BREAKING: Samsung rolls out first Ice Cream Sandwich updates for Galaxy S II.

Samsung just started with the first updates for the Galaxy S II.
You can get this update via KIES or via OTA (Over The Air)
Be smart and do not use your 3G use you WIFI connection if you use OTA

Samsung started the making of the first ICS roms since November.
Many roms leaked by us but today they roll out officially.

Thanks to Android 4.0.3 your battery will be better also your phone will feel faster.
Another great thing is some new interface features.

If you want to know when you could get the update via KIES check our twitterchannel.
If you want to flash the first ICS roms via ODIN please keep a eye on our fw page!

Twitter channels:

Check below a movie of the latest leaked version: I9100XXLPJ
All leaked 4.0 firmwares for the Galaxy S II are from

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  1. yeahhh

  2. 3D effect when scrolling on Home Page is no more :(

  3. In Romania there is no update available yet. Both Kies and the FOTA system of my phone show up that I`ve got the latest firmware, and I have Android 2.3.4. Should it come later on today? Hungary has got the update and they are 20 km away :D


  5. when the ics is available for samsung galaxy note gt-n7000

  6. I am from Romania too. I will wait for open europe version, or if i flash with Poland or Hungary version, it will affect my phone? can you give me an answer? Thx

  7. Yes yes one of the best days of this year, come on update for GNote7000 :D :D

  8. well done!!! :)

  9. @lawrenceas, Please be considerate. There are more than 20 million SGS II users waiting for (at least) the last 8 months. Let our brothers and sisters get their long-suffering relief from the long wait, and it will come to us.

  10. Are the notification and system icons still green?!

  11. Where is other countries update :(

  12. When are you going to release in INDIA:)


  14. Wen is it gonno cme to india

  15. I Have a problem, if anyone can help It’s m***ively appreciated!

    I rooted my phone & installed Resurrection ROM 9.6. But in Sir Lanka i had a issue with connecting to Mobile internet & I’m a heavy user of phone so it was unacceptable! So i decided to go with Stock rom & unroot the device. After unrooting when i connect to Kies it says “your device does not support sotware upgrading via kies”.

    Before all of this kies worked fine by the way!

    My model no: i9100xwki8 (bought it when i was out of country)
    Kies now shows, under current firmware version): I9100XWKI8/I9100KEKI2/I9100XXKI4/I9100XWKI8 (SEK)

    Have i done something wrong?
    Can this be fixed?
    How can i fix this?
    What should i do to stick with stock rom upgrade via kies?

    I only did rooting from Odin & CWM; unrooting done from source i got in

  16. Samsung Smart View works now with Samsung TV? With 2.3.6 all works fine but with betas 4.0.3 there are problems…

  17. @ emiltrifa, salut, eu am versiunea 2.3.6, deci daca tu ai 2.3.4, e o problema undeva daca nu iti arata ca fiind disponibila 2.3.6…..

    @emiltrifa, hy there, i have android 2.3.6, and i’m from Romania too, if u dont see the 2.3.6 update, maybe u have a prob. with Kies …

  18. is GT-i100G will be included in this roll out?

  19. Yeah what about I9100G !!!

  20. If i have a SGS II neverlocked, can i flash a OS for Hungary or Poland or for other country? and are there any differences between them? THX

  21. What? I9100G? just wait, hope samsung din’t forget it. everything are the same, still feel like gingerbread, in term of ui. smoother than any previous releases.

  22. @ chivui I also considered this an issue, but after research I fiund out that 2.3.6 in Romania is available only for Orange. Vodafone i9100s have 2.3.5. Mine is simfree, it was never locked. For this one I found only 2.3.5 Open Europe. Please keep me up to date if you recieve any update notification for your device.

    Ps: is your phone from Orange?

  23. Hi!
    I’m from Hungary, I have a simfree SGS2. When I go to settings/software update, theres no update. This could happen, that I get that update later that day?

  24. Simfree I mean Carrier-free.

  25. No update for Brazilfor now. Still on 2.3.6. Just restored original rom from cwm hoping to get it..

  26. Touchwiz 4 hahahah This is probably a joke, and where the overlay ICS…????

  27. Hmmm, At XDA there is an tread with the open europe version allreacy, haven’t seen that one here yet. Not quite sure about it being the real deal then.

  28. help… how do i flash via odin withoutcsc and modem?? I have nordic

  29. I think open europe is same as Poland version. The download file is 382.4 MB
    Exactly the same.


  31. Calm down khanzoy. I think your Jegins are on too tight!
    Just wait a bit and get a moded ICS ROM. It’s not a big deal.

