Galaxy S II now ships with Android 4.0 on board

The Samsung Galaxy S II now ships  with Android 4.0 on board.
According to the  twitter source the Galaxy S II is based on Android 4.0.3 out the box in India.
This is actually really strange because there are still no updates out for India over KIES or OTA.
The Samsung Galaxy S II Ice Cream Sandwich update started since April this year and are still busy.
Samsung will start by the end of May or begin June with updates for the Galaxy Note.
Samsung has planned Ice Cream Sandwich for tablets around July / August.

We of SamMobile hope that Samsung will start with the Galaxy Tab 7.7 so we can make our review!
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  1. Do you have official indian ICS rom for Galaxy S2?

  2. @mishra_ashish5979 are you serious? READ.

  3. Totally agree, really strange, almost two months after the beginning of ICS update still no update for Portugal unbranded :(

  4. One of my friend have bought I9100 (not G) and that is with ICS on board.

    Please check this link:

  5. I9100G ICS is coming soon? or jus update 9100only⊙﹏⊙

  6. I am not happy, I am waiting for update form last 2 month and they are ship with 4 0 3? what the ***k of going on.. sorry for my language..:(

  7. Oh Galaxy you are kicking a$$ with all this but remember that you sold me a variation of i9100!!! I have the “G” version… and since then any response about our upgrade… please hear our demand, we wanna Ice Cream Sandwich on Galaxy S2 i9100G!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. We do not know either it is REALLY really strange !!

    We do not like this at all!!

  9. Why don’t we started a hashtag until they really hear us?… #UpdateforGs2Gversion ? any suggest?

  10. toujours rien non plus en france pour les galaxy s2 acheté nu, pourquoi ont paie si cher ?

  11. ne sais pas, nous ne nous écoute.

  12. Can’t believe Big country like India users still waiting for SGS2 ICS update! and samsung started to sell New SGS2 Device with ICS and no ICS support for current users yet!
    Really srange

  13. It’s the SAME ROM as Nepal’s.

  14. ICS Update available on Kies for Unbranded SGS2 Portugal (TPH) :)

  15. I thought there were no more new I9100s in India; only I9100Gs. Does this mean there is an ICS ROM for I9100G?

  16. It will be available by 26th May 2012 late evening (in the next 4 days)…..since I am already using 4.0.3 for the last almost 5 to 6 month from now…so not very excited

  17. is very strange, what’s going on with Samsung?, I have more than 2 months waiting for update here in Mexico

  18. Gyuz I do’t believe there will be an updated for
    GT-i9100G as samsung is careless about it because the
    Chipset is from different co. I guess am selling mine back
    To by another phone :-(

  19. Hi all,
    I messed up my GT-i9210 (Galaxy SII LTE, swedish), trying to root it, softkeys back and menu does not work anymore… It should be solved by ICS. Is there any leak for it ?

  20. Still no update to France (XEF). Can’t believe…

  21. SAMMY most of the latest smartphones are coming out with ICS already installed in them, EVEN NO MATTER THEY GOT SMALL CPU AND RAM,,,, WHY DO YOU NOT GIVE US ISC FOR I9001???

  22. SAMMY most of the latest smartphones are coming out with ICS already installed in them, EVEN NO MATTER THEY GOT SMALL CPU AND RAM,,,, WHY DO YOU NOT GIVE US ICS ICS ICS FOR I9001???

  23. wanna asking @@ I9100G have ICS ma?@@

  24. If there is not ICS for Samsung Galaxy SII G version within May 2012, I will not buy any Samsung mobile again!

  25. Samsung is cheating a people, if there is no ICS for GT-I9100′G’ version then why they release device with almost same cost. I hope they will not do like that they will consider ‘G’ version also for ICS update but it took time…??? Just wait nothing has to do…

  26. bonjour a tous je voulais demander sil yavai du nouveau pour la mise a jour du galaxy sII I9100G vers ICS 4.0
    PDA I9100GXWLC2


    CSC I9100GODDKL1

    Merci d’avance

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