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    Best Samsung Watch in 2024

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    Last updated: July 10th, 2024 at 17:01 UTC+02:00

    Samsung releases new smartwatches every year. They're much loved by its customers across the globe. The company went in a different direction for its smartwatches when it decided to embrace the circular design, allowing it to offer customers a more natural user experience. It also uses its own Tizen platform for these devices so that it can offer more functionality.

    It has taken Samsung some time to perfect its smartwatch philosophy. The Galaxy Gear, released in 2013, was its very first smartwatch and quite far from being the best Samsung watch. Samsung made significant improvements to its watches in the years since. It ended up shifting entirely to Tizen OS, adopting a circular design, a physical rotating bezel for navigation and launched LTE models.

    It used to be that Samsung smartwatches weren't just compatible with the company's Galaxy smartphones. Not only could you use them with any Android phone, but Samsung also even made its watches compatible with iPhones.

    However, that changed in August 2021 when the Galaxy Watch 4 came out and it wasn't made compatible with the iPhone. It does work with all Android phones but there's no support for the iOS platform. That holds true for subsequent models as well.

    These are some of the best Samsung smartwatches available today. The list has been put together by our expert reviewers. It includes the latest models as well as Samsung smartwatches that provide the best value for money in 2024.

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    Don't have time to read the entire list? We've conveniently listed all of the best smartwatches in each category here. You're just one click away from picking them up!

    Overall: Galaxy Watch 7
    Fitness tracking: Galaxy Watch 5
    Value for money: Galaxy Watch 4
    Battery champ: Galaxy Watch Ultra

    Our Best Samsung Watch List

    Our list of best Samsung smartwatches for 2024 includes the Galaxy Watch 7 and the Galaxy Watch Ultra. These are the latest smartwatches from Samsung. The Galaxy Watch Ultra is the most noteworthy addition to Samsung's lineup this year. It's an entirely new device that comes with a unique design, some bonkers features, and one of the brightest displays yet on a Samsung smartwatch. The list includes a couple of models from previous years as well since they provide good value for money.

    Best Samsung Watch – Overall: Galaxy Watch 7

    Samsung is offering the Galaxy Watch 7 in 40mm and 44mm sizes with a 1.3-inch and 1.5-inch Super AMOLED display, respectively. While some might miss the physical rotating bezel of the previous iteration, there's a lot more that this new smartwatch has to offer which makes it deserving of a place on this list.

    Firstly, this is the first to use a 3nm processor, Samsung's Exynos W1000 platform which the company claims provides 3x CPU performance and 30% more power efficiency. 2GB of RAM is standard while the onboard storage has been increased to 32GB.

    Samsung's new BioActive Sensor provides accurate tracking for various health and fitness metrics. This includes Body Composition, auto workout tracking, Heart Rate monitoring, Irregular Heart Rhythm Notification, ECG, and Blood Pressure monitoring. Sleep tracking has been improved as well, and it's also the first to offer a Sleep Apnea feature. Prices for the new smartwatch start at $299.

    Reasons to buy: 3nm chipset, improved battery life, double storage, better health tracking.

    Who should buy: Smartwatch fans, Samsung enthusiasts and people with an active lifestyle.

    Galaxy Watch 7 hands-on | Buy Galaxy Watch 7 from Samsung

    Best Samsung Watch – Fitness Tracking: Galaxy Watch 6

    The Galaxy Watch 6 Classic is offered in 47mm and 43mm sizes with a 1.3-inch and 1.5-inch Super AMOLED display respectively. Samsung has made the display bezels slimmer and also reduced the size of the rotating bezel to fit a larger display without having to increase the overall footprint too much. The return of the fan-favorite rotating bezel earns this watch a place on our list.

    Among the reasons why the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic is the best overall Samsung watch is the fact that it ships with the 1.4Hz dual-core Exynos W930 chipset that delivers noticeable power and battery efficiency. The RAM has also been increased to 2GB and its paired with 16GB of onboard storage.

