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Samsung Galaxy S II LTE Ice Cream Sandwich update finally arrives

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You can now update your Galaxy S II LTE via KIES or OTA.
This is the official Android 4.0.3 update for the Galaxy S II.
Thanks to this update you can use things like facelock.
Sadly this update is still not done for the Galaxy S II LTE  HD.
Samsung needs more time for this update.

Let us know if you got this Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich update.


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41 comments on “Samsung Galaxy S II LTE Ice Cream Sandwich update finally arrives

  1. haovh_85 3 years ago said:

    I hope It release soon for glaxy tab 7.7 before I sell Tab. ;))

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  2. braso 3 years ago said:

    Is this for the I9210? Can’t see anything in the firmware section yet.

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  3. Drachy 3 years ago said:

    Is this available for Australia? when can we get it down here…

    This is the Galaxy s2 4g were talking about yeag> Gt-i9210t?

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  4. davidcsv 3 years ago said:

    Just completed the upgrade a few moments ago for the Korean Galaxy SII Lte.

    I captured the KIES image, HOME_E110S.UD25.2118_CL450467_REV02_user_low_ship.tar.md5, so if’s administrators are interested, I can put the file up for you to pickup and make available thru your firmwares page… drop me a pm if yes.


    Model number: SHV-E110S
    Android version: 4.0.3
    Baseband version: SHV-E110S.UD24.1354.ST
    Kernel version: 3.0.8-perf-E110S.UD24.2118-CL450467
    Build number: IML74K.UD25

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  5. davidcsv 3 years ago said:

    Drachy / braso, have you guys tried checking ICS update availability by connecting your device to KIES?

    I first tried checking OTA, but it stated that there was no update available, but after connecting with KIES, it immediately popped up a message showing availability of a firmware upgrade… :-)

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  6. Drachy 3 years ago said:

    My Kies is upgrading :/ when that finishes i’ll check… but there’s no update in the sammobile firmware section yet..

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  7. Drachy 3 years ago said:

    Nope, not there :( Must be soon though…

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  8. hteles 3 years ago said:

    Hi guys!

    Great News indeed :D
    Will this work outside of Korea? any info ?


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  9. hteles 3 years ago said:


    Video calls work with ICS, finally?
    Can you please check and report? being missing Video Calls with European GT-I9210 Version with Stock Firmare :s

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  10. DannyD 3 years ago said:

    Please tell us what *#1234# says… THANKS

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  11. davidcsv 3 years ago said:

    *#1234# shows…




    Build Info:Wed Apr 25 21:30:15 KST 2012

    HW ver:REV09

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  12. davidcsv 3 years ago said:


    I’ve tried the video call feature, but I am getting a message stating that ‘video call is not available’ and to contact the service centre. Mind you, 3G data has been turned on, so unless I’ve missed some required setting for making video calls, then please do enlighten me :-)

    Actually, I’ve never tried this feature before (on any version of Android and on any phone), so I really don’t know what to make of that message.

    Sorry to disappoint you.

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  13. Ratheesh143 3 years ago said:

    when they gonna release ICS for i9100g model ???

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  14. Drachy 3 years ago said:

    I’ve heard that the s2 4g i9210t in aus wont get 4.0 til june sometime… sadface

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  15. DevilFreedom 3 years ago said:

    Can i ask ? I9100G for Asia Version when will release de ICS?? because saw china version already can upgrade~

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  16. Metallico1985 3 years ago said:

    When we will get ICS in ours I9100G?


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  17. Metallico1985 3 years ago said:

    Sorry, already read it.

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  18. Drachy 3 years ago said:

    Hopefully the ICS helps the battery problem. With the “LTE” turnd on this phone drains from 100 to 76% in 5 hours of sitting in my bag… LTE off is better, but its still 10% in 4 hours of idle… wifi at home gives me the best though.. almost where i left it when i wake up 6-7 hours later.

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  19. guiz 3 years ago said:

    Hope this rom correct all other ICS bugs. Frieze in apps using ( “2XL”, “final defence”), don’t remember personnal settings for another app “glob trafic et radars”.
    And at first, the most bad, friezing using Swype, for sms or internet wrting !

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  20. quyentrong 3 years ago said:

    why do we wait ICS for I9100G?

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  21. manoochehr 3 years ago said:

    I am from iran.update i9100g for icream?

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  22. samansad 3 years ago said:

    I updated using your final firmware and now it said my OS don’t support update through Kies :(

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  23. skmusthaq 3 years ago said:

    What about S-2 GT-I9100′G’ model for ICE update? Why samsung cheating us…How long we have to wait…

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  24. madhuvmr 3 years ago said:

    I’m from India, when can India S2 get ICS Update???????
    does anybody have any idea?????

