Today you can save 50% on the unlocked Galaxy Note 9

The Galaxy Note 9 is about to turn two years old but that doesn’t take away from the fact that it remains one of the most complete models in the S Pen series of flagships. And for the next 15 hours, the Galaxy Note 9 is even better thanks to an Amazon deal that slashes 50% off the full price.

You can save $500 on the factory unlocked Galaxy Note 9 with 128GB of storage, and $600 on the 512GB model by taking advantage of this limited-time offer. The 128GB model would normally cost $999 while the 512GB variant would set you back $1,249 at Amazon. Now you can buy the 2018 flagship for $499 or $649, respectively. The offer is valid only for the Lavender Purple color option.

It may be difficult to buy the Galaxy Note 9 just weeks ahead of the Galaxy Note 20 launch, however, the latter flagship will have a considerably higher price, and to be fair to the the Galaxy Note 9, it’s still a competent flagship. It even has a couple of features that have been removed from later models, such as an SpO2 sensor and a dedicated iris scanner. Even if it is nearly two years old, the Galaxy Note 9 recently got updated to One UI 2.1 so it delivers a much more complete software experience compared to when it was released.

Keep in mind that the clock is ticking, and as of this writing, the limited-time offer lasts for the next 15 hours. Check the links below if you want to learn more about the Galaxy Note 9 from our review or if you want to take advantage of this incredible Amazon deal.

Galaxy Note 9 review

  • Buy the factory unlocked Galaxy Note 9 for 50% off from Amazon USA
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  • The Note 9 8gb/512gb isn't bad at all for 649 quid, but you would only need to throw another 50 - 100 to get the Note 10 plus instead.

    • As much as I'm anti-notch on the screen, the extra 100 is probably worth the 1 round of Android updates that the Note 10's have go going for them.

  • If there's anybody doubting weather they should get it, do it. Had the 512 Exynos for the past 4 months and it's amazing. Not rooted as i have everything needed in stock firmware. Better than newer phones which have holes in the screen and no headphone jack, led light and iris scanner amongst other things too.

    • I also have the exynos note 9 and I would say the opposite. It's the best samsung phone I used for sure, but the snapdragon 945 variant is SO MUCH better... seriously, I tried one while visiting a friend, it's roflmao faster + better battery life + it's smoother + games/emulators are like x2 faster...

      Also worth to note is that while the 2015 iphone 6s will receive ios14, the support for the note 9 ended (only security updates for 1 more year) and it will not receive android 11.

  • Its showing as both the models are Used ones and their conditions are Very Good..!!

  • samsung galaxy note 9 SM-N960U1 (snapdragon) My phone turns off randomly when I use fingerprints as security. I don't need to restart the phone. I have already gone into safe mode after a factory reset and the problem still persists..if i disable fingerprint option .phone perfectly working...i m searching google and i found many users facing same problem.. is it software bug?