Galaxy S9 gets new update with April security patch, other enhancements

Samsung has released the April 2020 security patch for another of its flagship smartphones. The Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ are receiving a new software update and are getting the latest security fixes in the package, along with a number of other enhancements. Before you ask, no, this isn’t an update to One UI 2.1, and last we checked, the latest version of One UI will not be arriving on the Galaxy S9 or the Galaxy Note 9.

More than just a security update

According to the changelog, the update enhances security for Samsung accounts, which we’re assuming is separate from the mandatory two-factor authentication the Korean giant introduced to its cloud service recently. The update also enhances compatibility of the S9 and S9+ with the Camera Controller app for the Galaxy Watch. The Camera Controller app lets you control the phone’s camera on compatible Galaxy smartwatches, and if you haven’t already been using it, you can download it here (open the link on your phone to be taken directly to the Galaxy Store).

The update also improves the stability of the Messages, Contacts, Gallery, and Camera apps. All in all, after Android 10 and One UI 2.0, this is the first update for the Galaxy S9 and S9+ that brings more than just the latest security patch to the two phones. Again, there’s no One UI 2.1, though we will continue to hold out hope that it will arrive on the Galaxy S9 and the Galaxy Note 9 at some point in the future.

If you own a Galaxy S9 or S9+, you can download the update — firmware version G96xFXXU8DTC5 — on your phone by opening the Settings app, selecting Software update, and tapping Download and install. The update is currently available in Germany but will no doubt roll out in more markets in the coming days. You can also download the latest firmware for your S9 or S9+ from our firmware archive for manually updating using a Windows computer.

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  • Why sammobile always fakes the release date for the software updates, always 1 day earlier?

    • They should say the models that are receiving the update. Unlocked? Countries? SoC?
      But they are very lazy and just say ALL S9 family being updated.

    • No. This article is not fake by any means. SW update comes globally in phase wise as scheduled by Samsung. That's why it comes at different date in different regions.

  • New bootloader so if you discover battery life even worse or more lag your out of luck as you cannot flash a previous version back to your phone. On phones they are about to drop support for the last few updates always make the phone run and perform horribly so you'll run out and buy a newer one. We all know phones such as the note 5 would be capable of running the newest update nevermind the s7,s8,s9 or note series. They should be required to let you unlock the bootloader when they drop support so you could flash asop android builds etc. A lot of money wasted for a phone to be outdated in under 2 years

  • Please bring one 2.1 or 2.5 because there no android 11 for these devices😥

  • I want to mention that Camera Controller app is not available in Galaxy store for S9. Is not mentioned in the Compatible device list of app that the S9 is supported.

  • You said last month

    "Galaxy S9 scores new update with March 2020 security patch"

    and now

    "Galaxy S9 gets new update with April security patch, other enhancements."

    My phone is GALAXY S9 (SM-G960F - European open Network) and still on the same February 2020 update with February Security Patch so where is these updates you say are released as like I say mine is still February 2020 update with February Security Patch no new updates.

    • Edit: My Phone bypassed the March Update completely and today I have received the April Update

  • Received it this morning.
    Anyone knows if the Camera Controller app is compatible with Galaxy Watch Active?

  • Guys let's start a petition to get at least 3 years software upgrades for Samsung phones...I think it's unfair 2 years is just insults taking into account how much we pay for these devices 🤨

  • As soon as lineage comes out with the android 11 version my wife's so and my note 9 will go over to lineage , even my old HTC one m8 has the latest lineage 17.1 and the phone itself is very fast so far with no lag

  • Till date I haven't received April security patch for s9 plus in India. Is anything wrong here??