EXCLUSIVE: Second Android 4.0.1 by Samsung for SGS2 (CUSTOM)

Wednesday we presented you with the first beta release today the second firmware for the Galaxy S II.
This rom still a CUSTOM build by Samsung and still with TW.
Samsung created this firmware on December 8 2011.
As you all may know we only offer stock ROMs so you will not find this firmware on our usual firmware page.
This rom is a bit faster but still with a lot of bugs.

Pass: samfirmware.com

HowTo flash.
ODIN + .PIT + PDA/CODE file.





Again if you only flash STOCK ROMs then dont flash this.
Because you flash this rom with “unsecure” kernel the phone thinks its “CUSTOM”and will start counting on your custom counter.
You will loose your warranty because of this.

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  1. 1st!!

  2. GOOD !!!

  3. Keep doing the great job! ;)

  4. no video?

  5. There is no need to post a video. Rom is only faster, but still with bugs.

  6. 3th

  7. i flashed the kp1 but god no signal and cant be called… i only can call ant text but nothing is coming back..

    (sorry for bad english)

  8. how to install?thank you

  9. Awesome I spotted it several hours ago but didn’t think of it seriously enough. Anyway, cool!
    (Btw, I smell mischief here — doesn’t look to be from Samsung, really! Not blaming anyone, though :|)

  10. We never placed wrong information about firmwares ;)

  11. Can u say some bug ??
    thanks ^^

  12. or some fixes…

  13. or some fixes… or maybe a changelog ive its not to much for asking

  14. Samsung still do not understand. We all know how ICS look and work. This is not ICS,it just share same code base.


  16. Please understand its BETA!

  17. it is easier for us as developers to know the bugs to spend the time in fixing it instead of finding bugs then fix it !

    Homam Ageel

  18. it’s not beta. it’s pre pre pre pre alpha.
    nothing useful.
    we all knew that you have kp2,and we all knew that is the same as kp1
    and no,it is not better/stable than kp1.
    flash this just for fun and testing purpose.
    thanks anyway..

  19. ^^

    100% correct

    i believe that Alpha release for i9000 is better by a mile that this BETA

  20. We know its buggy but if you read our post you read by yourself this is a buggy rom!
    People need to READ!

  21. it’s serious? kp2 it’s not better than kp1?
    is this your opinion few hours after use??

  22. i confirm. this rom is verry buggy
    no phone (Bouygues FR) but apn ok
    Talk i am bleu Man
    red frame is not removed. yes on alpha

  23. I feel you,you’re not the one to blamed for so sh**y rom,it’s the samsung (no one is impressed wit samsung’s ics),you’re just a messenger..
    Waiting for better leak (maybe)
    I salute you for providing this kind of stuff..
    But please,stop calling it “beta”,if you know what beta is,it to good to be truth.

  24. Look we release those roms for devs.
    Nothing more, we can’t help that people try everything.

  25. Well, after Galaxy i7500 I said never Samsung again, but here I am… :)

    i9100 is fantastic machine, and ICS on it will use dual core potential fully.

    I wonder, do you have any info do they preparing new Touchwiz UI for ICS too?

    I would love to see something Goole nexus use on SGSII.

    Any news when final version ICS is planned?

  26. wifi don’t work !!!

  27. installed the kp2 rom.it is working stably till now.
    camera,wifi,3g,gallery,phone,messaging,google applications are working fine.
    Some applications ngpay,mobilebiz,google authenticator are working fine.
    Gmaps and the places working with fast gps fix.But Sygic Aura is not working.
    Face detection for the screen unlock is working well in low lights as well.
    yet to check the battery performance.

  28. Turkish language messaging app does not working. Change to english, It’s work.

  29. Gyroscope calibartion “Unable to find offset file.”

  30. Mobile network not avaliable

  31. U have this firmwares for FREE to test and maybe even to help the developers by telling about the bugs u found but many of u don’t even appreciate this. Just complain and complain. U don’t pay for it, it’s FREE so stop complaining if not wait for the official firmware from google sent true Kies. So much bitching… unbelievable!

  32. I think most people do not understand that this is not “Official” Samsung site or support.

    If you want fully official, wait till Kies update. If not play here, but do not complain. Especially when man said that this is Custom alpha firmware.

  33. I’ll test this “new” rom… I don’t have nothing to lose!

  34. well, I don’t liked… I’ll still waiting for an final version! xD Thanks SamMobile.com

  35. Wifi not working again……..

  36. Oke, I want…

  37. i wait!!!!

  38. Works great except Calendar.

    Is there any possibility to make it work?

  39. Aktually i got the Calendar work.

    Delete the

    Calendar.apk in /system/app

    and the

    GoogleCalendarSyncAdapter.apk (same path)

    and push in the Files you found in the following archive.


    After all reboot your Phone and delete the Calendar-Data (Settings->Apps->Calendar).

    I hope this helps a few people.

  40. 1 question. with of the files is the pit file??

    or do i not need this file

  41. Very very slow on sgs2…

  42. thanks for this CUSTOM build
    and I hope to issue a final version soon

  43. Ka butoinyan.. lanjut aju.. SAMSUNG Is the best…

  44. Music player crashes.
    Incredible, always the same situation.
    Can Google find a good programmer, (only one) that check all the software?
    Too much people working is not good. One solves a thing and the other destroys it.
    I work with linux…if they continue to make new version, new kernel, new addon, we continue to have bugs with the new application and with the old!

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