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  25. JickLee 3 years ago said:

    Hi mates, after upgrading to Android version 4.0.3, some of my apps are no longer working that well, especially the driving mode of the Text-to-Speech service. I can still see the configuration but it doesnt work!

    Here’s my phone info:

    Model Number: GT-I9100
    Android Version: 4.0.3
    Baseband Version: I9100XXLPQ

    I am thinking to revert this back to android 2.3 but im not sure if that’s the best solution.

    Any ideas?

    Thanks for you help :(

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  26. davidcsv 3 years ago said:


    One thing you could try is to perform a factory reset (incl clearing cache). Start from scratch and (re)configure your device. This worked for us before when we encountered unexplainable ‘anomalies’ on our S2′s.

    Of course, if you are sure the phone was reset to factory defaults after the upgrade, then something else would be the cause of your problems (perhaps app not behaving well under ICS?…idk)

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  27. davidcsv 3 years ago said:


    Please specify more/all firmware and phone details… indicate the exact model you have and which firmware (file) you used to flash. Additionally, provide a dump of the ‘about phone’ screen details.

    In most cases, your CSC is not configured properly and that will cause KIES to ‘choke’ on certain ‘things’ when you connect the phone.

    I noticed that people are asking questions in this thread which are totally not related to the thread’s subject/title, so please provide as much info as you can regarding your situation (phone model, versions etc…) in order to get a more effective response/solution to your problem.

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  28. Metallico1985 3 years ago said:

    I’m a I9100G owner and I want to know when we gonna get ICS.
    Thanks and we wait some kind of answer

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  29. HADIGHGH 3 years ago said:

    also I’m a I9100G owner and I want to know when we gonna get ICS.
    Thanks and we wait some kind of answer

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  30. Utacka 3 years ago said:

    Can i flash this to swedish version GT-I9210?

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  31. Donlodris 3 years ago said:

    I don`t it have in Argentina yet…..I connect my Galaxy S2 every day to Samsung Kies, bud still nothing :o(
    Do you have some information about it? Thanks!!

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  32. gilvansnipes12 3 years ago said:

    ainda não recebi a atualização do SAMSUNG Sii , Android 4.0.3 Ice atualização Sandwich Cream. como faço para baixar e atualizar

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  33. gilvansnipes12 3 years ago said:

    ainda nao recebi uma ATUALIZAÇÃO do SAMSUNG Sii, Android Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.3. Como Faço para baixar e atualizar?? vc’s podem me enviar o conteudo para atualização completo???
    meu Sii e Nacional sou brasileiro.

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  34. gilvansnipes12 3 years ago said:

    bem vejo que a empresa não divulga, más gostaria de uma resposta!! A Samsung não anuncia e nunca anunciou a tela Gorilla Glass nos aparelhos nacionais, pelo menos eu não lembro de ter visto! o aparelho nacional não tem a tela anti-arranhões. isso é algo que vc’s devem saber !!!! sou brasileiro é até agora ninguêm sabe Se o aparelho nacional tem a tal tela, eu não sei, mas eu encontrei muita dificuldade para achar uma resposta diferente (por sinal não encontrei). Se você encontrar em algum lugar, por favor avise, porque está complicado!!! espero resposta!!

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  35. Mobbz 3 years ago said:

    I’m also an I9100G owner and I would like to know when we gonna get ICS in Malaysia, any info/ date would be most appreciated.

    Thank you and kindly wait for an answer

    PDA: I9100GDZKL3
    PHONE: I9100GDZKL3
    CSC: I9100GOLCKL3
    Build Info:Thu Dec 22 14:58:59 KST 2011

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  36. Drachy 3 years ago said:

    Excuse me for a minute everyone, this thread is about the galaxy s2 4G LTE (the gt-i9210t, in Australia) Not the i9100. Please refrain from asking about other phones.

    I would like to know when the ICS update will be available for the s2 4g LTE gt-i9210t Telstra handsets in Australia.


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  37. all its 3 years ago said:

    Hi davidcsv, whould u send me the files. Thanks

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  38. MOMiN 3 years ago said:

    seriously i feel like I’ve been tricked by Samsung as yet no update for galaxy S2 ( i9100G )
    while the the galaxy S2 ( i9100 ) been updated long time ago

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  39. annamaria86 3 years ago said:

    salve io nn riesco ad aggiornare il mio galaxy s II lo attaccato al kies ma nn mi da nessun risultato tenta di fare l’aggiornamento firmware ma poi si blocca e nn riesco piu ad andare avanti come faccio sapete aiutarmi anche perchè ho riscontrato che il telefono si e rallentato di molto

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  40. Nicolas_Do 3 years ago said:

    @ davidcsv: Can you confirm this ICS version can root? I wanna have the info about root before update.
    Thank in advance

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  41. jmenes 3 years ago said:

    sir. what is ice cream sandwich?

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