  32. ICS roms via ODIN plssss upload :)

  33. 中国大陆什么时候能升呢

  34. Please post some images and video for new interface how it looks like ?? please please

  35. hahahah.. if you want pure ics get a galaxy nexus…


  37. No ICS look, slower than previos version. I prefer gingerbread realy. To bad samsung and for this phone like galaxy s2. I write this comment 10 minutes,beacose to buggy touchwiz. I quit :S

  38. yet to release for Malaysian.

  39. @emiltrifa yeap, i got it from Orange.

  40. LPQ dont have 3d gl*** efect in TW,but LPJ have it…

  41. Sammy, either you deliver or you don’t, it is as simple as that. Sam release a substandard firmware to buy time? Come on, for a company which m*** produce mobile technologies can only release an imperfect firmware? This is not THE ICS boy!!!!!! Give it a up, and get a life

  42. So much for Google promises, only to be put down by Sam.

  43. I have used and seen the real ICS — forget about the welcome 3D graphic screens on Nexus, I don’t care about that. But what I care about is the gut that inside the firmware!!! If Sammy is going to go on like a juvenile who can not decide what to do with its life, then I would rather root my machine and get CM9 or go back to iOS which has very beautiful UI even if it lack options. Remember Sammy boy, you promised a result (not service), you must do just that and no less. This company is below pathetic level.

  44. @everyone. This is an official European ROM. I reside in the UK and are using this since the release. Its super fast, just update via ODIN. My phone was on 3UK. Since installing this i have also managed to root via XDA.

    Just enjoy it folks as if your only using this stock rom you will still get Quadrant speeds of 4100+.

    A fantastic OFFICIAL Release

  45. It is TouchWiz but i dont mind

  46. By the way, ICS on Galaxy Nexus has speed even when opening browser with EDGE signal – EDGE!!! It has a browser speed of a WIFI capability. Besides Nexus specs is a little lower than SGS2, so ICS on Nexus was the actual ICS. So Google did fixed most bugs on Nexus ICS as keyboard was also ok. And what about other gizmos on ICS that resemble Honey Comb that did not appear in VDO above. Trying to AVOID to demonstrate that and other bag of tricks!!

  47. A fantastic release? It ain’t even a release. If Sammy tells me now that the real time for releasing ICS firmware is in August or even in the late third quarter, I will take that! But doing a yo-yo on us — finger!!!

  48. It would be even better if they release SGS3 now or soon. Because when that happens, we would know if Samsung is holding back on us or not. Because, SGS3 should have similar bootup screens or a little bit different thatn SGS2. G Note looks the same as SGS2 in bootup.

  49. And this by the way is not a real firmware release becasue they (Sam) supposed to have it release in Israel first, yes? Why supply EU first and not Israel? OH,… they had a sudden change of mind!!!

  50. Cholasuek have a one man show :D

  51. When are you going to release in United Arab Emirates…

  52. please Mr. DannyD. tell us when it will be release for galaxy note

  53. Let’s NUKE ‘em all!!!

  54. TOUCH WIZ ****ttt ……. i change my mind ….. this is super fast no bugs this rom…look like Original ICS remix …….. I DONT WONT OFFICIAL ROM …… :(

  55. @emiltrifa @faraonxxx I flashed the norden version and its working great (it contain romanian language also)…so u can flash without any worries:)

  56. ^^^ Do a full wipe first if u came from gingerbread, otherwise u get boot-loop.

  57. Thanks sammobile, thanks samsung, oficial ics is good and for daily use.
    In slovak language, translate this: Vy, čo ste čakali a nadavali že nič nove nevyšlo a teraz nadávate keď mate nove ICS, vám všetkým štím rovno do úst!!!

  58. Is the sudden reboot problem fixed in 4.0? :)

  59. What is the difference about Hungary, Poland, Baltic ?

  60. Don’t understand what everyone is moaning about, we all knew Samsung was going to retain TW. It’s a OS upgrade that’s all.

    If all folk want is the ICS interface then download Nova Launcher for free from Google Play.

    Performance will always out weigh icon cosmetics in my humble opinion.

  61. what will happen if i flash with poland version….? Reply please…..

