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Seems like Samsung has started tweaking their Galaxy S.

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Is this Samsungs first answer on no ICS for I9000? Faceunlock hitting the Galaxy S on I9000XXJVU?
See here our picture below.









If you want to test this, Download I9000XXJVU via our firmware section!
This firmware is based on Android 2.3.6.
Samsung create this firmware  on December 29.

Updates by Faryaab Sheikh @Faryaab
- XXJVU CHANGE: Camera is better and can take picture when shooting video! @SamMobiles
- XXJVU CHANGE: Galaxy S2′s Photo Editor Added @SamMobiles
- XXJVU CHANGE: New Lockscreen sounds! @SamMobiles
XXJVU CHANGE: Auto-Rotation is fast – Fast switching from portrait to landscape. @SamMobiles
- XXJVU CHANGE: IO performance is better! @SamMobiles
- XXJVU CHANGE: Stock Browser is smoother! @SamMobiles
- XXJVU CHANGE: Gallery3D is faster and smoother! @SamMobiles
- XXJVU CHANGE: FPS is a bit higher on 3D!  @SamMobiles

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79 comments on “Seems like Samsung has started tweaking their Galaxy S.

  1. soudy1994 3 years ago said:

    am so ******* happy and surprised

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  2. mihaitaus 3 years ago said:

    **** you Samsung… we already have ICS on Sgs.we need only some drivers for camera.

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  3. gorgooger 3 years ago said:

    I think much of Samsungs ideas went into ICS, but after more than 6 month suffering from a bad firmware (DBT) we demand at least a fully working GB ROM … looks like we will get some candy as reward.

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  4. Alexdream 3 years ago said:

    Im downloading now I hope that this FW work Fine!!

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  5. fanSte 3 years ago said:

    @mihaitaus, idd!

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  6. mitzah 3 years ago said:

    we don’t even have this on sgs2 working unless you use the CM9 patch

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  7. theconqueror 3 years ago said:

    What the hell is Samsung doing ? almost everyday they change their minds…one day ‘yes’, one day ‘may be’ the other day ‘no’….
    like the bada update comedy for waves…
    I am sure now they smoke strange things in the HQ’s…..
    if it goes like this they will put Android on Waves and Bada on SGS II…..

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  8. raphy511 3 years ago said:

    Good surprise! Shut up guys!

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  9. DannyD 3 years ago said:

    Strange people.

    If Samsung put the real ICS on their phones nobody will buy any SGSII or SGS.
    They all will buy a Google phone.


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  10. burakgon 3 years ago said:

    Woohooo thank you samsungç. Releasing an ics is easier than this job. Thank you sammy!

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  11. tino 3 years ago said:
  12. Alexdream 3 years ago said:

    Ok I only took 10 minutes or less to realize that the camera is more faster and have better quality, The gallery is so fast now, The new lockscreen is better than before. Try yourself!

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  13. ayoe_arini 3 years ago said:

    Hahaha Gingerbread Mod Ice Cream Sandwich….
    Fuck Samsung Not Release Ice Cream Sandwich…

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  14. Hayabusa 3 years ago said:

    So far – 1 hour running – a great fw
    cf-root for this exists as well since 3 hours !!! thank you Chainfire !!! + with ext4 conversion this is the fastest SGS I’ve ever seen :-))

    Hope, there are no bad bugs within but so far a big Thank You Sammy!

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  15. Njcki 3 years ago said:

    We want ICS, we don’t want to be lead on!

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  16. nenat00 3 years ago said:

    can i flash this to an i9001 ? Just being curious , thanks.

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  17. Hayabusa 3 years ago said:

    no, you can’t flash i9000 firmware to an i9001 cause of different hardware (cpu, chip set) but maybe Samsung will do something similar to the i9001.

    At least the official reason not to support ICS – not enough memory to run Touchwiz smoothly – fits both, the SGS and SGS+ – and the SGS+ is a too new device to let it out of update politics after only a few months existence.

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  18. nenat00 3 years ago said:

    thanks for the quick reply.

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  19. flonec 3 years ago said:

    very old android 2.3.6

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  20. protonikos 3 years ago said:

    Galaxy S was the last Samsung device I ‘ve bought.
    No more Samsung products for me.

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  21. naxer82 3 years ago said:

    I think it’s so sweet by Samsung, to give us something ….
    I guess later introduce the ICS that power can be but I guess it will be another tactic Samsung merchant first introducing more models ICS pointers, and then when you p*** the novelty of 4.0 and will introduce you to the rest.
    Excuse my English I’m using a translator.