    A plethora of sensors are present to provide accurate health and fitness tracking. The features include heart rate and blood pressure monitoring, ECG, BIA, irregular heart rhythm notification, fall detection, and more. Samsung has also significantly improved the sleep tracking functionality which now provides sleep coaching to help you get a good night's rest. Prices start at $299.

    Reasons to buy: Frequent discounts, respectable specs, improved sleep tracking and physical rotating bezel.

    Who should buy: Enthusiasts of an active lifestyle, smartwatch lovers and loyal Samsung fans.

    Galaxy Watch 6 Classic Review | Buy Galaxy Watch 6 from Samsung

    Best Samsung Watch – Value for money: Galaxy Watch 5

    Offered in two sizes, the Galaxy Watch 5 ditches the physical rotating bezel that has long been a permanent fixture on Samsung's smartwatches. It does get Sapphire Crystal on top of the display for added protection and durability.

    There are quite a few reasons why the Galaxy Watch 5 is the best Samsung watch for fitness tracking. It utilizes the powerful Exynos W920 chipset that's paired with 1.5GB of RAM and 16GB of storage. A plethora of health and fitness sensors are onboard, including a new temperature sensor.

    In addition to monitoring ECG, heart rate, blood pressure, and BIA, the watch also provides improved sleep tracking that now includes coaching to help you get a good night's rest. Prices started at $279 upon launch but since the Galaxy Watch 7 has been unveiled, you can find it for much lower, which is why it's deserving of a spot on this list.

    Reasons to buy: Sleek design, bigger battery, better health and fitness features.

    Who should buy: Those who live an active lifestyle, smartwatch lovers and loyal Samsung fans.

    Galaxy Watch 5 Review | Buy Galaxy Watch 5 from Samsung

    Best Samsung Watch – Battery Champ: Galaxy Watch Ultra

    The Galaxy Watch Ultra was launched alongside the Galaxy Watch 7 and even though it runs the same chipset and has the same BioActive Sensor, there are several unique features that make the Galaxy Watch Ultra truly stand out.

    It has a unique design that's never been seen before on Samsung's smartwatch lineup. It's made from Grade 4 Titanium which means it's super durable. Its 1.5-inch display is the brightest yet at 3,000 nits and is protected with Sapphire Crystal. Lastly, it has the biggest battery of the entire lineup, 590mAh, meaning that it can easily provide multi-day use.

    It can operate at a diverse range of altitudes, from 500 meters below sea level to over 9,000 meters high, meaning that it's the right companion for the truly adventurous. In addition to providing all fitness features of the Galaxy Watch 7, it also provides AI-powered FTP metrics, has a Quick Button that's remappable, and even has an Emergency Siren for safety. Priced at $649.

    Reasons to buy: Multi-day battery life, unique design and Emergency Siren.

    Who should buy: Divers, climbers, skiers, and serious hikers.

    Galaxy Watch Ultra Hands-on | Buy Galaxy Watch Ultra from Samsung

    Why These Are The Best Samsung Smartwatches In 2024

    The Galaxy Watch 7 is the best overall not just because it's the latest Samsung smartwatch, but because it's running the newest and most efficient chipset, provides more accurate health and fitness tracking while also refining a much-loved design.

    The company has also improved One UI, backed by Wear OS, with its newest smartwatches to enhance usability. The typing experience is much easier, navigation is simpler, and the new watchfaces bring additional customization options.

    Samsung's fitness-focused watch, the Galaxy Watch 5, remain an attractive option because it offers great health and fitness tracking features. It's more affordable now as well since it's been out for some time and can often be picked up at a discount.

    The Galaxy Watch Ultra is worthy of a place on this best Samsung watch list because it's truly a “Ultra” model with its massive battery, brightest display, and unique design. Users will not face any battery life anxiety with this smartwatch, which also has all the goods to help them thrive in their active lifestyles.

    Best Picks Galaxy WatchGalaxy Watch 5Galaxy Watch 6Galaxy Watch 7Galaxy Watch Ultra Check out the latest Samsung offers
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