  62. Thats what i flashed, you can use that in the UK. I have only flashed that one, but it does contain most if not all European Languages

  63. ATENTION!!! I am from Romania, I bought my phone from a big retailer (Altex) and my CSC is for Serbia, Bosnia & Herzegovina. So, my phone will get that update. If your phone is SIM-free, check your CSC.

    @ Troger01 Check your CSC. Maybe your phone is from another country (manufactured for another country).

  64. My CSC: I9100OXXKI2
    Still nothing, can’t find any update… :(
    Please help!

  65. What about galaxy note..?!

  66. Please answer thanks: samsung galaxy s2 on tmobile uk (flashed with 2.3.5 open europe)

    hi if i change my csc to korea will i get the update over the air i am in the uk?

  67. just install the nordic version or poland it is working fine for Romania … but know what you are doing! all these mentioned version have also romanian language as option when you make the first welcome setup.

  68. So the ICS for SGS2 will be delayed, huh?


  69. Not sure how soon the firmware based on I9100GDZKL3 will release….

  70. Can it flash with Europe firmware?

  71. Hi guys,
    I am living in the UK. honestly I get confused about the different package of this new version of Android. Does anyone here who can help that if I install the Poland package for instance, what will happen to my phone.
    Another thing is that I can see that the first package which is for Trinidad has a different PDA, what does it means?


  72. Disappointment with this so-called ICS!I did not think this great update be great ****!
    Better put the Cupcake update, it was better :))

  73. I hope you realize you made ​​a mistake from the 20 milinoane users of the most successful smartphones in 2011 and somehow you take your revenge and make us happier and to receive something that is truly ICS the same as the Galaxy NEXUS!

  74. A big step back you did!
    You’re lazy!

  75. I am from Romania. I just flashed the Hungary ROM. It works fine for me… Since my CSC is Serbian, i`ll wait for the ICS for my CSC, and then flash the right ICS…If I`ll feel the need for it.

  76. I would not think to use such update, I feel frustrated with Ice Shit Sandwich !!!

  77. I am useing poland version icecream sanwich in india (I9100XLPQ) and it’s working fine…
    Thankss sammobile…

  78. If you dont like the Ugly TW, just install Nova Launcher, Yeah!

  79. poland version working great in slovenia,just don’t install Nova Launcher,use APEX instead ;)

  80. Yes, is another good option korado! is the magic of android, many options!!

  81. APEX look wonderful on my SGSII

  82. When will this be released for U.A.E ? Still Waiting ……

  83. what about official ics launcher?

  84. Can i upgrade it from OTA if have one of the leaked roms flashed on myphone ?

  85. Is this firmware: I9100XXLPJ beta or final like the ones from romania?

  86. Its I19100XXLPH

  87. Would have been good if long press home button brings up running apps rather than resently opened….. samsung just wasted a nice feature….

  88. From what ive heard ICS supports all languages and comes with a fixed language list, can any of you guys please confirm if it has Arabic?

  89. Official Final ICS Firmwares] I9100XXLPQ (4.0.3) – Europe XEO – its true or false? official or not?

  90. I’m in the uk, any reason why I shouldn’t install the Polski version?

  91. @laith86
    Yes that is true, ICS support all languages and comes with fixes. However!! that is not true because OEM can choose to excluding any languages as their heart desire when compiling Skia library, hints regional support. This is why it is stupid for Android. Google should have enforced this and make all ICS to support all languages by architecture instead of OEM decision.

  92. Installing a rom from a different region with Odin increases the custom rom counter?

  93. In Denmark already got it this morning :D

  94. im from the uk i installed the polish version it works fine, seems smoother battery seems ok few tweaks here and there not many design changes but we all knew samsung was stickin to touchwizz.

    one thing that they have ruined is the phone app! theres only 3 headings keypad, logs and favourites and you cant edit your contacts from within the phone app like you could in gingerbread which is a basic feature please some1 correct me if im wrong! and also how do you create a favourites list!

  95. im disapoint with Samsung, if creating another TW to adapting on ICS maybe likes but nothng! TW really sucks, sorry with my english!

  96. Other beta but samsung said that ” it is official”


    because, for example


    In gingerbread usb : pendrive-mouse-keyboard was working perfect

    In honeycomb : pendrive-mouse-keyboard+gamepad+other usb things

    In Ics : 100% SHIT . Only pendrive working

    New protocol bla bla bla……….

