It turns out there is no LTE-flavored Galaxy Chromebook after all

Our hopes for an LTE variant of the Galaxy Chromebook were lifted yesterday by an official listing on Samsung’s website, only to be dashed today by more recent developments. According to About Chromebooks citing Samsung itself, there is no Galaxy Chromebook LTE variant and the aforementioned listing was merely the result of an error. The product page in question has now been removed.

We’ve seen worse mishaps from Samsung’s part even throughout this week, but it’s still rather disappointing to learn that there will be no LTE flavor for the Galaxy Chromebook. On the bright side, Samsung was quick to respond and mend the error, so it’s not like we’ve been building our hopes up forever. And with or without LTE, the Galaxy Chromebook still is an impressive device in its class.

Samsung should begin selling the Galaxy Chromebook before the end of Q1, at least according to the initial unveiling which took place a couple of months back. Best Buy might get to sell the device a bit later on April 6 according to a recent listing on its website, and other retail channels will likely follow a similar launch schedule.

The Galaxy Chromebook will have a starting price of $999 which will give you 8GB of RAM and 256GB of storage, but 16GB/1TB options will also be available.

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  • Ah there I was getting all excited. Lol. Actually I wasn't. Not really interested in the Chrome Book. I know it's a great device but it's not of use for me. It's a pity though. Maybe later there will be one??