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Galaxy Note Olympic edition

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As you all know Samsung is Official partner of the Olympic Games 2012 in London.
Especially for the Olympic Games Samsung shipped Galaxy Notes with a special Olympic pack!

The back of The Galaxy Note has been changed! And it looks stunning!

What do you think??

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25 comments on “Galaxy Note Olympic edition

  1. adam92 3 years ago said:

    That is so fucking cool!!!

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  2. flipg 3 years ago said:

    Why not?
    Looks awesome!

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  3. haovh_85 3 years ago said:

    It’s very cool

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  4. boruna82 3 years ago said:

    It’s very good.

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  5. Gaspernemec 3 years ago said:

    specifications? stay same i assume
    material of new back? same i assume

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  6. ardicli2000 3 years ago said:
  7. m4457 3 years ago said:

    does is what david becam said will happen on 22may?
    is it running ics?

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  8. undefeat 3 years ago said:

    i want that back cover

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  9. imagine 3 years ago said:
  10. hot_spare 3 years ago said:
  11. DR.MASARI 3 years ago said:



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  12. dixtamath 3 years ago said:

    when the premium suit for galaxy not will be available?

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  13. lhooipg 3 years ago said:

    what so big hu ha about it…just the back cover change nothing impress…

    Roll out the ICS to all region is much better then wasting time doing all this…

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  14. bcradu 3 years ago said:
  15. dt33 3 years ago said:

    Nice execpt for the Britain flag. Not all live in GB and just OS will be great.

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  16. speedjunkie 3 years ago said:

    Looks great. The Note will be delivered with two back covers. So you can buy it soon on ebay

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  17. hugoboss 3 years ago said:

    pfff why not with megan fox back covers -.- :D

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  18. larioteo 3 years ago said:

    I also love such a look :)

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  19. kclass 3 years ago said:


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  20. alydor 3 years ago said:

    what is so stunning? A coloured back? Geez. You better improuve baterry life , wifi and GSM signal and the software instead to waste time with thise craps…

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  21. cholasuek 3 years ago said:

    Yeah, what a waste. Apple’s iphone would have done it 50 times better if you want to go near the marketting area. I tgink if I were Sam I would not concern with the Olympic design but with the patent law suits vs Apple!!!!

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  22. cholasuek 3 years ago said:

    And fix up the Da..m OS!!! And quickly release them to every continent!!! That is much simpler I think.

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  23. cholasuek 3 years ago said:

    Please do not try to wear Apple’s shoe, because your feet are too small, Sam. And stop trying to — different leaque

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  24. Rytkonen 3 years ago said:

    Very cool looking device. Could that be the same finish that is in SGS3?

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