    ******* this protocol, I hate it, only ****.

    In theory in ics : pendrive+mouse+keyboard+gamepad+others as honeycomb and without problem and more better things

    The reality are more differente only bad things and bugs-error and minus things running.

    gingerbread 2.3.6 xkl1 forever criskelo v38 the best rom xkl1-

    And camera problem ??????? samsung never said nothing

    All cameras fail

    720p and 1080p video recording problem with auto focus or pink or drop fps or other

    And samsung ………………………. NOTHING RESPONSE

    And this new ICS fake “official” rom are 100% ****

    I will sell my **** galaxy s2 and I will buy other phone/tablet with simcard GSM

    Bye samsung .


  97. Hopefully they’ll follow up with the Galaxy Note next

  98. In Romania nothing yet …

  99. I can’t lock the screen of my GS2 apter upgrading to ICS! Can anybody give me a hand to deal with this problem?

  100. I feel just upset. I’ve been waiting for ICS for my GSII since a while, after several “rumored” release dates, finally it went out. I got the i9100 international version, I brought it unlocked in the US (im not a resident there), now, I DONT get the update to ICS yet… and I feel in a limbo, really regret this. I dont know if I have a wrong setting or if its because of my model… A friend of mine, also lives here, has also a i9100, he got ICS today, happily… I just feel discriminated, without any information, and just waiting to see if something happens in KIES, so far… nothing, just frustration. :(

  101. samipower i agree, samsung never said nathing about all problems that you mention i really am think to chage my phone too no more samung for me bad suport for customers

  102. Hi I’m from Romania I’ve been waiting for ICS for my GSII ,nothing happens ,just frustration NO

  103. Updated with Poland version. Every thing working fine, but I think in this build battery backup is not good than GB 2.3.6.

  104. Malaysia!!! when is our turn? #@$%^#!

  105. the update suxxs.

  106. I never expect this upgrades from Samsung by taking too much time. I personally use official 4.0.3 and i think it is not an upgrade is is a update. Their is no new look just old one and some menu customization. hate u Samsung. It’s just like value pack….and the menu color also mismatch like green and blue..****..!! Actually Samsung taking too much time for developing their upcoming handset not for the old handset because they are already sold it with huge profit. It’s Disappoint me very Much.. I think I should go for CyanogenMod Rom.. they are awesome…. Next time no Samsung.

  107. Flashed the “update” for 5 min. Restored CM9. Now the devs have to wait for the source. No more Samsung next time.

  108. No Samsung TW, this update sucks!, waiting for MIUI V4!!!

  109. Like a nguyentronghue,

    I can’t lock the screen of my SGS2 after upgrading to ICS! And the power button, no more Shut down, mobile network, silent mode, or restart, just shut down.

    Can anybody give us a idea to solve this problem?

  110. Install the latest version Android 4.0.3 final on my samsung galaxy s II gt-i9100 and did not convince me. It works very stable and quick and incorporates new features. But I do not run some games like Real Racing 2 or Hot Porsuit. I have downloaded directly from Google Play and do not work. Earlier in Android 2.3.6 worked perfectly. I think there are aspects that have to solve especially the compatibility with some games.

  111. gs2 best ics rom…i lv this rom :)
    no bugs…and original ics lyncher

  112. A question for those who already installed …. Answer me please … After installing the ICS will run games like NFS or Real Racing 2 Hot Porsuit ? … I installed yesterday and I’m not the run …

  113. “If you dont like the Ugly TW, just install Nova Launcher, Yeah!”
    sukest | 13 March 2012 at 16:59

    the entire rom is ugly and nova can’t do crap about it. real ics feels like its been made out of one cast. its not just the launcher, its the entire system down to the smallest elements like buttons and checkboxes. to vomit touchwiz all over it is a disgrace, to stuff a launcher on top of it to hide the travesty underneath even more so.

    what you mean is, root your phone, install a decent rom, ics has been stable for a while now, and -then- install nova/apex/trebuchet/etc on top of it.

  114. official ics for uk ??? anyone

  115. I`m using the polish update, as I read that this one is the real Open Europe version. I have all the languages I need, the phone moves fast and smooth, reception is good, no problems with the WIFI or 3G. Also my score in Quadrant is 4041. Battery life is a bit better than Gingerbread 2.3.4

  116. I seems keep having issue with WiFi on ICS no matter which ICS firmware I use. It’s fine for first few days and suddenly WiFi connection stopped working for me. I can see the connection has been changed to WiFi on my phone but I’m not able to connect to Internet where my iPad and wife’s iPhone connection works fine. When I gone back to 2.3.6 Open Europe firmware it works without any issues with WiFi. Anyone had similar issues with ICS firmware?