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  22. kova4a 3 years ago said:

    I’m pretty happy with this update. Some of the people here should get a grip. I don’t know how many android phones you had but come on – I’ve had SGS since it’s release and do you know how many phones from a year and a half ago are still getting updated? I’m never getting anything else but Samsung phones from now on. You expect a phone released with eclair 2.1 to get 3 major official updates – that has never happened. Yeah, Nexus S has ICS and the same hardware bit it was released with Gingerbread, so that’s its first Android version update – that’s like if SGS just got Froyo, so get over it.

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  23. iwanderer 3 years ago said:

    Why not Create an ICS for I9000? ICS on Nexus S can perform perfectly good .

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  24. lukman.exe 3 years ago said:

    haha,,,, I’m user galaxy s2, I’m very happy, come ICS, hahahaha,,,,

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  25. md.tahir 3 years ago said:

    is this Firmware is for Galaxy S2 also????

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  26. supercool1a 3 years ago said:

    I bought GSII but because of low quality audio chip, I sold it. I’ll be checking GSIII when it comes out for sure. Meanwhile, dear Samsung, PLEASE give us pure Google ICS :-) Thanx.

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  27. Tanis64 3 years ago said:

    @Md.tahir Nooo! This is only for SGS1 (I9000)! Don’t even try to flash an SGS1 ROM on a SGS2!

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  28. musaalkaff 3 years ago said:

    how about battery consumption? is it (i9000xxjvu) more safe?
    Please answer…..!!!! that is critical for me…
    you know….

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  29. Mikail 3 years ago said:

    Tryin downloading this awesome xxjvu(that what i’ve heard),
    slow downloading here, seem like forever, any mirror please guys.. damn,,,,

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  30. dinesh 3 years ago said:

    Been using it for the last 3-4 hrs. I must say this is the fastest build I have ever seen. Quardrant scores upto 1800 on stock XXJVU ROM. :)

    The battery life also seems to be very good. Thanks Samsung.

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  31. darristan 3 years ago said:

    Porting ICS from NS to GS is easier than they do this lib port! Fuck you SAMSUNG! i9000 will be last SAMSUNG phone I bought!

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  32. findyou09 3 years ago said:

    Great rom! Thanks Samsung!^_^~

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  33. egrahul 3 years ago said:

    If anybody wants to have a look a detailed guide visit dialandroid

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  34. B97 3 years ago said:

    Any videos of this new ROM?

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  35. stashek 3 years ago said:

    never ever Samsung machine!Fuck you Samsung!!!

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  36. MongoDroid 3 years ago said:

    -Faster overall and this made me happy.
    -Face Unlock
    -Galaxy S2 Photo Editor
    -Galaxy Note Lockscreen
    -Camera is better and can also take picture while shooting video + Minor UI Change
    -Auto-Rotation is fast – Fast switching from portrait to landscape
    -FPS is a bit higher on 3D. But still not better than froyo.
    -IO performance is better. Amazing.
    -Quadrant first run: 1425
    -Second run: 1643
    -Browser is simply smoother.
    -But 2 FPS on speed reading HTML5 test WTF? Something must be wrong with HTML5!
    -182+1 Points on
    -Avaible ram is 320mb.
    -Notification bar turn back speed is faster and smoother.
    -Gallery3D is faster and smoother.
    -Task manager kills more app(not sure).
    -Nenamark looks much smoother than JW1.

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  37. isnwinyetra 3 years ago said:

    I agree with @kova4a, where there is no device that can perform like this (same date of released June 2010). Hey guys… If you really want the ICS, get it from onecosmic or teamhacksung on XDA, this ROM was nearing perfection of ICS. I love SGS I9000…

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  38. xmen25 3 years ago said:

    The wifi keeps disconnecting after every minute for a second and connects back again.

    Can anyone monitor the wifi and confirm?

    Same was the case with JVT and even 2.3.5

    2.3.3 JV9 was good..

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  39. Ahmad 3 years ago said:

    can i update my galaxy s 9003 with it?

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  40. Springx 3 years ago said:

    Please send me some link, how I can root my galaxy S after installing I9000XXJVU.Thanx.

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  41. Babasatt 3 years ago said:

    hello pls how do i update d new firmware 2.3.6 xxjvu?

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  42. stoobie-doo 3 years ago said:

    Nice Samsung… how about finally getting the rest of the US Galaxy S’s (I897, I997, T959) onto freakin’ officially released Gingerbread

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  43. sdaoulas 3 years ago said:

    this rom has greek language in menu and greek keyboard?

