Galaxy S3 spotted on Samsung KIES.

The new Galaxy S3  is spotted on Samsung’s own software program called Samsung KIES.
Because the picture is to small we can’t view  it.
The picture looks like the GT-N7000.
What we know for sure is  Samsung will call the GT-I9300: Galaxy S3.
There will be also a GT-I9300T version, even this version is called by Samsung: Galaxy S3.

Thanks TIP.  (Luc Honore)

KIES:  => samsumg app => choose your phone => and i have seen Galaxy S3 (GT i9300 and GT i9300T)

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  1. seems legit… but what is the i9500 then? DAMN i cant wait to see what hapends on may 3.rd …. must……have……answers….

  2. if the galaxy S3 design is really like previous lead out prototype really disappointed….

  3. Big shock!!!!

    The design is not very pretty :( -.- . Where is the rimless display -.-!

  4. ^^….havent you guys thought that samsung wont let their future flagship true picture to show off at kies….after so many time of hiding samsung would reveal SGSIII design as thumbnail in kies??? naa i dont think so :D

  5. this is exactly the same picture as the one from the note.

  6. This is not the SGS3 but we know for 100% GT-I9300 = SGS3

  7. Why use Amazon the Galaxy S3 Number “I9500″ and not I9300?

  8. there is much speculation fail about the SGS3

  9. but samsung talk about (next galaxy) not galaxy s3
    i think its not true

  10. I9500 isn’t Galaxy S2, it probably Galaxy M, it is running on 1.0Ghz single core and 800×480 resolution, it is running ICS though.

  11. Opps!* Galaxy S3

  12. Apparently Galaxy S3 is using 4212 Exynos CPU from leaked benchmarks. It’s only a Dual Core after all. The leaked was right. F************ Samsung. You aint getting my money if this is true.

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