised to Downgrade to 2.3.6. With Gingerbread i had no Problems. I cannot understand, why everybody wants to update this Device to ICS. I don`t see any Advantage?!

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