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  44. amarklew 3 years ago said:

    Home come this firmware is described as 2.3.5 when it is based on 2.3.6? Is this really an improvement on the November Open Europe firmware?

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  45. mhalloush 3 years ago said:

    hi there
    how can i download this program
    i need the link ?

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  46. yashgopal 3 years ago said:

    This works on gt-i9000m with froyo 2.2??

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  47. Robbie Hood 3 years ago said:

    What an ugly guy :P

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  48. dineshpavan 3 years ago said:

    can i flash this firmware for indian galaxy s

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  49. sammobileman 3 years ago said:

    Downloaded I9000XXJVU_I9000OXAJVU_OXA. It doesn’t have the .pit file. The rar file only contains the other 3 files


    Is it corrupt?

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  50. amarklew 3 years ago said:

    Apparently, you only need the Pit file if you are flashing from non-official roms.

    Information from:

    Downloader/Flasher: Odin v1.7
    Pit file: S1_512.Pit

    There is a link on this website

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  51. sammobileman 3 years ago said:

    Ok, thanks. Downloaded the pit file, flashed. All seems to work but my data connection is not showing up:

    I go to Settings->Wireless and network->Mobile Networks
    Use packet data = on
    Data roaming = on

    I get no 3G icon on top of screen and when accessing internet services like Android market get an error “no connection”

    Anyone knows a solution?

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  52. danielgomes 3 years ago said:

    Hi, you need to setup your APN network.

    go to settings > wireless and network > mobile networks > Access point APN and creat your network APN .

    Hope this help.

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  53. Basjoo 3 years ago said:

    How do tou convert to EXT4 for the new XXJVU?

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  54. patrcost 3 years ago said:

    CF-Root-ext4-v1.3-Addon.apk Use this app top convert….

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  55. Punisher40 3 years ago said:

    Sorry, who i can download this Firmware?

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  56. vishal 3 years ago said:

    thanks samsung but we would like 4.0. do something…. 30 million customers… dont they mean anything to you.

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  57. stefureac 3 years ago said:

    next time i will think 10 times before another top product..

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  58. stefureac 3 years ago said:
  59. jules2142 3 years ago said:

    Does this work on galaxy s 4g from T-mobile (sgh-t959v)?
    need answer asap:D
    thank you

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  60. ajmdve 3 years ago said:

    hi, anyone can say if its worth flashing my sgs 2.2.1 stock (running perfect) with this new one ? thanks.

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  61. ajmdve 3 years ago said:

    another question: i´ve rooted and unlocked my sgs. if i upgrade it will be still unlocked ?

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  62. jules2142 3 years ago said:

    that’s a good question.

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  63. jules2142 3 years ago said:

    i think i will reset the unlock though

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  64. coolyberry 3 years ago said:

    We don’t need Samsung firmwares.We will keep on using ICS Port Roms.I don’t intend to purchase Samsung Smartphone anymore.

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  65. Prodigy 3 years ago said:

    We don’t need Samsung firmwares.We will keep on using ICS Port Roms.I don’t intend to purchase Samsung Smartphone anymore.

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  66. mhmtsyk 3 years ago said:

    We don’t need Samsung firmwares.We will keep on using ICS Port Roms.I don’t intend to purchase Samsung Smartphone anymore.

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  67. unforgiven 3 years ago said:

    go to hell Samsung,I don’t need ur firmwares and I won’t buy sam products anymore.I have CyanogenMod 9 on my device,LOve u teamHACKsung!!!

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  68. Ozymandias 3 years ago said:

    We dont need samsung at all as android is an open source OS and that makes the difference from an iPhone user.. There are geat dev teams out there and thats one good thing to know.

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  69. adddnaaan 3 years ago said:

    Is this update supports the Arabic language?
    Thank you

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  70. pulse 3 years ago said:

    Hi, I am very new to this. I have the Galaxy S GT 19000

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  71. pulse 3 years ago said:

    Hi, I am very new to this and not that savvy with the technical side of things (lol).
    I have the Galaxy S GT 19000 on O2 contract. I am constantly checking for updates on Kies, but it states that none are available, although I see that most others have upgraded their firmware? Mine is still 2.3.3 :-((
    Also when I go to software update on the phone, it still tells me that there is no other update. If I update through other means, and something goes wrong, am I not invalidating my warranty with the phone? I have 1 more year with this one left on my contract with O2. Any advice will be gratefully received as I am getting fed up with the current firmware.

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  72. typekzdanovej 3 years ago said:

    would be nice to see a proper update for galaxy s i9000. I tried to find some but all of them having bugs…

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  77. abdelrahm 3 years ago said:
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