  117. it depends on your touter. Last evening I talked to a friend about his Galaxy S i9000 not connecting to his Asus router, but having no problems with outhers. I also have another friand who owns a ner D-link router. My old HTC was not able to connect to that one, neither his girlfirend`s SonyEricsson. But my Samsung GT-i9100 and his Galaxy Mini work fine.

  118. I saw china version is out now……
    When is Malaysia turn?

  119. 1. i just dont get it. if your so unhappy, write samsung or buy an iphone, tell me whats bad about tw, and tell me why you dont just download apex launcher or another ics look alike launcher if your so unhappy.

    2. This is, BY FAR the best phone on the market, and its a whole year old. get yourself toghether and change your phone.

    3. And btw. did you all get windows 7 for free for your vista computer…. no i think not, so this is a non profit service for them, and you can just stay with GB.

    4. first release of a rom is ALWAYS buggy, even after it has been through beta and alpha state, there will allways be bugs that are unsolved.

    5. And last, be happy, google own phone havent even got ics yet, and most other devices that have been updated to ics before, have got their update withdrawn due to bugs.

    and samsung is not this site god damnit. Just write them if your unhappy. these guys at this page can do as much as 4 mice in a mill can do to global warming, they keep you updated and leaks new roms to you before they are released, and all you do is cry about ics not being as you want it to, show some respect.

    /anger out

  120. googles phone does not have ics? is that some sort of a joke?

    hardware specs are one thing, but software is your mediator, what you see and feel is software. gingerbread is a patchy, horrible looking, crappy ui. android did a leap with ics, its beautiful, its sleek, its fast, its intuitive. that “non profit service” for sure must have had something to do with pushing bada. how else can you explain the vile barfing of an hellish hackjob over aosp, calling it “ice cream sandwich.” samsung should be banned from abusing android.

  121. No its not a joke.

    It got pulled back due to a battery drain issue.

  122. This is pretty f… up… i mean still no update for Romania … samsung sucks …. will join the custom rom’s comunity in a bit …

  123. Hi I’m from Romania ,nothing happens ,just frustration NO

  124. Hi, I also have a problem on screen lock. After updating to ICS, I can no longer lock my screen. Does anyone have a solution for this?

  125. @ chivui You use an Orange branded phone. You should ask your firends at Orange why they keep the ROM another 2-3 months to install their operator sh*t on it and then release it. I flashed the OFFICIAL Polish rom, witch is known as Open Europe, and I`m happy. Check out the improvenents here at GSM Arena

  126. Hey people,
    Right now I can see 4.0.3 for Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh etc on the firmware page.
    So can we expect the same for India on this day??
    Or anyone from India, have you checked for the update on Kies??


    if you use the rSAP function for connecting to your premium car kit. Because Samsung does not support rSAP (sim access profile) anymore even if in the official specifications rSAP is written as “supported”.

    After this upgrade you will not be able to use your SGS2 with a premium car phone system (like those in VW/Audi/Porsche…)

    For me the only solution is to test the solution (or going back to gingerbread)

  128. >>> rSAP <<<

    I had the same rSAP-problems with ICS and therefore I have flashed back to GB

    However, there were still some other bugs…

    ICS is not really ready yet!!!

  129. Download SriLanka XXLPQ ..SLK firmware .. its better than any..
    its good for English and Indian users..

    dont forget to wipe cache and factory defafult. after install.

    also. do Setting >developer options.> windowAnimation scale and.trans animation. OFF.. scrolling will be fast..

  130. Para cuando viene la actualización para Argentina?! ¬¬

  131. I’ve been using this for a couple of weeks now, and LOVE it, as does my Wife, who was a “reluctant” tester!!! (I flashed it whilst she was asleep – Nothing new there… )

    Anyway – Faster, better battery, and finally, stable WiFi.. Bring it on…

    Oh, and flashing via Odin – This DOES NOT wipe installed apps/settings!!!



  132. Any ICS for I9100 works well. Return to KL1 !

    Phone frieze using games or applications.
    “glob trafic et radars” don’t remind our personnal settings.
    Only half of Facebook pictures appear in contacts.
    Meteo in locking screen don’t works always

    Which is the best and most stable ICS rom for I9100 ?

    Thanks for the response

  133. Still no update for Galaxy S II available for Romania. Phone from Orange Romania.
    Same situation for Galaxy Tab 7.7
    Very disappointed about Samsung’s Android support.

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