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Codes: GT-I9300 and GT-I9800 spotted online!

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Some new codes by samsung has been spotted online.
Samsung UAE placed I9300 online! (this could be the SGS3)
This is the first time that Samsung placed some information about this phone online.
There is still no details about the phone.
Hopefully Samsung will show this phone at MWC.

Not only the GT-I9300 shows up today but also the Samsung GT-I9800.
This code showed up at WIFI certifications.
We are worndering what kind of device this is. 

It seems that Samsung removed all rumored codes from their website…
GT-I8250, GT-I9300 and GT-I9800 are no more live!


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7 comments on “Codes: GT-I9300 and GT-I9800 spotted online!

  1. tuansiro 3 years ago said:

    wow!! SGS III :X

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  2. member 3 years ago said:
  3. IamSid 3 years ago said:

    i guess….
    I9800 — Galaxy S III
    I9300 — successor of galaxy R

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  4. pawan kumar 3 years ago said:
  5. imi 3 years ago said:

    Oh Boy can’t wait. The next big thing is here…

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  6. SAMEER ALMAMARI 3 years ago said:

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