Samsung will bring Google Nest integration to SmartThings next month

Samsung appears to be giving SmartThings extra attention lately as the platform keeps getting better and more inclusive. Today the tech giant announced another major update to its smart home platform. It will become available early next year and, once it does, it will allow users to control their Google Nest home automation devices using SmartThings.

This partnership between Samsung and Google will bear fruit starting January 2021 when SmartThings users will get new tools for controlling Nest devices. In essence, Google Nest products such as cameras, thermostats, and doorbells will have the WWST (Works With SmartThings) certificate starting January.

Samsung aims to bring all smart home devices together

Samsung’s goal for SmartThings is to increase compatibility for consumers and also simplify smart technology development for manufacturers. The company is committed to creating a universal system where all smart home devices can work cohesively together,

said Ralf Elias, Global VP of IoT at Samsung Electronics.

The recent Google Nest partnership reflects these goals, and so does Samsung’s newfound collaboration with Mercedes-Benz. The partnership was announced in October and it will lead to the 2021 S-Class Mercedes-Benz to support SmartThings out of the factory gates. In essence, SmartThings users will soon have the option of controlling their Google Nest home automation devices using SmartThings on a Galaxy smartphone or even the S-Class Mercedes-Benz.

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